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Windows Media 7 Authoring: Capturing from Screen, Live and Pre-Recorded Media 7-333 Oliver Pribramsky Program Manager Windows Media Microsoft Corporation. Agenda. Windows Media Tools v4.1 Customer scenarios Business opportunity Windows Media solution Best practices for deployment

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Windows Media 7 Authoring: Capturing from Screen, Live and Pre-Recorded Media7-333Oliver PribramskyProgram ManagerWindows Media Microsoft Corporation

  • Windows Media Tools v4.1
    • Customer scenarios
    • Business opportunity
    • Windows Media solution
    • Best practices for deployment
  • Windows Media Encoder v7
    • Customer scenarios
    • Business opportunity
    • Windows Media solution
    • Best practices for deployment
  • Resources
encoding to windows media
Encoding To Windows Media

Live Distribution

Streaming from a WM Server

Live Content

Production Workstation

Encoder or Tool


Live Feed



  • Live
  • No Editing
  • Time!
  • MPU
  • Multiple encoders

Stored WM File

Web Server

Download &



from a Web Server

Stored Content:


  • Multiple bit rate
  • Single stream for web server and download and play
video capture
Video Capture
  • Beta
    • Capture full-size, full-framerate
    • Deinterlace
  • DV
    • Use progressive scan if possible
  • Film
    • Inverse Telecine (24fps progressive)
    • Crop off letterbox borders
clean up your video
Clean Up Your Video!
  • Deinterlace / inverse telecine
  • Crop off black edges!
  • High-quality scaling
  • Boost contrast
  • Noise reduction vs. blurring
image settings
Image Settings
  • Image size
    • Doesn’t have to be 4:3 aspect ratio
  • Frame rate= even divisor of source
    • NTSC = 30 -> 15, 10, 7.5, 6, 5
    • PAL = 25 -> 12.5, 6.25, 5
    • Film = 24 -> 12, 8, 6
  • Datarate
    • You never get 100%
compression settings
Compression Settings
  • Video quality = fps vs.clarity
  • Intelligent streaming
    • Safety margin for net congestion
    • Scales to a range of connections
input guidelines audio
Input Guidelines Audio
  • Get a good soundcard
    • Sound Blaster Live, Echo Darla, Gina, Layla
    • Record at 44.1 kHz, 16-bit or better
  • Use a mixer
    • Mackie 1202 VLZ, Samson Mixpad 9
  • Use good speakers
    • Event, KRK, Alesis, Mackie
  • Use a good microphone
    • Expect to pay at least $50
  • Set audio levels correctly
    • Make it hot, but not too hot
noise removal
Noise Removal
  • Avoid Noise If Possible
    • Record from a good source and avoid background noise
  • Common Noise Problems
    • Broadband: Tape hiss, Fan noise, Air conditioners, 60 Hz electrical
    • Digital Clipping: Recorded too loud or improperly mixed
    • Clicks, Pops and Crackles: Vinyl, editing and digital errors
    • Background Noise: Trains, Planes and Automobiles
  • Use Sonic Foundry Noise Reduction
    • Four plug-ins designed for different types of noise
dynamic range
Dynamic Range
  • Use a Dynamic Compressor
    • Evens out audio levels
    • Only necessary if it has not been done previously
  • Normalizing
    • Peak normalize to maintain dynamics
      • Normalize to –1.5 dB ‘peak’ to keep codecs from clipping
    • RMS normalize to make different files sound equally loud
      • Normalizing to –15 to –12 dB RMS is fairly common
    • Peak Limiters make content REALLY loud at the same volume
  • Frequency dependant dynamics
    • Sibilances and Plosives – Use Multiband Dynamics
creating content with windows media 4 1
Creating Content with Windows Media 4.1
  • Comprehensive suite of tools included:
    • Windows Media Encoder
    • Windows Media On-Demand Producer
    • Windows Media Author
    • PowerPoint 2000
    • Terran Interactive Media Cleaner EZ for Windows Media
  • Integral support for:
    • Advanced audio and video CODECS
    • Intelligent Streaming
    • Synchronized Multimedia
  • Great third party tools
windows media encoder 4 encoding engine for live and on demand
Windows Media Encoder 4Encoding engine for Live (and on-demand)
  • User-Friendly UI
  • Template-based output
  • New controls for Intelligent Streaming
  • Author and store live content
  • Mix with scripts and urls on the fly
  • Encode live or AVI, WAV and MP3 files to Windows Media
encoder automation windows media sdk
Start, stop, record to ASF

Control and get information on a wide variety of properties:

Bandwidth of encoding stream

State (start, stop, recording, etc.)

Source code kit available for advanced applications

Encoder Automation Windows Media SDK
  • Remote control of encoder (and interfaces)
  • Real time insertion and synchronization of arbitrary data and script commands
windows media on demand producer
Windows Media On-Demand Producer
  • Easy ONE STEP encoding of audio/video
  • Add Table of Contents(Markers), URL flips and closed captioning
  • Excellent Video Controlsand Audio enhancements
  • Batch Encoding supported
  • Includes HTML Templates
adobe premiere export plug in
Adobe Premiere Export Plug-In
  • Easy Windows Media file creation for the #1 video editing tool
  • Encode to WindowsMedia directly fromwithin Premiere
  • Common Templatestream formats
  • Easy steps to testand edit ASFs
live encoder configuration hardware requirements
Live Encoder ConfigurationHardware requirements
  • Rules of Thumb
    • Higher quality (high bit rates) require more power
    • Multiple or Fast processors make better encoders
    • You can never have enough network bandwidth
    • For best results, use Windows 2000 Professional
  • Audio/Video Capture cards
    • Osprey-100: recommended capture card
    • You’ll need a Sound Card though…
      • Use a SoundBlaster-16 compatible card (onboard OK)
      • If you’re buying new, SoundBlaster Live is a great card…
windows media technologies 7
Windows Media Technologies 7

Internet BroadbandReady

Highest Quality

Audio & Video

Easiest to Use& Extend

Industrial StrengthSecurity

Highest Scalability& Reliability

highest quality audio video
Highest Quality Audio & Video

Windows Media Technologies 7

Windows Media SDK

Windows Media Format

Windows Media Encoder

Windows Media Player

Windows Media Rights Manager

Windows Media Services

windows media encoder 7
Windows Media Encoder 7

An easy to use powerful production tool for converting both live and pre-recorded audio and video to Windows Media

  • Improved ease of use and production
  • Improved encoding capabilities
  • Improved programmability, administration, and delivery
wm encoder 7 improved ease of use and production
WM Encoder 7Improved Ease of Use and Production
  • Session wizard, profile creation and management
    • Create custom session and profile settings
  • Visual feedback and real-time controls for encoding and statistics
    • Enables greater monitoring of encoding process
  • On-the-fly Source-switching
    • Ability to define multiple sources
    • Switching enables greater control and production of live events
  • Separate archive controls
    • Archive pause and auto archive of sources
wm encoder 7 improved encoding capabilities 1 of 2
WM Encoder 7Improved Encoding Capabilities (1 of 2)
  • Support for processing of de-interlacing and Inverse Telecine
    • Produces higher quality output from interlaced (NTSC and PAL) content
    • Produce higher quality output of film-sourced material
  • Improved Output quality
    • Support for the new Windows Media Format codecs
    • Support for high motion content: 320 x 240 x 60 fps from interlaced source
    • Improved quality at 640 x 480 x 30fps
wm encoder 7 improved encoding capabilities 2 of 2
WM Encoder 7Improved Encoding Capabilities (2 of 2)
  • Enables screen capture to file and real-time broadcast
    • Simple process for creating screen capture and application demos
  • Supports leading video cards
    • Including the new Osprey 500WM.DVPro. Digital inputs and on-board cababilities enable hardware decoding, scaling and capture in real-time to a streaming media format!
    • And many others including Winnov, Hauppage, ATI, Intel
  • Time compression at encode time
    • Time compression and pause removal reduces playback time
wm encoder 7 improved programmability administration and delivery 1 of 2
WM Encoder 7Improved Programmability, Administration and Delivery (1 of 2)
  • Improved Encoder SDK for full encoder automation
    • Access to Encoder UI, engine control, inputs and outputs, source creation and switching…
  • Remote administration capabilities
    • Full access to administer encoder remotely
      • Admin encoders on the LAN (DCOM)
      • Remotely admin encoders over the Internet with full encoder functionality (ASP)
    • Improved Content delivery via unicast, now up to 50 streams
  • Increased distribution capacity
    • Allows distribution of up to 50 simultaneous Windows Media streams directly from the Encoder
  • Windows Media Developer Center
  • External resources
windows media @teched
Windows Media @TechEd
  • Windows Media 7: Platform Overview
    • Monday 6/5 12noon
  • Incorporating Windows Media Into Web Sites
    • Monday 6/5 5pm
  • Hosting Windows Media: Best Practices
    • Tuesday 6/6 315pm
  • Creating Skins for the Windows Media Player 7
    • Wednesday 6/7 430pm
  • Windows Media SDK: Under the Hood
    • Thursday 6/8 315pm
  • Digital Rights Management
    • Thursday 6/8 430pm
  • Windows Media Authoring: Capturing from Screen, Live & Pre-Recorded Media
    • Thursday 6/8 615pm