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Getting Along With Others Workshop PowerPoint Presentation
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Getting Along With Others Workshop

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Getting Along With Others Workshop - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Getting Along With Others Workshop. Part of growing up is about learning to get along with others. Let’s look at some ways we can do that.

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Part of growing up is about learning to get along with others. Let’s look at some ways we can do that.


Be thoughtful. Think of the other person first. This is the number one rule for getting along with others. Show people they are important to you by putting their feelings first.


Be respectful to others. No two people are the same. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, so you need to respect the opinions of others even if they are different from yours.


Give and take praise. If you think someone has done something well, let them know. Praise can inspire. Accept praise gracefully.


Make your classmates, family, friends and teachers feel important. That way people will cooperate with you and feel motivated. Be sincere, avoid flattery.


To empathise with someone means you try to put yourself in their shoes so you can better understand what they are feeling. Empathy is a very important tool to help you get along with others.


Communicate: Sometimes we misunderstand what others mean when they say something to us. Misunderstandings can lead to arguments so to avoid this, listen carefully to others with your ears, eyes and heart.


Have a sense of humour. Disagreements can be defused with a harmless joke. Have a laugh at yourself, never poke fun at others. Laughing and smiling is infectious. If you genuinely smile at someone, they will smile back.


Body Language: Your smile, tone of voice, your eyes, the way you greet people, use of fond nicknames and remembering details like faces, names and dates like birthdays shows you care and helps you get along with people.


Be kind to others and they will be kind to you. Think about different ways you can show kindness to others. How do others show kindness to you?


Think before you act. Making friends and keeping friends means you need to think before you say or do something that could hurt your friend’s feelings so develop your self control.


YOUR TASK: Write down 2 strategies you have used that have helped you get along with others. Share these with the group.