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Unit1 Getting along with others

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Unit1 Getting along with others. Reading 1. Discussion Do you have any important events or unforgettable experiences with your close friends? Please share something with us and tell us what to do when meeting with difficulties in friendship.

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Do you have any important events or unforgettable experiences with your close friends?

Please share something with us and tell us what to do when meeting with difficulties in friendship.

1. If your friend tell others about your secrets, how will you feel and what will you react?
  • 2. When your friendship is in trouble,will you stop talking with your friend and make a new friend?
  • 1. We should keep our promise and keep friends’secrets. Honesty is one of the most important factors in the friendship.
  • 2. Friends should unite and help each other when meeting with some difficulties both in study or in other fields of life.
lead in
Lead in
  • In other words, we are supposed to take honesty and union as glory.But what are the shameful behaviors or the glorious?

Next let’s learn something about it.


Take the eight glorious merits against eight shameful behaviors

1‘Love our motherland 'as glory;

‘jeopardise her’as shame

  • 2‘Serve for the people ’as glory;

‘err from them’as shame


3‘Advocate science’as glory;

‘The ignorant ’as shame

4 ‘The laborious ’as glory

‘love ease and hate work’as shame


5‘Unite and help each other’as glory;

‘harm others to benefit oneself’as shame

6‘Be honest to keep faith’as glory

‘forget justice to seek for benefit’ as shame


7‘Abide by the law and discipline’as glory

‘disobey the law and discipline’as shame

‘the extravagant and dissipated’as shame

8‘Fight against everything hard and bitter’as glory

what is the chinese version of it
What is the chinese version of it?
  • 以热爱祖国为荣 以危害祖国为耻
  • 以服务人民为荣 以背离人民为耻
  • 以崇尚科学为荣 以愚昧无知为耻
  • 以辛勤劳动为荣 以好逸恶劳为耻
  • 以团结互助为荣 以损人利己为耻
  • 以诚实守信为荣 以见利忘义为耻
  • 以遵纪守法为荣 以违法乱纪为耻
  • 以艰苦奋斗为荣 以骄奢淫逸为耻
which rules can we use in making friends
Which rules can we use in making friends?
  • 以诚实守信为荣
  • 以诚实守信为荣

‘Be honest to keep faith’as glory



‘Unite and help each other’as glory

first reading
First reading
  • By using these two rules, let’s go over the two letters for the first time and try to answer questions below.

1. What did Sarah think about the surprise Maths test?

She thought it was quite easy.

first reading1
First reading

2. What did Sarah tell Hannah in the girls’ toilet?

She told Hannah how badly she had done in the Maths test.

3. Why did Sarah tell Hannah that they weren’t going to be friends any more?

Because she thought that Hannah had told everyone how badly she had done in the Maths test.


4. Why did Andrew shout at Matthew after the match?

He thought Matthew played badly and did not try hard enough. As a result, they lost the game.

5.What did Matthew think about losing the match?

He thought it was his fault.

6. What kind of boy is Matthew? Is he usually

a quiet boy?

He is usually cheerful and out going.

second reading
Second reading
  • Read the article again and finish part C2. Try to identify how Sarah and Andrew felt and why they felt like so.
  • Make sure you pick the relevant information within the given time.
sarah s letter
Sarah’s letter

1. She thought her best friend Hannah didn’t keep her secret


2. ashamed

2. She scored the lowest mark in her class

3. She found a piece of paper on her desk that said “stupid Sarah got a D!”

3. upset

andrew s letteer
Andrew’s letteer

1. His best friend Matthew has stopped talking to him.

1. dilemma

2. guilty

2. He said some really cruel things to Matthew

3. angry

3. They lost the game because of Matthew’s carelessness

match new words with their definitions
1 academic

2 overlook

3 admit

4 deliberately

5 tease

A good at subjeccts which involved reading and studying

B make fun of / laugh at

C on purpose

D give little attetion to

E to state or agree to the truth

Match new words with their definitions
find out the similar words in the 2nd letter




yell at



a situation in which one has to choose between two things

very bright

pay attention to

not focus

shout loudly at



Find out the similar words in the 2nd letter

Words in the text


causing pain


having done wrong


say sorry to

physically strong





apologize to


  • 1. Do you think Sarah and Hannah should try to be friends again or go their separate ways?
  • 2. If you found out that your best friends had made friends with another person,what would you think about this and what would you do?
reading strategy
Reading strategy
  • Both of the two letters are showing their strong feelings when meeting difficulties in friendship. Please underline the sentences which are obviously expressing feelings .
  • 1. I must be really stupid…. (line11)
  • 2. How they must have laughed behind my back! (line22)
3. I was so angry that… (line23)
  • 4. It is really awkward….. (line 49)
  • 5. I can’t help wondering…. (line52-53)
group work
Group work
  • Suppose you were in a quarrel with your best friends, and turn to another one for help. You need to tell him the causes and how you feel about it. And the helper should give advice.

Work in groups and try to make a dialogue which is full of strong feelings.

revision a letter to sarah
Revision: A letter to Sarah
  • Dear Sarah;

You have every right to feel_________by your friend if she did tell your secrets to others,but it seems unlikely that she did. You say that you are best friends; well, best friends talk about their problems and try to solve them. If she is a good friend, you should___________for blaming her.




If you still have doubts, you should think about

why you don’t believe her. Was it because you

Were ashamed of your______or your behavior?

Did you feel jealous of your friend’s mark? If so,

The problem lies with you, not her. Try not to

sound too______of yourself when discussing

Marks in front of others.

However, if you feel that she is very bad at

Keeping________and likes to embarrass you in

Public, you had better find a new friend.




a letter to andrew
A letter to Andrew

Dear Andrew,

It seems you need to apologize quickly to avoid losing a ggod friend! Don’t forget that things are important to people, even when they don’t shout about them. The _______was probably very important to Matthew and he felt______about losing, and bad about not being as gifted at football as you are.




A football team needs all the players to work

Together and help each other. Each player

Should play to their strengths. Shouting at your

Teammate was unfair and just made him feel

worse. Although you both said________things

to each other, one of you has to be first to say

Sorry. Don’t be stubborn.

You say that your__________as important as

Football. Well, then you should be__________

To get your friendship back. Don’t delay. Talk to

Your friend and I’m sure before long, you’ll be

Back playing football together.




1 we have been good friends since primary school line7
1.We have been good friends since primary school.(line7)


  • (1).Unemployment in that country is now at its lowest level since WWII.


(2).She left her hometown five years ago. We haven’t seen her since.

自那以后=from then on


since conj
  • (3).It is just three days since they arrived at the mountain.

(4).Since you are so busy, perhaps we shuold ask someone else.



2 we are no fun un line5
2.We are no fun.(un.) (line5)

1.Her baby is great fun./ sailing a boat is great fun. (有趣的人/事)

2. I write not just for the pay, but for fun.(乐趣).

We had a lot of fun at the party.

3.They often make fun of me for this.

Donn’t make_____of the blind man.

A fun B funs C funny D a fun

fun 做名词时不可数,不能与a连用,也没有复数形式.

3 must when guessing there seems to be no other possibilities line8 9
3.Must (when guessing,there seems to be no other possibilities) (line8-9)

(1).I must have sounded very proud of myself.


You must have left your wallet in the office.


(2).may have done(it’s not certain)

Something may have happened to her.


4 feel like have an inclination or desire for line11 12
4.feel like(have an inclination or desire for)(line11-12)
  • (1). I feel like I was overlooking my studies.
  • (2). I felt like crying.


My parents always feel like going out for a walk after supper.

feel like表示想要做某事,后可加doing sth.

也可以加that clause.

5 i was overlook ing my studies line12
5.I was overlooking my studies. (line12)

(1).forget/not see something important

  • we should not overlook the difficulties.
  • 当第一次读的时候,我忽略了这个错误.
  • I overlooked the mistake the first time I read it.

(2). not be angry with a bad thing


  • Please overlook my fault.
(3). We want a room which overlook the garden,not one overlook the car park.


6 i was determined to be cheerful line14
6.I was determined to be cheerful.(line14)
  • (1)adj.

a.He is determined to take part in the international speech competititon.

b.he is a determined supporter of President Bush.




He determined to take part in the international speech competition.




例:They determined the date for the party.

B. 使…..下决心

例:This determined him to act immediately.


7 he kept on saying really mean things to hurt me line44 45
7. He kept on saying really mean things to hurt me. (line44-45)


  • (1).不要对她如此刻薄.
  • Don’t be so mean to her.
  • (2). He was very mean with his money.

unwilling to share or give what one has




  • (3). It is a mean dog. Be careful it does’t bite you. Bad-tempered/liking to hurt
  • (4). Running ten miles is no mean achievement. very good


8 i can t stand seeing my team lose line45 46
8.I can’t stand seeing my team lose.(line45-46)
  • (1)stand sb./sth.

例:I can’t stand a lot of noise when I am reading.


I can’t stand this cold weather.




He can’t bear that man. He talked too much.


He can’t endure that man. He talked too much.

put up with

He can’t put up with that man. He talked too much.

9 i can t help wondering line52 53
9.I can’t help wondering….. (line52-53)
  • (1)cannot help doing sth.情不自禁做某事

例: He cannot help talking to his deskmate in class.


(2)cannot help it没有办法

例: He just can’t help it. He has to obey orders.

(3)can’t help do sth.无法帮助做某事

例:I can’t help do the housework for my mum.


The end

Thank you!