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Tiger Treasure 8/13-8/17 page 10 Write the question and your answer on this page. What does the term “text structure” mean? Make sure you have all of your materials. Get ready to have an awesome day!. objective. Sustained Silent Reading. Text Folder. Text Structures for Fiction—page 4

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Tiger Treasure 8/13-8/17page 10Write the question and your answer on this page.What does the term “text structure” mean?Make sure you have all of your materials. Get ready to have an awesome day!

text folder
Text Folder
  • Text Structures for Fiction—page 4
  • Text Structures for Non-Fiction—page 5
  • Oranges—page 6

Walk into the fruit section of any grocery store. You will see stacks and stacks of oranges. There are large oranges and small ones, oranges with thick skins and ones with thin skins, oranges with seeds and without seeds. There are many different kinds of oranges. Are some better to eat than others? Some shoppers avoid green oranges because they think they are not ripe. Surprisingly, the color of an orange has nothing to do with its ripeness. An orange may be bright green and still be completely ripe. Temperature is what determines the color of an orange. Cooler temperatures make oranges turn orange. Otherwise, they remain green. Ripe green oranges are just as tasty as orange ones. Are Florida oranges better than California oranges? Florida oranges are very juicy with skins that fit tightly. California oranges have thick skins that are easier to peel, but the oranges are not juicy. The difference has to do with how much rain falls. Florida has lots of rain, while California doesn’t have as much. Still, both kinds of oranges can be sweet and tasty. So, are some oranges better than others? No. All kind of oranges are good to eat, and oranges are good for you, too.


What is the topic of this article? ___________________________ (one word) What is the best main idea statement of this article? A. Green oranges are just as tasty as orange ones.B. Florida grows more oranges than California does.C. California oranges have thick skins.D. All kinds of oranges are good to eat. What is the text structure of this article? _____________________________

how to close read a text
How to Close Read a Text
  • Textbook page lxiv
essential question
Essential Question

How do we decide who we are?

heart map page 11
Heart Map—page 11

What do you think about?

What do you wonder about?

What do you worry about?

What are your 3 favorite hobbies?

What are your 3 favorite places?

Who are your 3 favorite people?

What do you wish for?