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United States Marine Corps

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United States Marine Corps
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United States Marine Corps

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  1. United States Marine Corps Sergeant Mariette

  2. The Few and the Proud Less than 1% of the American populace can claim the title of U.S. Marine Less than 12% of the military can claim the title of U.S. Marine Currently only 7% of the Marine Corps are Female Marines

  3. Marine Corp’s Role The Marine Corps is America’s Expeditionary Force in Readiness – a balanced air-ground-logistics team. We are forward deployed and forward engaged: shaping, training, deterring, and responding to all manner of crises and contingencies. We create options and decision space for our Nation’s leaders. Alert and ready, we respond to today’s crisis with today’s force…..TODAY. Marines are always ready to respond whenever the Nation calls…wherever the President may direct. National Security Act of 1947 direction for the Marine Corps: •The seizure or defense of advanced naval bases and other land operations to support naval campaigns •The development of tactics, techniques and equipment used by amphibious landing forces •Such other duties as the President may direct

  4. The Marine Corps’ Right to Exist “The Marine Corps has fully demonstrated the vital need for the existence of a strong force in readiness. Such a force, versatile, fast-moving, and hard-hitting, will constantly have a powerful impact in relation to minor international disturbances… Such a force can prevent the growth of potentially large conflagrations by prompt and vigorous action during their incipient states … The nation’s shock troops must be the most ready when the nation is generally least ready… to provide a balanced force in readiness for a naval campaign and, at the same time, a ground and air striking force ready to suppress or contain international disturbances short of large-scale war.” 82nd Congress - 1952

  5. History • Founded November 10, 1775 at Tun Tavern in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania • Mission of the Marine Corps: • Seizure and defense of advance naval bases • Development of amphibious warfare doctrine, tactics, techniques and equipment employed by landing forces • Shall perform such other duties as the President may direct • Operate worldwide in every environment (Land, Air, and Sea) • Masters at Combined Arms (i.e., ground and air operations) • Marines have served in every major conflict in which the United States has been involved

  6. Marines Corps Involvement Naval Service (1775-1900) •Ships detachments, navy yard barracks, provisional forces for expeditionary service ashore Small Wars (1900-1940 and presently) •Irregular warfare and counter-insurgency •State Department troops Conventional Wars (1916 – 1991) •WWI, WWII, Korea, Desert Storm Hybrid Wars (1965, 2001, 2003, and presently) •Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq America’s 911 Force (1986 – present)

  7. In the Forefront • First use of helicopters in combat (Korea) • Pioneered and developed airborne assault & vertical envelopment • Pioneered amphibious landings techniques • First American to orbit the Earth - John Glenn • First units trained specifically for CBRN response • First pilot certified in 1913 • Leading developer of less-lethal/non-lethal technology • First to develop and implement digital camouflage uniform • Marine Corps Combat Development Center / Warfighting Laboratory

  8. Primary Job Fields • Combat Arms • Aviation (6th largest air force in the world) • Combat Service Support

  9. Unique Occupations • Presidential Security • Embassy Security Guard (MSG duty) • Presidential Helicopter Squadron (HMX-1) • The President’s Own (Presidential band) • Marine Reconnaissance Units • Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC)

  10. Combined Arms in Action

  11. THE MARINE CORPS LANE “…at the front door of crisis and conflict, we possess the finesse, the training and the tools to knock at the door diplomatically, pick the lock skillfully, or kick it in violently.” Air and Space Sea Ground

  12. VALUE OF THE MARINE CORPS • For ~ 8% of the DoD Budget we provide the Nation with: • • 15% of Active ground maneuver brigades • • 11% of fighter/attack aircraft • • 11% of Artillery Batteries • • 12% of US military personnel in Afghanistan • 66% of Special Operations Missions conducted across the world 92% 8%

  13. Business Knowledge • Founders of GoDaddy.com, FedEx, Taco Bell, Dominos Pizza, and Little Caesars Pizza • As of 2011, 167 of the Fortune 500 CEOs are Marine veterans • Recognized by the business world for leadership training • Actively seeks to employ retiring and Marines leaving active duty

  14. FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC AID • • Katrina (2005) • • Unified Assistance (2005) • • Haiti (Flooding) (2010) • • Tomodachi (Tsunami) (2011) • • Africa (Civil Wars, Starvation) (2011-) • • Crisis Response (2013-) • Philippines (Hurricanes) (2013)

  15. Marine Expeditionary Units Normally forward-deployed in/near •Northeast Asia •Southwest Asia •Indian Ocean •Mediterranean Sea On-scene, on-call, immediately employable/ deployable for Humanitarian or Combat related situations

  16. 100% college tuition paid while on active duty G.I. Bill after active duty College credits for military training and experience NROTC scholarships Multiple Officer programs United States Military Apprenticeship Program Full medical & dental Low-cost life insurance Food provided at no cost Housing provided at no cost Tax-free shopping on base Home and business loans available to veteran Multiple post-service transition programs Title of “U.S. Marine” Benefits

  17. Requirements for Enlistment • U.S. citizen or permanent resident • High school senior or graduate • Pass Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) • Pass medical exam • Pass moral qualifications (minimal to zero police involvement and/or drug usage) • Pass physical fitness test prior to Recruit Training

  18. Marine: A Title Earned Never Given

  19. QUESTIONS? Sergeant Mariette