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SWIM Prototyping & Labs. Demonstration and Prototyping Information Exchange Briefing. Jeffery Hobbs, SWIM Implementation. April 23, 2008. Description.

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Swim prototyping labs

SWIM Prototyping & Labs

Demonstration and Prototyping Information Exchange Briefing

Jeffery Hobbs, SWIM Implementation

April 23, 2008


  • Two services were selected for limited prototyping in FY08: Integrated Terminal Weather System (ITWS) and Corridor Integrated Weather System (CIWS)

  • ITWS Prototype is using the Iona Fuse (open source) service container software on two weather products: Microburst TRACON Map Product and the Configured Alerts Product

  • CIWS Prototype is using the Mule (open source) service container software on two mosaic weather products: Vertically Integrated Liquid (VIL) and EchoTops

  • Both prototypes are developing a SWIM service that includes client & server software, using SWIM-like standards and products for Core Services.

Key players
Key Players

  • ITWS Prototype is being developed by the Volpe National Transportation System Center (VNTSC) team, under the supervision of Benn Deans (ITWS lead) and the SWIM implementation team

  • CIWS Prototype is being developed by MIT Lincoln Labs (LL), under the supervision of Mike McKinney (CIWS lead) and the SWIM implementation team

Major milestones goals
Major Milestones/Goals

  • Goals:

    • Gain experience with service container software and related technology/Core Services

    • Gain experience with the FAA Telecommunications Infrastructure (FTI) External Gateway (ED-8), to be used in Segment 1 by non-NAS users for SWIM access

    • Make preliminary measurements of performance impacts resulting from use of SWIM standards such as XML. (Impacts are assumed to be greatest for weather products.)

Major milestones goals cont d
Major Milestones/Goals (Cont’d)

  • Milestones

    • CIWS work started December

    • ITWS work started in February with training; development work started in April

    • All prototypes to be completed by July 2008

    • Deliverables:

      • Prototype demonstration, end-to-end through ED8 gateway at WJHTC for ITWS; lab demo required for CIWS

      • Lessons learned documents from each

      • Monthly status reports

Accomplishments to date
Accomplishments To Date

  • ITWS: Iona Fuse training completed; software acquired, and initial prototype of service container linked to ITWS software is up and running

  • CIWS: Mule products acquired and examined – and some have been selected for use. In addition, LL has started looking at the following, with respect to using Mule:

    • Contract-first development model

    • ‘Pluggable’ Security (Security demonstrated on simple SOAP-based ‘echo’ service)

    • Support for RPC (e.g., SOAP) vs. REST architectural style

    • Service governance (monitoring)

    • Pub/Sub Messaging

    • Scalability

Future plans
Future Plans

  • Continue monitoring prototype development

  • CIWS demo to SWIM team in June

  • ITWS demo to SWIM team in July

  • Lessons learned briefings/documents available in July/August timeframe

  • On-going investigation of potential uses for prototype service in FY09, or “next steps”

Swim labs


    • Prototype Lab

    • Integration Lab

  • Evaluate the Service Container (SIR/RFO)

  • Evaluate Compatibility of Service Container and SIPs environment

  • Core Services Evaluations

  • SIP Prototyping

  • Reference System