body contouring for recapturing your youthful figure n.
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Body Contouring – For Recapturing Your Youthful Figure PowerPoint Presentation
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Body Contouring – For Recapturing Your Youthful Figure

Body Contouring – For Recapturing Your Youthful Figure

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Body Contouring – For Recapturing Your Youthful Figure

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  1. Body Contouring – For Recapturing Your Youthful Figure

  2. Body contouring is one of the most frequently performed cosmetic surgery procedures in the United States. • With more than 235,000 liposuction surgeries performed in 2016, body contouring is among the top five cosmetic surgery procedures in terms of numbers and stands second after breast augmentation. • For those who are keen to shape-up their bodies, several options exist. • Doctors adopt one among the several body contouring techniques to reshape almost any part of the body.

  3. The goal of surgeons is to achieve lean, toned-up figures. • Liposuction continues to be the most popular approach, chiefly because it allows the surgeon to reshape specific areas of the body. • According specialists of body contouring in Maryland, liposuction is more of an art than a surgical operation. • It entails precision, skill, and craftsmanship acquired through practical application of medical science.

  4. What is Liposuction? • Liposuction entails fat removal from a specific area of the body. • It allows for removal of localized fat deposits through miniaturized incisions. • The chief feature of this procedure is it leaves inconspicuous scars.

  5. Fat accumulation patterns • Localized fat accumulation patterns vary by age, sex, and race. • As people age, they tend to develop elevations in the intra-abdominal fat content. • Sex wise, women generally have higher content of body fat than men with increased deposits over thighs, buttocks, trunk, and hips. • Men, on the other hand, display an android pattern that centers on the abdominal region.

  6. When people approach surgeons for body contouring in Maryland, most specialists advise their patients to have reasonable expectations from the surgery. • For obese patients, a limited surgical intervention that achieves even a minimally aesthetic contour is safe. • According to a leading body contouring specialist, this approach forms the essence of liposuction surgery.

  7. Technologies in the market • The four common types of liposuction technologies that have been developed to target and remove body fat are: • Tumescent Liposuction or Suction Assisted Liposuction (SAL) • Vaser Liposuction • Laser Assisted Liposuction (LAL) • Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction (UAL)

  8. Despite the profusion of technologies, all techniques have the same goal – that is to make the surgery easier by melting the fat cells. • According to a specialist of body contouring surgery Maryland, any procedure is a lot of manual labor. • Most cosmetic surgeons opine that any new technology by merely being less invasive need not necessarily have any advantage as it can have higher risk of complications.

  9. Non-surgical approaches • Non-surgical treatments for body contouring use a different approach to eliminate undesired fat cells. • The methodology is topical rather than surgical. • The popular methods now available in the market include CoolSculpting, truSculpt™, and Zerona. • The above methods are clinically substantiated, have support from cosmetic surgeons, and have ample satisfactory outcomes and user satisfaction.

  10. Summary • Regardless of the type of surgery you desire, it is vital to consult a body contouring surgery specialist as a first step. • They will discuss all aspects with you and suggest the most appropriate procedure fit for your body type. • Even after surgery, there can be potential for the fat cells to grow back. • It is essential therefore to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet.

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