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Are you ready to enter a rewarding career in a profession that makes a difference? Consider the PowerPoint Presentation
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Are you ready to enter a rewarding career in a profession that makes a difference? Consider the

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Are you ready to enter a rewarding career in a profession that makes a difference? Consider the
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Are you ready to enter a rewarding career in a profession that makes a difference? Consider the

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  1. Are you ready to enter a rewarding career in a profession that makes a difference? Consider the Texas Woman’s University Master of Arts in Teaching Program MAT Online Degree Information Meeting Summer 2012

  2. Why TWU? Texas Woman’s University is the nation’s largest university primarily for women, although it has admitted both men and women since 1972. Its campuses in Denton, Dallas and Houston are joined by an e-learning campus offering innovative online degree programs in business, education and general studies. Ten consecutive years of growth have produced a record enrollment of 15,168.

  3. Almost from its very beginning in 1901 graduates of Texas Woman’s University (then known as the College of Industrial Arts, or CIA) were being employed as teachers in the schools and communities of Texas.

  4. The first special teacher certificate law was passed by the State Legislature 1908-09 and made applicable to TWU only. As a result of this law, the Department of Education was created at TWU and Texas Woman’s University became the first institution in Texas to begin the formal preparation of kindergarten teachers.

  5. From that small beginning the teacher preparation program at Texas Woman’s University was launched. In the century since, TWU has been a leader in producing outstanding educators for our nation’s schools. Today, TWU sends over 500 educators each year into classrooms and schools throughout Texas and many other states.

  6. Educators graduate from TWU to serve as elementary, middle and high school teachers, early childhood and reading teachers, special educators, principals, superintendents, counselors, and educational diagnosticians.

  7. At Texas Woman’s University teacher preparation is truly a collaborative effort involving 18 different departments and over 45 different school district partners.

  8. Practical, hands-on experience has always been a hallmark of teacher preparation at TWU. Each semester our teacher education students spend an aggregate of 14,000 hours in observations and internships in PK-12 classrooms. Our student teachers and interns will finish their field-based experiences with over 560 hours teaching and working in classrooms and schools.

  9. Approximately 280 teacher candidates receive full-time field-based experience each year through TWU’s educator preparation programs. These experiences allow teacher candidates to observe certified teachers using effective and innovative instructional strategies with students.

  10. With a passing rate of 94% on state certification exams and high marks from the schools that employ them, the teacher preparation program at Texas Woman’s University has a well-deserved reputation for producing extraordinary educators who are making a difference in schools in Texas and throughout the world.

  11. Why the MAT at TWU? • Teacher Certification • Master’s Degree • Flexibility • Quality Preparation • Excellent Resources

  12. Teacher Certification TWU’s MAT program allows individuals to obtain initial teacher certification while at the same time earning a graduate degree. Certification is available in 26 different teaching fields and levels (Early Childhood-Grade 6, Grades 4-8, Grades 6-12, Grades 7-12, Grades 8-12 and Early Childhood – Grade 12).

  13. Master’s Degree Obtaining teacher certification within the context of a graduate degree program adds a level of quality and academic rigor not usually present in certification only programs. Texas Woman’s University has a national reputation for outstanding graduate programs. A TWU Master’s degree will add value and prestige to your career as a professional educator.

  14. Online Flexibility Delivery of coursework in your selected certificate area also determines your available online course options. TWU continues to examine and expand these online offerings. Please visit with MAT representatives if you have question regarding flexibility in a selected certificate area.

  15. Outstanding Faculty The faculty of the Master of Arts in Teaching program come from across the university from many different departments. Most have doctorates in their field and many years teaching and mentoring prospective teachers. Most of them have considerable experience as elementary, middle school and high school teachers, reading, special education and bilingual teachers, as well as counselors, principals and superintendents.

  16. Excellent Resources As a program of a public university the MAT also offers you access to a great deal of resources and support services that you may not find in other teacher certification program. These resources are available to help you succeed in your graduate program and to gain the foundation and skills you need to be an effective and reflective educator. These resources include library and information services, technology, research, and access to the some of the top scholars and practitioners in the nation.

  17. The Master of Arts in Teaching at TWU The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) is an interdisciplinary degree designed to prepare students who hold a baccalaureate degree but do not have initial teacher certification. The MAT meets the teacher certification standards set by the Texas State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC).

  18. The MAT emphasizes professional academic preparation that requires graduate students to become knowledgeable about academic disciplines as well as effective teaching practices. The program is designed to help students develop critical thinking skills and to provide an orientation toward lifelong learning.

  19. The MAT degree program focuses on: • The multiple roles of a teacher as a researcher/scholar/practitioner • Theory and research-based practices for curriculum design and instruction • Increased content knowledge needed for instruction • Application of appropriate technology in education • Assessment of teaching and learning • Understanding of socio-cultural and learning differences among students • Collaborative leadership to improve schools

  20. Certification Fields Available Early Childhood–Grade 6 Generalist; Bilingual Generalist; ESL Generalist; Generalist with Special Education Grades 4-8 Generalist; Bilingual Generalist; ESL Generalist; Generalist with Special Education; English, Language Arts and Reading; Math; Social Studies; Science Grades 7-12 Science; Math; English; History; Social Studies; Dance; Computer Science; Family & Consumer Science Grades 6-12 Family & Consumer Science Early Childhood-Grade 12 Health Education; Theatre Arts; Music; Physical Education; Visual Arts

  21. The Master of Arts in Teaching at TWU is a minimum 32 hour program composed of four components: • Coursework in Pedagogy (16 hours) • Coursework in Content (9 or more hours) • Supported Field Experience (6-12 hours) • Professional Portfolio (1 hour)

  22. Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (16 hours) Mostly online Foundations for Teaching and Learning, Learning Theory, Development & Research, Integrating Technology in Assessment & Instruction, Assessment & Instructional Design & Delivery for Diverse Learners, Effective Design & Management of the Classroom Environment, Diversity in the Classroom. Prepares student to pass the Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities TExES exam.

  23. Academic Specialization (9 hours minimum) Some or all may be online This is coursework in the chosen teaching field (i.e., 4-8 Math, 8-12 History, etc.). Students will take the Texas Examination of Educator Standards (TExES) in their content field before or during their first semester in the program. The results of this test, along with the student’s previous coursework, will be used to determine the appropriate number of hours and specific courses needed for the academic specialization.

  24. Field-Based Experience (6-12 hours) A full-time, one-semester (6 credit hours) unpaid student teaching experience in a school setting. Student teaching involves teaching all day for 14 weeks in a classroom under the direct supervision of a certified teacher. The student teacher is not the teacher of record for the class, but gradually assumes more and more responsibility for the class from the supervising teacher. An experienced teacher would also be assigned by the university to observe and support you. OR A full-time, two-semester internship (6 credit hours each semester) in a school setting in which the student is employed and paid as the teacher of record. In an internship you would have complete responsibility for teaching the students in the class. The school district would assign a certified teacher in the school as a mentor to you and the university would assign a supervisor to observe and supply support to you on a regular basis.

  25. PORTFOLIOS The professional portfolio is required before you can graduate from the MAT program, and must be submitted and approved during your last semester in the program. It serves as the Final Examination for your MAT program. Although the portfolio is not due until your last semester, you should begin collecting and organizing information for it as soon as you enter the MAT program. You should work on adding items and maintaining your portfolio each semester in which you are in the program. During your last semester you should enroll in the one-hour professional portfolio class.

  26. Criteria for Admission to the MAT Program • A Bachelor’s Degree • A 3.0 or higher GPA on the last 60 semester hours of college work • A 2.75 cumulative GPA on all previous college work • A completed application • Interview for Teacher Education Program completed successfully

  27. Financial Aid and Grants Are Available Please Visit for Details

  28. How to Apply Complete the Texas Common Application for graduate admission online at (A nonrefundable application fee of $50, $75 for international students, is required of each applicant.) Submit official transcripts from each college or university attended (no copies accepted) to Office of Student Records Processing, TWU, P.O. Box 425649, Denton, TX 76204-5649.

  29. Why the MAT at Texas Woman’s University? • Reputation and record of preparing quality educators • Expertise and experience of faculty • Course and program rigor • Resources and support • Extensive options and variety Find out more about why the Master of Arts in Teaching degree at TWU may be right for you!

  30. Helpful Information - Texas Teacher Certification and Testing Requirements • Initial TExES Test is in the Content Area(s) – Test(s) may be taken prior to being admitted to an educator certification program if you have a bachelor’s degree, and you have not previously been admitted to an SBEC approved Educator Preparation Program. Please go to and Click on Register and then Scroll Down to PreAdmission Content Test (PACT) to read these details. You can also take your test the first semester you are enrolled in the MAT Program at TWU. • Review the TExES Testing Competencies for each certification area by going to - Click on Preparation Materials (left side of webpage) and then scroll down to find links to certification test frameworks and study guides. MAT New Student Orientation Spring, 2009

  31. Helpful Information - Texas Teacher Certification and Testing Requirements, cont. • Teacher Expectations – It is expected that you have a strong content area knowledge as a teacher, and you should bring this knowledge into MAT. Our Master of Arts in Teaching focuses on teaching you how to develop effective and engaging learning environments and lessons with your content knowledge and the professional responsibilities of a teacher, thus we focus on Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities required for your success as an educator. • Working with Advisors – It is important that you commit to your success also. This includes your responsibility as a graduate student and a teacher candidate. Please contact me if you would like specific information to guide you in your success at TWU. Email – MAT New Student OrientationSpring, 2009

  32. The MAT at TWU The Quality You Expect and Support Focused on Success For More Information: Contact 940-898-2211

  33. Questions?