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  1. Promotion Samantha Fabro

  2. DO? WHAT DOES PROMOTION Communicates Influences PERSUADES Promotion is aimed at the consumer tells them about a product so that they can buy it!

  3. OF ADVANTAGES ADVERTISING: - A repeated message communicates the purpose of a product or company - Brand loyalty can be built off this type of influence over mass media PERSONAL SELLING: - Relationships may develop if personal contact is used, this may increase loyalty - Customer’s pay more attention to a person’s persuasive effect SALES PROMOTION: - Opportunity gives customers trial period of new product - Very effective for boosting sales MERCHANDISING: - Influence consumers to buy product/spike their interests - Goes hand-in-hand with advertising campaigns

  4. OF ADVANTAGES PUBLIC RELATIONS: - The image of a business/product/company is projected in a positive way with PR - People can become more aware of a product or company using PR SPONSORSHIP: - Both the product and company acting as the sponsor will be promoted here - This is very helpful is both arts and sports industries DIRECT MARKETING: - Makes promotions easy to target – a message can be personalized - It is cost friendly and easy to recognize its level of effectiveness

  5. ? BRANDING WHAT IS BRANDING? Branding is when a company establishes their identity. • They will then have values, image, quality, features, benefits, and a recognizable name! The company can now stand on its own next to the competition. WHY DO IT? Make a product stand out BUILD A LOYAL FOLLOWING COMMUNICATE WHAT IT HAS TO OFFER CREATE A POSITIVE PRODUCT IMAGE PROMOTE AND ADVERTISE TARGET SEGEMENTS

  6. 5 THE BRANDED THE FOLLOWING PRODUCTS HAVE BEEN BRANDED! KLEENEX: many regular tissues are called Kleenex, even though that is only a brand name. The proper name is facial tissue. BAND-AID: practically all adhesive bandages are called Band-Aids now, even though this is a specific brand name. TUPPERWARE: originally classified as plastic containers, Tupperware takes the name for most of these types of items.

  7. 5 THE BRANDED ADVIL: this is a popular brand of drug. It became the common type of ibuprofen and is the name often used instead. GOOGLE: this is the most used search engine, so much that people rarely call it a search engine anymore. They simply use the term Google!

  8. TYPES ADVERTISING INFORMATIVE: Gives information to the public. Can give an image of the company, or display a message. COMPETITIVE: May point out their company’s advantages or put down the competition to get ahead of the game. PERSUASIVE: Encourages people to switch from the brand they are currently using to their company’s brand.

  9. M’S THE 5 MISSION: Advertising objectives MONEY: Is needed to pay for ad campaign MESSAGE: Delivered message to consumer audiences MEDIA: Which media is chosen for advertising MEASURE: The impact of advertising is measured

  10. MEDIAS ADVERTISING PRINT: Advantages: -frequently printed -have access to local, regional and nation newspapers Disadvantages: -paper lives short life -is outdated – not everyone reads it TELEVISION: Advantages: -specific groups can be targeted -it is delivered to a large audience Disadvantages: -commercials are short-lived -very limited prime-time space RADIO: Disadvantages: -people can’t see it – limited attention -local rather than national Advantages: -local messages sent out on air -relatively inexpensive

  11. MEDIAS ADVERTISING CINEMA: Advantages: -attracts large audience -can have specific target Disadvantages: -often only seen once -younger demographic OUTDOOR: Disadvantages: -could be potential traffic hazard -does not attract full attention often Advantages: -seen multiple times – constantly up -encourages impulse shopping INTERNET: Advantages: -very cheap -is easy to update Disadvantages: -could be a limited audience -could be technical problems

  12. TUBE YOU MAC COMMERCIAL These commercials include two characters, a Mac and a PC computer. They had a series with these two characters running for quite a while. They are effective because they are funny, entertaining and showcase Mac’s superiority. They are competitive and openly put down their competitor, but it works because what they poke fun at what is true of PCs. CONCERNED CHILDREN’S ADVERTISER’S COMMERICAL This commercial immediately attracts attention, due to the tiny hippo they have running around. It is both adorable and not very realistic, yet it has people mesmerized. When it shifts gears, it has a strong message… “Don’t believe everything you see on TV”. This is a good commercial because once it sucks you in, it has something important to say.