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Product Overview. Final product sample mock-up. Forestlumps is a global company utilizing the BUSINESS INCLUSIVE approach to bridge local producers of the Central European Balkan’s forest to the United States Elite BBQ culture’s niche market .

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Product Overview

Final product sample mock-up

Forestlumps is a global company utilizing the BUSINESS INCLUSIVE approach to bridge local producers of the Central European Balkan’s forest to the United States Elite BBQ culture’s niche market.

We are bringing product to the market produced from virgin forest European Beech-wood feedstock in modern Twin-Retorts - our overall goal of BUSINESS SUSTAINABILITY {PEOPLE – PLANET – PROFIT}.

Currently seeking Capital Partners.

View of Twin-Retort

TWIN-RETORTS have two chimneys with vent ducts that transfer the Exo-Thermal 600 degree (centigrade) flue gases to the next retorts in tandem and / or the pre-Dry pre-Heat process line.

Twin Retort Opening

  • The verticle loading Twin-Retorts have a two vessel capacity. Each cylinder processes in an alternating cycle, heated by or supplying the exo-thermal heat from syn-gasses burned off in the lower common furnace chamber.

Tolerance and Profit Utility

  • Profitable Investment and Operations of Twin-Retorts have five Key Contributing factors.

  • Forestlumps projections are:

  • (-20%) for Investment Cost,

  • (-10% to -15%) for Operations and Management Cost,

  • (+50% to +250%) for Capacity of Processing Charcoal,

  • (+25%) for Fuel (feedstock) prices and

  • (+50% to 200%) for Market Price for Charcoal.

  • Forestlumps will “positively affect” the Profit levels (well above 30% to 40%) based on our utility maximizing expectations.

Simple Operations of Twin-Retorts

  • Non-formally educated villagers anywhere (as in Africa and China) can operate this equipment. Wood processing is simple, pre-Drying and pre-Heating is rudimentary work.

  • Care by management and foremen must be concentrated on the Furnace and Vessels temperature. Safety cut-offs are both manual (2nd) and automatic (primary is built in).

  • Normal procedural safety precautions must be taken with the high temperature extraction of the vessels, opening of the ovens and vessels and handling of the final product.

  • Fresh charcoal is subject to spontaneous combustion.

OLD WORLD = AIR and H2O Pollution

  • Pollution from 1000s of antiquated Balkan kilns is extreme. Tons of tar and “wood vinigars” flow from these kilns into the ground water and streams which are the only sources of potable water for the indigenous people.

  • The air pollution is horrible but worse for the individual that stocks the antiquated kiln. Ten years on this job and you are a walking dead man.

  • One Twin-Retort annually will displace 46 kilns and re-employ equally the same people.

Premium bi-product (wasted)?

  • The most perfect sources of “carbon” for active carbon comes from hardwood sources.

  • Tons (in massive quantities) are never salvaged. Modern operations of Forestlumps will never have any lost waste. All the dust, fines and small pieces (<1.5cm) will be sifted, packaged and sold to active charcoal operations or soil amendment.

Finest Charcoal in all of EUROPE

  • Europe’s best charcoal has come from this region since the Thirteenth (13th) Century. These kilns-men are multi-generations of families, even whole villages that specialize in charcoal.

  • Forestlumps unites their trade-knowledge and their un-harvested forest waste with our human resources and technology to join the OLD WORLD with the NEW WORLD using Twin Retorts.

Forestlumps proto-type

  • Europe’s finest charcoal, (OLD WORLD since the 13th century - for the NEW WORLD)

  • The new proto-type BOXED BAGGED packaging will have a Kraft paper bag for the internal containment of dust and fines.

  • Strategically reduced to nominal amounts (less than <5%) by sifting during the final inspection packaging process at the Pack Facilities in the Port of Tampa.

Charcoal size distribution

Charcoal SIZE Distribution

USA, Hardwood Lump Charcoal brands are plagued with production, transport and handlers’ damaging the product. Consumers are terribly disappointed with the charcoal SIZE distribution.

Small and Fines (the size distribution) is more often the largest amount (40 to 70% small pieces and fines)

Forestlumps will provide regularly through hand packing, constant quality control and BOXED BAGS (for ultimately no product damage) standard issue Highest Quality Lump with GREAT SIZE distribution; Fines (under 5%), Small (5% to 10%), Medium (>50%) and Large (>30%).

Virgin vs processed feedstock


Hardwood Lump Producers - common mistakes - feedstock from PROCESSED wood-waste.

Many contaminants are introduced and kiln dried processes extract all the original smoke and flavor relevant elements that can make a lump charcoal tasteless, smokeless and benign.

The BBQ cultures around the world are having to add smoking wood chips and even liquid smoke to get flavor.

Forestlumpsprovides you with precision carbonized lump “virgin” charcoal that has just the right smoke and flavor.

European beech wood


European Beech-wood, our “virgin” feedstock, is TOTALLY UNPROCESSED.

We get our 100% PURE and NATURAL wood excess from the timbers extracted for beech furniture industry harvest.

The excess stumps, tree tops and large to small branches are what we utilize for our primary feedstock.

There is annually over 1.5 million cubic meters of harvest in 1 of the 3 Western Balkan sectors we are currently working in.

Over 1M m³ is available just as bio-fuel for our renewable energy charcoal production.

All forest activities are sustainably harvested and are part of the WORLD FORESTRY ACCOUNTABILITY effort.

Hearth patio bbq association
Hearth Patio BBQ Association

Charcoal Shipment Statistics 1993 – 2011

Charcoal Shipments (Tons) 1993 – 2011

Hearth patio bbq association1
Hearth Patio BBQ Association

Average Retail Prices for Charcoal Products 2000 – 2011

Hardwood lump charcoal the top value niche product 114 000 mt sits on top of the 1 m ton us market
Hardwood Lump CHARCOAL (the top value niche product 114,000 mt) sits on top of the 1M+ ton US market

Lump charcoal steady growth market
LUMP CHARCOAL (steady growth market)

Hardwood lump charcoal niche market share

Full dilution

  • In determining Forestlumps valuation we take into account the effect of all commitments to issue shares; the “fully-diluted” number of shares.

  • No unconditional or contingent commitments to issue shares were given - No options or warrants.

  • No conversion or preferred shares are exchanged for debt or equity.

  • 60% of shares are reserved (counted as part of full-dilution) for the key management M. Taylor

  • 7% for other employee stock options

  • 33% is available for Private Equity Fund Partners

Pre money valuation based on 33 offered

  • As entrepreneurs we are looking for terms offering Thirty-three percent (33%) of our company for Pre-Revenue Start-Up financing ( $150K).

Pre money valuation based on price per share

  • The pre-money valuation of ($450K) is the value we put on our company (10,000 fully diluted shares) before getting the capital ($150K) we seek.

  • Computed: We multiplied the fully-diluted shares immediately prior to the proposed financing (10,000 fully-diluted shares) by the price per share of the proposed financing ($45/share) to yield the pre-money valuation ($450K).

  • We add the proposed financing amount ($150K) to the pre-money valuation to get the post-money valuation ($600K).

Pre money valuation

  • Pre-Money {$150K} for 33% shares

  • = Post Money Valuation ($600K)

  • Pre-Money VALUATION

  • $450K


  • $45 / share

Private Equity $150K

For 33% shares

Post Money Valuation


Later round dilution

  • It is important to keep in mind; early stage investors will likely have their equity interest in our company diluted (made smaller) by later investors.

  • We intend to raise Venture Capital: If our early stage Private Equity Funders invest $150,000 at a pre-money valuation of $450K (and thus end up owning 33% of the company), and then a venture capital firm invests $1.25 million the following year at a pre-money valuation of $1.25 million, the original Private Equity Funders / investors will now own only half as much of the company, even though the company value has increased more than two-fold.

Later round dilution1


Pre-Money Valuation

1,250,000.00 U$D

Venture Capital 1.25M U$D {as 20% equity participation} for 33% shares

Venture Capital Post Money Valuation

{Dilution} 2,500,000.00 U$D

Summary financial information

A Full Excel Spread Sheet is available on GUST, Forestlumps’ profile.

In summary we state:

  • REVENUES are projected $2200 / metric ton (mt)

  • OFFSHORE PROFITS $750/mt Dedicated to Funder's Security

  • COST of GOODS SOLD $895/mt Dedicated to Production

  • U.S. BUDGET $555/mt for U.S. Sales-Mkt-Promotions

    Yr.1 Yr.2 Yr.3 Yr.4

    1100mt 5000mt 11,000mt. 22,000mt

    REVENUES @ $2200 2,420 11,000 24,200 48,400

    PROFITS @ $750 825 3,750 8,250 16,500

    CGS @ $895 984.5 4,475 9,845 19,690

    US Budget @ $555 610.5 2,775 6,105 12,210

    (All amounts are posted in 1000 U$D)

Exit strategy


  • 3 years CASH BUYOUT

  • From Retained (Captured) Profits 12M+ U$D

    2nd OPTION

  • Within the First Year (roll-into-the)

  • 1.25M U$D Venture Capital position

  • 3-5 years CASH BUYOUT

  • From Retained (Captured) Profits 12M to 16M U$D