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English Blog Group 2. . . . . . . . .Looks can be deceiving!!. Thesis. The authors of Faerie Queene and Twelfth Night suggest that the outward physical appearance cannot always be trusted to represent a person’s true character and nature. . Do we judge on appearance?.

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English Blog Group 2

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    1. English Blog Group 2 . . . . . . . .Looks can be deceiving!!

    2. Thesis • The authors of Faerie Queeneand Twelfth Night suggest that the outward physical appearance cannot always be trusted to represent a person’s true character and nature.

    3. Do we judge on appearance?

    4. Faerie QueeneLines 775- 783 Said Guyon, “See the mind of beastly man, That hath so soone forgot the excellence Of his creation, when life began, That now he chooseth, with vile difference* *preference To be a beast, and lacke intelligence.” To whom the Palmer thus, “The donghill kind Delights in filth and foule incontinence: Let Grill be Grill, and have his hoggish mind, But let us hence depart, whilest wether serves and wind.”

    5. Twelfth Night: Viola toCaptainAct 1 scene 2Lines 43- 47 “There is fair behavior in thee, captain, And though that nature with a beauteous wall Doth of’t close in pollution, yet of thee I will believe thou hast a mind that suits With this thy fair and outward character.” Footnote 8: Appearance (suggesting moral qualities) Act 5 Scene 1: Duke Orsino referencing Olivia “To spite a raven’s heart within a dove”

    6. Twelfth Night: Antonio to SebastianAct 3 scene 4, lines352-357 “But O, how vile an idol proves this God! Thou hast, Sebastian, done good feature shame. In nature there’s no blemish but the mind. None can be called deformed but the unkind. Virtue is beauty, but the beauteous evil Are empty trunks o’er flourished by the devil.”

    7. Twelfth Night: Maria

    8. Twelfth Night: Maria Proper Maria Small Maria 1.5, 192-195 MARIA: Will you hoist sail, sir? Here lies your way. VIOLA: No, good swabber, I am to hull here a little longer. [To OLIVIA] Some mollification for your giant, sweet lady. • 1.3, 3-8 • MARIA: By my troth, Sir Toby, you must come in earlier o’ nights. Your cousin, my lady, takes great exceptions to your ill hours. • SIR TOBY: Why, let her except, before excepted. • MARIA: Ay, but you must confine yourself within the modest limits of order.

    9. Twelfth Night: Maria Malvolio upsets Maria Maria gets even 2.3, 145-152 MARIA: I will drop in his way some obscure epistles of love, wherein by the color of his beard, the shape of his leg, the manner of his gait, the expressure of his eye, forehead and complexion, he shall find himself most feelingly personated. I can write very like my lady your niece; on a forgotten matter we can hardly make distinction of our hands. SIR TOBY: Excellent, I smell a device. • 2.3, 114-118 • MALVOLIO: Mistress Mary, if you prized my lady’s favor at any thing more than contempt you would not give means (drink) for this uncivil rule (behavior). She shall know of it, by this hand. • MARIA: Go shake your ears (like an ass).

    10. Twelfth Night: Maria Maria: “Little Villian” Maria keeps it up 4.2, 1-3 MARIA: Nay, I prithee put on this gown and this beard, make him believe thou art Sir Topas the curate. Do it quickly. I’ll call Sir Toby the whilst (in the meantime) • 2.5, 11-18 • SIR TOBY: Here comes the little villain. How now, my metal of India? • MARIA: Get ye all three into the box-tree. Malvolio’s coming down this walk. […] Observe him, for the love of mockery, for I know this letter will make a contemplative idiot of him. Close (hide), in the name of jesting.

    11. The Faerie Queene:The Bower Bliss Book 2, Canto 12 Stanza 42 Stanza 43 “Goodly it was enclosed around about, As well their entred guests to keepe within” “Thence passing forth, they shortly do arive, Whereas the Bowre of Blisse was situate; As place pickt out by choice of best alive, That natures worke by art can imitate: In which what ever in this world state Is sweet, and pleasing unto living sense, Or that may daytiestfantasieaggrate, Was poured forth with plentifulldispence, And made there to abound with lavish affluence.”

    12. The Faerie Queene: Acrasiathe Witch Book 2, Canto 12 Stanza “Her snowy brest was bare to readiespoyle Of hungry eies, wichn’ote therewith be fild, And yet through langour of her late sweet toyle, Few drops, more cleare then Nectar, forth distild, That like pure Orient perlesadowne it trild, And her faire eyes sweet smyling in delight Moystened their fieriebeames, with which she thrild Fraile harts, yet quenched not; like the starry light…” • Acrasia-whose name means both “intemperance” and “incontinence”

    13. The Faerie Queene:The Beasts Book 2, Canto 12 Stanza 85 “Said he, ‘These beasts are men indeed, Whom this Enchauntresse hath transformed thus, Whylome her lovers, which her lusts did feed. Now turned into figures hideous…. Let them returned be unto their former state.”

    14. Twelfth Night: Viola • Viola is the classic example of why you can’t always take characters at face value. Showing up in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night first as a woman, changing her appearance to that of a man, and then later changing it back again to a woman, Viola plays with the idea that you can’t tell just by looking at someone what their true character is like. The male version of her is in constant conflict with the emotions, hormones, female tendencies and instincts that she can’t help but follow.

    15. Twelfth Night: Viola • Clips: • 6:30 - 8:30 • http://youtu.be/33c2zqNnKUI • Full: • http://youtu.be/W8_tYRcJe6I