Precision agriculture in india
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Precision Agriculture In India. And it’s Future … By : Ramesh Vishwanathan. Overview. Definition of Precision Farming Need for Precision Farming (PF) Scope Components of PF Challenges / Issues towards its implementation Probable Strategy Conclusion. Definition of Precision Ag.

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Precision agriculture in india

Precision Agriculture In India

And it’s Future…

By : Ramesh Vishwanathan


  • Definition of Precision Farming

  • Need for Precision Farming (PF)

  • Scope

  • Components of PF

  • Challenges / Issues towards its implementation

  • Probable Strategy

  • Conclusion

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Definition of precision ag
Definition of Precision Ag.

  • Management philosophy or approach to the farm rather than definable prescriptive system.

  • Identifies critical factors where yield is limited by controllable factors and determines intrinsic variability.

  • Record variations in crop or soil properties within a field which forms the basis for taking management decisions.

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Need for precision farming
Need for Precision Farming

  • Increased Land degradation.

    (In India, out of 169.7 million ha about 144 million ha of land are affected by water or wind erosion alone)

  • Depletion of Water resources.

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Need for precision farming contd
Need for Precision Farming (Contd..)

  • Socio economic need for enhanced productivity / unit of land, water and time.

  • Environment Pollution because of increased use of fertilizers and chemicals.

  • PF is essential in order to address poverty alleviation, enhance quality of life and food security

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However,two thirds of the arable land in India are rain-fed which has a potential of higher productivity. Therefore, In the present scenario, PF holds good promise for techno – green revolution.

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Components of pf
Components of PF

  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

  • Global Positioning Systems (GPS)

  • Variable Rate Technology (VRT)

  • Yield Monitor

  • Remote Sensing etc.

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Challenges issues towards implementation of pf
Challenges / Issues towards Implementation of PF

  • Lack of Technical Expertise knowledge & Technology.

  • Small land holdings.

  • High - cost technology of PF systems.

  • Internet Access.

  • Illiteracy (Approx. 40%)

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Probable strategies
Probable Strategies

  • Farmer’s co-operatives.

  • Pilot projects.

  • Cheaper applications to start with.

  • Combined effort of Researchers and Government

Laser machines level the fields for saving water usage for rice cultivation

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Probable strategy contd
Probable strategy Contd..

  • Inexpensive way of acquiring images with camera in visible and infra red bands using Powered parachute

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  • Precision Farming may help farmers to harvest fruits of frontier technologies without compromising on the quality of land and produce.

  • The PF would trigger a techno-green revolution in India which is the need of the hour.

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