edi survey methodology n.
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EDI Survey Methodology PowerPoint Presentation
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EDI Survey Methodology

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EDI Survey Methodology - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EDI Survey Methodology

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edi survey methodology

Of the 122 providers that VBH-PA sent surveys to, 73 responded from a combination of email, fax and the US mail. Twelve (12) records had to be removed from the dataset because they were incomplete or duplicate records. The duplicate records were submitted via the email hyperlink to the database and the providers may not have known that they had submitted the survey multiple times with the same responses. The VBH-PA responses were compared to Fact Finders 2005 Survey which included both EDI submitters and paper claims submitters. For comparison purposes the same ten questions were used in both surveys.

EDI Survey Methodology


Overall, the EDI submitters had a more positive experience with the claims payment process than the combined group surveyed in 2005.

  • Sherry Prioletti of -Human Services Center wrote “I would like to commend Rhondale Henderson for her assistance in resolving claims issues at Human Services Center.  She is knowledgeable and responds to my calls in a timely manner.”
  • Cindy Spangler of Family Counseling Center of Armstrong County wrote “Customer Service reps are very courteous & helpful.  Keep up the good work!”
  • Thelma Hickle of Greenbriar Treatment Center wrote “I feel that we have excellent customer service from VBH-PA.”
  • Mel King of HealthMasters-wrote “On a whole, VBH has been a positive experience for me.  I'm very satisfied with the service.”
  • Linda Mazuch of Mars Home for Youth wrote “I have never had a real problem with the claims service department.  Every time I call about a claim problem, they have gone above and beyond to find an answer for me.  The turnover for payment is great which is greatly appreciated.”