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PRODUCT OVERVIEW. This presentation has been prepared to provide users and potential purchasers of AsbestaPLAN Plus with a brief overview of the product and the benefits it offers. Overview.

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product overview


This presentation has been prepared to provide users and potential purchasers of AsbestaPLANPluswith a brief overview of the product and the benefits it offers

  • AsbestaPLANPlus has been specifically designed to assist duty holders, asbestos surveyors and consultants to comply with their duties under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006
  • The software has been prepared by practising engineers and safety professionals who have a detailed understanding and knowledge of asbestos surveys, asbestos management issues and general health and safety legislation

who would use the software
Who would use the software?
  • AsbestaPLANPlusis primarily aimed at those with a responsibility for surveying & managing asbestos in premises, this includes:
      • Asbestos Surveyors
      • Building/Property Managers
      • Building Surveyors
      • Facilities Managers
      • Planning Supervisors
      • Architects and Engineers
      • Organisations providing advice to others about asbestos management
      • Landlords and Tenants
  • In fact anyone who has responsibility for the management of non-domestic premises

what does it do
What does it do?


  • An electronic database to assist in the identification and management of risk from asbestos containing materials (ACM’s)
  • A fully automated risk assessment and priority assessment system through the use of simple pull down menus
  • A solution which is fully compliant with the Health and Safety Executives publication MDHS 100
  • An automatically generated asbestos register from the information contained within the asbestos data sheets
  • A Pocket PC based solution for carrying out Asbestos Surveys and for collating electronic data collected in the field in ‘Real Time’
  • A fully editable (MS Word) comprehensive Asbestos Survey Report template
  • Generates automatic pop-up reminders for asbestos data sheets which have passed (or are nearing) their ‘Review Date’

what are the benefits
What are the benefits?

The benefits of using AsbestaPLANPlusinclude:

  • A simple easy to use and practical, graphical interface which requires no specific IT knowledge. In fact you can be up and running within minutes of loading the software!
  • All data added to the database is entered on a form, which is displayed on a single screen, meaning that all your data and information for a specific sample/location is always close to hand
  • The asbestos register is automatically generated from the information contained within the data sheets, though an option to produce your own customised registers is also provided
  • The collection and processing of survey data using AsbestaPLANPlus on a Pocket PC has been shown to reduce the time taken to complete Asbestos Surveys and prepare Survey Reports by up to 50%, meaning that the system pays for itself in next to no time!
  • AsbestaPLANPlus can be used to collect information during asbestos surveys in ‘real-time’, recording all of the information required for entry into the management database

what are the benefits cont
What are the benefits? (Cont.)
  • The information on the Pocket PC can be simply downloaded into the AsbestaPLANPlus Database from where it can then be updated and amended as changes in workplace occur.  This therefore creates a 'Live' updateable asbestos database/register.
  • The Asbestos Data Sheets can be printed off and used within survey reports and management plans, or alternatively they can be issued to contractors carrying out maintenance or other works
  • The Asbestos Data Sheets can also be circulated in electronic format, such as Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) or Microsoft Document Imaging (.MDI)

(users will need the Adobe Acrobat or MS Document Imaging software to exchange documents electronically)

  • The software can be used to help manage asbestos within a single property, or alternatively within multiple properties in multiple locations
  • For surveyors, the software not only helps to improve the efficiency of surveys, but it also provides a detailed template for the production of comprehensive asbestos survey reports

ensuring compliance
Ensuring Compliance
  • Whilst AsbestaPLANPluswill not eliminate the hazards or dangers associated with ACM’s in a building, it can help duty holders to manage the dangers and control the risk of exposure to employee’s, maintenance workers and others who may be affected
  • Furthermore the use of AsbestaPLANPlus can help to demonstrate how duty holders are complying with their duties under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006
  • With the HSE now strictly enforcing the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006, AsbestaPLANPlus provides the perfect solution to assist both surveyors and duty holders with the management of asbestos

key features
Key Features
  • The following slides provide more information on the key features of AsbestaPLANPlus
  • Whilst this presentation does not cover all of the components included in the software, we feel that it should provide a comprehensive overview of the product and its features
  • On starting, AsbestaPLANPlus automatically checks and displays Data Sheets which have exceeded the current date or any other specified date, thereby assisting with the management of ACM’s and the review of the Asbestos Register
  • The only computer skills you need to operate the software is to know how to point a mouse, click the mouse buttons and use the keyboard to type in text


As shown by the example screens to the right, each survey contains all of the information needed for a Type 1, 2 or 3 Asbestos Survey, together with other information required for the management and assessment of risks

The powerful in-built database means that an almost unlimited number of surveys may be carried out before the Pocket PC is synchronised with its desktop PC, each survey is uniquely identified and automatically time stamped.


Navigating your way through the Pocket PC Asbestos Survey software is simple!

You can either click the Previous or Next buttons, or click on the return to contents hyperlink which is displayed at the bottom of every page. From the contents page you can then jump to the required audit page/section.


Downloading the survey data from your Pocket PC is simple.

All you need to do place your Pocket PC into its docking cradle, start the Pocket PC Creations Software (this is supplied as part of AsbestaPLANPlus) and press the Synchronise button on the desktop. This starts the synchronisation process and automatically downloads all survey data from the Pocket PC to the AsbestaPLANPlusmanagement database.


The first screen you will encounter in the management database is the AsbestaPLANPlus Switchboard. This enables users to view supporting information, create new data sheets, open existing data sheets, view the asbestos register, create an asbestos survey report or exit the software.


Whenever you open an existing data sheet or create a new data sheet, you will be presented with the ASBESTOS DATA SHEET screen. Data is simply entered into the data sheet by clicking on the appropriate box and selecting an option from the pull down menu or by typing text into the box.

There is no limit on the number of Data Sheets you can have and Data Sheets can be filtered by the Site Reference.


Insert photographs or drawings into the datasheets

Additional supporting material is provided to assist users in the assessment of risk and priority scores


Clicking on the pull down menus displays the various options available. In the case of the Material and Priority Assessments these are fully compliant with MDHS100 and HSG227.

The assessment scores are automatically calculated from the options selected.


AsbestaPLAN will automatically check your data on loading, and display any data sheets which have exceeded their ‘Review Date’.

The ‘View Expired Data Sheets’ function allows you to view any data sheets which have expired or are due to expire by a specified date. This helps to ensure the database is maintained and kept up to date.


The Asbestos Register is generated simply by clicking on the appropriate button on the Switchboard. This then searches the data base and collates the information to form the Register.

Users also have the facility to create their own customised registers and reports.

application and use
Application and Use
  • AsbestaPLANPluscan be used by all persons responsible for the management of properties and for the control and management of the risks associated with Asbestos Containing Materials within their premises
  • The software enables the facilitation of regular reviews and audits to check that the condition and risks associated with known ACM’s are managed and regularly reviewed

online data hosting
Online Data Hosting
  • In addition to AsbestaPLANPlus, we are also able to offer our clients access to a secure online version of AsbestaPLAN known as AsbestaPLAN Online.
  • AsbestaPLAN Online enables users to upload their Asbestos Survey Information/Asbestos Registers onto an secure, remotely hosted online version of AsbestaPLAN.
  • Registered users can then view their asbestos registers/database from anywhere that has an internet connection, different user levels will be available to enable employees or contractors to ‘Read Only’, ‘Print’ or have ‘Full Editing Rights’.
  • If this is a service you are interested in, please do not hesitate to contact our Sales Team, or logon to:


System Requirements:

  • Processor - Pentium III or newer
  • Recommended 128MB RAM or higher
  • CD ROM drive
  • Operating system Windows 98/2000/XP
  • Microsoft Word & Access 2000/2002/2003/XP
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Windows for Pocket PC/2002/2003 for use with handheld Pocket PC’s
  • Microsoft Activesync (Pocket PC communications Software)

  • The price of our software is all inclusive and includes for not only the software itself, but also for:
      • Updates to the version of software you have purchased
      • Ongoing technical support
  • Unlike most other software providers, we do not charge an annual maintenance fee
  • There are no hidden costs to pay!!

how to purchase
How to Purchase
  • AsbestaPLANPlusmay be purchased from our online shop by logging onto:

  • As you proceed through the checkout you will be asked if you want to make an online credit/debit card purchase or you may alternatively print off you order and send it to us with a cheque or postal order for the required sum.
  • If you require any further information, please email us on:


Thank You For

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