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Linwood Community and Sports Hub PowerPoint Presentation
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Linwood Community and Sports Hub

Linwood Community and Sports Hub

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Linwood Community and Sports Hub

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  1. Linwood Community and Sports Hub A facility for the whole Community Presentation to Cllr Derek Mackay and Joyce McKellar on 22nd June 2010

  2. History of Linwood Community Education Centre • Linwood Community Centre has operated for over 45 years; • It is run by the community for the community; • Over 30 groups and organisations use the centre; and • All income is reinvested back into the community.

  3. What do the people in Linwood think of their Community Centre? • “For me it has been a godsend. It has given me a sense of belonging and purpose in my life.” • “If this Centre goes, then so does my social life.” • “If you go ahead and demolish it, you are splitting the community and it will never be the same.”

  4. Venn Chart: Linwood Community Education Centre/ Linwood User Groups Key: Current LCEC User Groups Wider Linwood User Groups Parish Church Toddlers St. Conval’s FC Adults Tap Class Prima School of Dance Adult Learning & Literacy Solid Rock Dance Brownies Ladds Credit Union Linwood User Groups Cafe Camera Club Class Acts Linwood RYC Donna Brown Dance School Tai Chi Self Help Craft Flexi Care Parent School Council Lets Private Function Lets Jam Dance 50+ Group Other Amateur Football Clubs Jogging Buddies Pipe Band Yoga Classes Linstone Housing Ass Linwood Active Tweedie Toddlers Dance Studio Leases for Business Space

  5. Facilities of a Community Hub should ….. • be accessible to everyone and affordable for all; • be informal and welcoming - a place for the community to meet; • promote the closure of the inequalities gap - by facilitating better health, developing employability opportunities and improving access to education and learning.

  6. Linwood Focus was formed as …... • It felt like decisions which affect our community were being taken without involving our community; • We were concerned that the ‘consultation’ already carried out focussed purely on “existing leisure centre provision”. • We are concerned that “there is no guarantee that every group who currently use the centre will be under the one roof”. • We are concerned that it has been stated that groups could be housed within schools – not practical as there are already problems with this. • We are concerned that the loss of Linwood Community Education Centre will effectively disempower the community.

  7. Linwood Focus is…. • a group of users of the existing community centre who are passionate about the vital role it plays in their community; • not a political group – feel like a political tool; • 100% supportive of the new Community andSports hub; • striving to preserve the facilities we have within our community; and • reflective of the community in the widest sense as the group represents all age groups.

  8. Linwood Focus is committed to creating... • A fairer, healthier, greener, smarter, safer Linwood; • A Linwood that will have facilities that meet the needs of all of its residents; and • A Linwood that has a real Community Hub that is the heart of our Community.

  9. Linwood Focus understands... .... that Local Authorities are required to: • meet National Standards for Community Engagement by listening to ‘real’ people; • Work inclusively and in partnership with local groups to empower them to build a facility to benefit the whole community not just a minority.

  10. A Community Partnership ... Linwood Focus mirrors the sentiments of the following extracts from the ‘Scottish Community Empowerment Action Plan’: • “Community empowerment is a process where people work together to make change happen in their communities by having more power and influence over what matters to them.”

  11. A Community Partnership ... • “we want more communities across the country to have more opportunities to play their part in helping to deliver the outcomes that matter to Scotland. This is about all of us recognising that communities doing things for themselves can sometimes be the best way of delivering change.”

  12. A Community Partnership ... • “the confidence and resilience that grows when people work together in their communities is never more important than in challenging economic times and when facing major social problems.”

  13. Linwood Focus will... • Continue to work constructively and in partnership with the Council; • Continue to campaign for the facilities that our community needs. • Continue to engage properly with ALL users and Partners based within our community to preserve the facilities the Community needs.