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GROOTS KENYA Women’s access and control of land and the power shifts that is required to allow women decisions making in this area within a rapidly urbanizing world. INTRODUCTION.

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groots kenya www grootskenya org sitez


Women’s access and control of land and

the power shifts that is required to allow women decisions making in this area within a rapidly urbanizing world

  • Land and buildings represent 50% of a countries wealth and thus tenure insecurity is the primary source of instability and conflicts if there exits
  • Land does not increase in size neither does it decrease.
  • Women play a big role in ensuring that their future generations have a place to claim as theirs
  • Secure tenure that the women and the community at large can access a space they can obtain livelihood and shelter without fear of being evicted
  • Security of tenure and development therefore go hand in hand.
women access to land
  • In Africa, women have access to land
  • They can till lands and they can have a place to habit
  • As long as they have male counterparts
  • When the worst happens and their spouses pass, the women face a challenge of disinheritance.
  • Therefore access to land is considered not enough for women
women control of land
  • Women need to move to the next level of administration and management of land regardless of their situations.
  • Strategies have to be put in place to ensure that women not only have access to land but also can make decisions regarding how such land is administered and managed.
cont d
  • We bring sustainable impact by not only giving women safety nets but alsogiving them cargo nets

(Empower them to claim for their space in

administration and management of land

instead of constantly solving problems of

disinheritances of land by in-laws and close relatives

onlybesides solving cases arising from ignorance)

paradigm shift in power
  • The Kenya Constitution has allowed women to have rights regarding ownership, administration and Management of land for their households
  • We have to respect and consider this as a milestone towards ensuring that all peopleare treated as equal and having the rights as humans.
  • Building on this, GROOTS Kenya has and is ensuringthat women have voicesand influence towards administration and management of land be it Public, Communal and/or even Private
cont d1

This can be done through a suggested GROOTS

KENYAMODEL of grassroots women empowerment

Achieved through:

  • Advocacy
  • Capacity Building
  • Networking
  • Rallying
  • Amplifying
some of t he key models achieved
Some of the Key Models Achieved
  • Community Land and Property Watch Dog Groups
  • Home Based Care Alliance
  • Champions for Transformative Leadership
  • On Line Inventory of Public Land (
  • So much needs to be done
  • In ensuring that grassroots women actively take part in administration and management of land, and this space to be acknowledged by everyone not theoretically but most importantly, practically.
  • We struggle with the Ministry of land, housing and planning to ensure that their development visions encompass women representation.