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Early Promotion. Our newly found team first got a taste of robotics on March 26, 2001. Our teacher, Mrs. Martaindale, who had just moved here that year, was formerly from Gunter, Texas where they have a big robotics program. .

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early promotion
Early Promotion

Our newly found team first got a taste of robotics on March 26, 2001. Our teacher, Mrs. Martaindale, who had just moved here that year, was formerly from Gunter, Texas where they have a big robotics program.

The Gunter robotics team came and did a demonstration on basically what robotics is. From that we would decide how our school would go about putting together a program for robotics.

Gunter HS


Port Aransas

for a Demo

The Gunter team brought their robots that day & a makeshift playing field to play on. The let us have hands on experience driving the robot. They showed us everything that robotics is about from the spirit that is involved to the parts used on the complicated robot. The experienced robotics team also gave us ideas for names of our team, of our robot, and even our team shirts. That was the day that we decided to found the first robotics team in Port Aransas school history.

fall 2001
FALL 2001


Hosted by St. Mary’s University


San Antonio, TX

sponsors community outreach
Sponsors & Community Outreach

We would like to begin by thanking our sponsors Pizzaria, Beach Picnic and Kiwanis. Also parents made us cookies. We did not go hungry and our shirts look great. – Thanks!

Kwaina Club

Our website was design to allow access to the public about our robotics activities. It has links to our members, photo album, and other information on Island Robotics.

Our website

Please visit us at:

our robotics logo

OUR Robotics’ logo

The Port Aransas logo stands for many things.

Double Edge Sword = Competition

Bird = Friendship and Fair Play

Gear = Mechanics

Shell = The Island.


Hunter Grant & James Cantu



Steve Martindale is a freelance writer and has been for nine years. He also has 18 years of experience in the newspaper business.

Maggie who is from Parks and Recreation has worked hard with our documentation process. She also works with the Latch Key program at PAISD.

Marc Teller worked for PAHS for many years. In June of this year, he began working for the University as an AC Tech.

  • John Schepper works the CATE Department of PAHS. He teaches Construction I, Construction 2, Small Engine Repair and mentors middle school children.
  • Leah Martaindale teaches Freshman English, Pre-AP English Yearbook, and Speech. In addition, she heads up the robotics team.
  • Monica Pierce is the Career and Technology Education Coordinator for PAISD. She teaches the Career Prep and BCIS I courses.
all port a robotics day

All Port A Robotics Day

Robotics Day was held on September 22, 2001 from 10a.m. to 12p.m. In planning Robotics Day, we printed up flyers and posted them around the city inviting everyone to join us. We wanted to let the town know what Robotics is all about.

Denny shows kids how his model works!

As well as HS and Middle School students, about 20 people joined us. We passed out business cards, so that they would remember us and visit our website.

Some community members gave us ideas on how to put the robot together. Having more knowledge, we are more prepared to build.

Although it was a rainy Saturday, we still managed to have fun and play with remote control trucks and motorcycles outside of our construction shop.
school organizations
School Organizations
  • Our yearbook class volunteered to take care of our photography needs.
  • The Splash, our high school newspaper, wrote an article about The Island Robotics Team. They published it in the September issue.
  • Band gave us a drum for cheerleading.
  • The Art department provided us with military paint colors.
BCIS I class made business cards for us and are scanning and editing our pictures. The school is helping out a lot.
  • The National Honors Society makes daily announcements reminding students about robotics meetings.
  • Finally, we have our Robotics team - there are 168 students at Port Aransas High School; about 12% are involved in robotics.
the future
The future
  • The future plans for Robotics has three segments:
  • demonstrations to other high schools
  • creation of a new hub
  • a springtime robotics program here at PAHS.
demonstrations in south texas
Demonstrations inSouth Texas

There are 5 Corpus Christi High Schools. We would like to visit each one and encourage them to generate a robotics team. This would help us in accomplishing our second goal for the future. We want to begin a hub in the Corpus Christi / South Texas area.

Starting a hub in

Corpus Christi

  • Contact B.E.S.T. - Request information packet about hubs

2. Mr. Rouse, our superintendent, began the robotics program at TX A&M-College Station. His contacts can provide additional needed information.

Mr. Rouse interviewed by James Cantu

starting a hub cont
Starting a Hub (cont.)

3. Sponsors might include:

Valero Southwest Bell

Acker Marine Coastal Bend Tech Prep

Koch Industries Central Power & Light

McDermott Diamond Shamrock

Dupont Oxy Chem.

4. A logistics committee must be created.

5. Students will need to be organized to sell refreshments and help set up for events.

a springtime event
A Springtime Event

Our third goal includes Marc Teller, a supervisor for the Port Aransas BEST team. He wants to extend Robotics into

the springtime. Mr. Teller would like to teach us more about robots. Instead of working on radio control robots, he would like to teach us how to program one. You could program it to do different things such as go toward a light or go away from a light. We would program all this information onto a chip and place it in the robot. This would give us a chance to learn more about engineering, science, and technology.

island robotic articles
Island Robotic Articles

Port Aransas South Jetty Articles

Will Ragan – “Remote-control enthusiast

invited to share ideas Saturday”

“PAHS robotics team assigned anti-nuclear meltdown project”

Tessa McKeever - “PAHS Island Robotics team, community share time, ideas”.

“Island Robotics Does BEST to Compete” - Will Ragan.

other articles
Other articles

May 17th’s edition, “Robotics coming to PAHS” was written by Leah Martaindale.

“Robotics Team explains BEST

to Port Aransas” published on

March 29, 2001

The Gunter’s Gazette published an article named “Gunter’s Robotics on the Road”. This article was to announce their visit here at Port Aransas High School.

the splash
The splash

The Splash, Port Aransas’s High School’s newspaper, proudly displayed an article about our new program. “Construction stage begins on new robotics team” written by Will Ragan ran in September’s edition and is as follows.