Rain Gods
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Rain Gods. By: Zachary. Rain Gods Part 2

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Rain gods

Rain Gods

By: Zachary

Rain gods

Rain Gods Part 2

After the turtles were transformed into the gods Pourose and Pansouria they dove to the depths to live with the king of the sea. Posieden brought them under his wing. Pansouria and Pourose thought highly of their father, Posieden. Every night Posieden told them a story about two sea turtles who trans formed into gods. Pourose and Pansouria didn’t realize that the two gods were them! Until one day every thing in their under -water palace was perfect.

The great king of the gods sent an invitation to Posieden saying that the gods up on Mt. Olympus wanted to meet Pourose and PansouriaPourose jumped right in on the offer, but Pansouria wanted to stay with her dad. Zeus came one week later to pick up Pourose and take him to Mt. Olympus on a cloud. Pourose loved the cloud ride. But after a couple of years Pourose was starting to get homesick, Then for the first time rain started falling from Pourose’s tears. Pansouria tried to cheer up Pourose with playful thunder clouds. But it never worked.