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Relative Clauses. Student’s Workbook/Guide Name: Date: . Relative Clauses. There are three kinds of relative clauses: WHO : used with people THAT : used with objects and animals, can be used with people WHICH : used with objects, never with people. Relative Clauses.

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Relative clauses

Relative Clauses

Student’s Workbook/Guide



Relative clauses1
Relative Clauses

  • There are three kinds of relative clauses:

    • WHO: used with people

    • THAT: used with objects and animals, can be used with people

    • WHICH: used with objects, never with people

Relative clauses2
Relative Clauses

  • Remember to use the words:

    who that which

  • When you want to make a sentence into a relative clause you must find its relative.

Lesson 1 creating relative clauses

Remove the first period.

Lesson #1: Creating Relative Clauses

Find the sets of words that are the same.

Take the second set of words out.

Find the relative.

Replace the second set of words with who, that, or which.

Notice the wordwho that which is next to the relative.

Rewrite the sentence.

Lesson 2 review of relative clauses
Lesson #2: Review of Relative Clauses

  • What words are used in relative clauses?




  • What is described with each

    of the words?

Try some by yourself
Try some by yourself.

  • Jake finished the spaghetti. The spaghetti was in the refrigerator.

  • I liked the movie. The movie was about World War II.

  • The hurricane was unexpected. The hurricane destroyed many towns and farms.

Rules for writing a

Rules for writing a

persuasive paper

Rules for writing a persuasive paper

  • Introduction

  • Topic sentence

  • 4 reasons

    • For each reason you need at least 2 sentences

      • 1st sentence: State the reason.

      • 2nd sentence: Explain the reason in further detail.

  • Acknowledge the other side: his/her point of view

  • Rebuttal: state why you disagree

  • Concluding sentence

Lesson 3 persuasive prompt
Lesson #3: Persuasive Prompt

  • Assignment:

    The principal wants the students to wear uniforms at school. Write a friendly letter to the principal telling him/her why the school should or should not wear uniforms. Convince the principal that your view is best.

    You need to state 2 reasons why you should wear uniforms and explain the consequences of this decision. Then, give your opinionabout what you think he/she should do and list at least 3 supportive reasons for making this choice.

    Remember that you represent this school. Help him/her see that your opinion really makes the most sense.

Persuasive prompt guidelines
Persuasive Prompt Guidelines:

  • Don’t forget to:

    • Write a letter to the principal.

    • Use FATP for the prompt.

    • Include 3 or 4 relative clauses, complex sentences, transition words, and verb tenses that agree.