Operational analysis
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National Gene Vector Biorepository. Aaron Boeke, Kevin Largent, Kyle McClurg, Sean Seacat Not present: Patrick Doumas and Peter Tichenor Faculty Advisor: Prof. Mohan V. Tatikonda ( tatikonda@iupui.edu ). February 22, 2012. Operational Analysis. Agenda. Background Investigation

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Operational analysis

National Gene Vector Biorepository

Aaron Boeke, Kevin Largent, Kyle McClurg, Sean Seacat

Not present: Patrick Doumas and Peter Tichenor

Faculty Advisor: Prof. Mohan V. Tatikonda (tatikonda@iupui.edu)

February 22, 2012

Operational Analysis





Problem Definition

Project Overview 




Mission of the National Gene Vector Biorepository (NGVB) is to provide gene therapy investigators with a variety of services that can enhance their research.

Archiving Services

Insertion Site Analysis

Pharmacology and Toxicology Resources

Reagent Repository 

Housed within the Department of Medical and Molecular Genetics in the IUSM.

Made possible by a grant from the National Center for Research Resources (NCRR)



NGVB requested assistance from a Kelley MBA team to:

(1) analyze workflow; 

(2) make suggestions for improved internal and external communications; and 

(3) develop a system to manage inputs and outputs.

Defining the problem

Defining the Problem

Discussed concerns with NGVB manager

Weekly meetings

Toured the NGVB Facilities

Certification Lab

Freezer and Deep-Freeze Storage Sites

Met with staff to better understand gene therapy research environment

Troy Hawkins - Molecular Diagnostics Supervisor

Lisa Duffy - Certification Lab Supervisor

Defining the problem1

Defining the Problem

We also reviewed:

Standard operating procedures

Initial customer information

Product/service catalog

Stepped through the customer’s order entry process using the NGVB website

Worked to understand each step an order goes through in the process

Initial findings

Initial Findings

Current process documentation can be enhanced


Customer problems

Lack of standardization

Labeling and storage of products

Use of electronic database across product lines

Uncertainty regarding the quality of the customer's experience

Uncertainty of demand across product lines

Difficulty in determining batch sizes, stock levels, and reorder points

Process analysis

Process Analysis

Process Flow Diagrams

Current state mapped to gain primary understanding of the NGVB processes

Observe processes to understand the physical flow of materials, people, and information

Determine constraints and sources of variation

Increase Service Level to the Customer

Decreased turn-around time

Customer analysis

Customer Analysis

Database analysis

Variety, volume, and frequency of orders

Qualitative interviews with local customers

Analyze experiences of customers from a variety of perspectives

new vs. repeat customers

local vs. international

frequent vs. infrequent 

Intended deliverables

Intended Deliverables

Detailed process characterization and capacity analysis

Bottleneck identification

Flow time analysis

Analysis of current customer set and historical order patterns

Demand forecasting

Production scheduling

Improved customer order fulfillment time

Optimization of storage capacity

Iu vector production facility

IU Vector Production Facility


Provides gene therapy production and testing services with a focus on lentiviral gene transfer

Project- In Project Scope Phase

Provide detailed understanding of overhead cost in order to appropriately price services

Working in compliance with FDA and NIH regulations and guidelines



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