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The Community Sports Hub

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The Community Sports Hub - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Community Sports Hub. Navigation slide. Day 1 Introductions Your audit – summary Community Sports Hub Why Facebook Creating your page Video app(lication) Photo app Competitions app Events app Pages & Groups app Sponsors app Ipadio app. Day 2 Recap & questions , day 1

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The Community Sports Hub

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Presentation Transcript
navigation slide
Navigation slide

Day 1

  • Introductions
  • Your audit – summary
  • Community Sports Hub
  • Why Facebook
  • Creating your page
  • Video app(lication)
  • Photo app
  • Competitions app
  • Events app
  • Pages & Groups app
  • Sponsors app
  • Ipadio app

Day 2

  • Recap & questions, day 1
  • Some other apps
  • Your specific issues
  • Structure of your activities
  • Structure of your FB pages
  • Promoting a (local )event
  • Running your Page
  • Content sources
  • Advertisingyour page
  • Communicating with your fans
  • Other easy steps
  • Measurement
  • Let’s put it all together
  • Supportin place
  • Questions?
intros about nemisys
Intros - about Nemisys
  • Creative, brand, digital
  • 25 people
  • Sport = majority sector
    • Amateur, NGBs
    • Participation initiatives
    • Membership & CRM
    • Marketing services
    • Social media applications & workshops
communications tool
Communications tool

You -> community

Community <-> community

Community -> you

organisational tool
Organisational tool




This is what makes CSH uniquely effective

marketing platform
Marketing platform

Acquires contacts

Delivers sponsor message

Delivers quantifiable exposure to sponsors

Additional expenditure possible

why digital digital natives is why
Why digital? “Digital natives” is why!

Don’t read newspapers

No landline phone

Television on their terms

Trust peers more than experts

Internet experience is social

Content is going mobile

Television is for video games

Want to be heard and self-express

Email is for parents

On demand content

Source: USC Annenberg School, Centre for Digital Future

why facebook
Why Facebook?

Unique users (UK) – 22.81

Share of time on social media sites – 75.4%

Time spent per user per month – 6 hours

Visits per user per month – 18

why fb
Why FB?

Network effect

In December, BUCS page had 5,000 fans

But University Community Sports Hub Pages had 25,000 fans

Giving BUCS a reach of 30,000 for its videos & photos, and ultimately its other campaigns

a few more stats
A few more stats


Facebook internal data

Office of National Statistics

Higher Education Statistics Agency

Facebook has 300 million users worldwide

48% of these are under 25

4.9 million 17-22 year olds in the UK

2.3 million students in HE in the UK

1.9 million are at English HEIs

Roughly 85% of this age are on facebook so:

4.1 million 17-22 year olds in the UK

2.0 million students in HE in the UK

1.6 million at English HEIs

Facebook is part of the daily routine

25 minutes

2 visits a day

50% return daily

why fb advertising
Why FB? Advertising

BUCS page

Social advertising

Acquisition of fans @£0.25 per fan

Which would be halved by matched funding

advertising test bucs
Advertising test, BUCS
  • Minimal promotion, viral spread
  • 1400 members
  • 1 day experiment – single advert on Facebook
  • $25 spend
  • 131,484 page impressions
  • 91 visitors
  • 61 new fans
  • @ £0.25 per fan
    • But more on advertising later ...
why fb utility apps
Why FB? Utility apps
  • Facebook delivers community and interactivity
  • But you can get so much more with your own applications
    • Specific to your purpose and objectives
why fb safety
Why FB? Safety

Child Protection in Sport Unit

NSPCC / Sport England initiative

Provides guidance and publications

Standards for Safeguarding and Protecting Children in Sport

creating your page1
Creating your page

creating your page tips
Creating your page – tips
  • Type of page
    • Products/brands -> sports
  • Name
    • Be literal & remember SEO
  • Profile photo size/margins
    • 300 x 300, 30 px margin
community sports hub video app
Community Sports Hub video app
  • Imports feed from YouTube
    • Longer videos
    • Higher quality
  • Pushes your videos down to your network
    • Enhanced content to your sport
    • Increased interaction around your content
video app demo
Video app demo

youtube account
YouTube account

The YouTube feed only contains the latest 20 videos for each user

So once you have reached 20 videos in your account, you will need to create another account

Apply for a Partner Account if you don’t already have 1


Sport name (don’t forget Americanisms?)

Event name

Location (University /stadium/city/town/country)


Players/teams involved (players only tangible benefit for high profile players)

Game highlights (for high profile games)

Example from Magic Weekend

Rugby league, magic weekend 2010, engage super league magic weekend, magic weekend Murrayfield, rugby league Edinburgh, Bradford Bulls,Crusaders, Leeds Rhinos, Salford City Reds, Hull FC, Castleford Tigers etc, player 1 try, player 2 try etc

installing the app
Installing the app

And let’s have a look at recommended videos cascading down through your pages

general advice
General advice

Agree a corporate account and all share it to upload videos

Work in best size for each system if you have the capacity

Remember that each video platform itself will bring you an audience as well as the SSNP

So don’t cut corners when titling, tagging, describing and categorising uploads

And change the file names to reflect keywords

potential uses
Potential uses

Games & races

Top player interviews

Top coach interviews

During international championships

Community festivals

specific uses
Specific uses

But really, let’s look at your specific objectives

-> discussion

You have hi-def cameras

Plans for using them?

how to use
How to use
  • YouTube account
  • Shoot video for new apps
    • Importing YouTube video feed
    • Selecting videos for your page
community sports hub photo app
Community Sports Hub photo app
  • Allows you to import photos direct from Flickr
  • And users to like/comment on the photos
  • Pushes your photos down to your network
    • Enhanced content to your sport
    • Increased interaction around your content
why flickr
Why Flickr?
    • Better organisation than Facebook native
    • Organise in to sets
    • Exposes you to Flickr audience too
  • Makes it easy to take photos from others
photo app demo
Photo app demo
  • Quick tour
    • BUCS photos –
    • Show cascading down
how to use1
How to use
  • Flickr Pro Account
  • Video – importing for new apps
    • Importing Flickr feeds
    • Selecting photos for your page
    • Sets & catalogues
flickr account
Flickr account
  • Use a Pro account
  • Create a new set of photos for each event
  • But each photo can belong to more than 1 set, so create:
    • A set for each sport
    • A set of highlights for each year (for alumni)
    • A set for each hall/department/club etc
potential uses1
Potential uses
  • Many as for video
    • Games & races
    • Top player interviews
    • Top coach interviews
    • During international championships
  • But really, let’s look at your specific objectives
  • -> discussion
competitions app
Competitions app

Installation & demo

competitions app1
Competitions app

Play time:

Set up 1 competition

Invite trainees & issue challenges

events app benefits
Events app benefits

Promote events

Manage registrations

Manage communications

Interaction before event -> buzz

Interaction after event -> conversion

when you add an event
When you add an event ...

Add some photos so that people can comment on them -> viral

Add a video so that people can comment on it -> viral

Add a link if there’s 1 relevant (set up a short URL for high profile events)

Confirm your attendance (I know it seems lame – but trust me it helps!) -> viral

Write on your own wall -> vir... You get the picture!

Share to your profile

THEN start promoting as you would normally

fan pages app1
Fan pages app

Groups your network together

Increases likelihood of all pages succeeding

Find likely Pages, Rugby League

groups app1
Groups app

Brings any existing Groups in your network together

Means you can manage “legacy” Groups and unofficial Groups in to your network

Find likely Rugby League Groups

Strategy for dealing with them

ipadio app
Ipadio app
  • Any phone, live to your web site/intranet/Facebook Page
potential uses2
Potential uses
  • Results
  • Player/coach interviews
  • Event build up & buzz
  • News broadcasts
recap questions
Recap & questions

All happy with the technicalities?

And how the “cascading” of photos, video works?

your specific issues
Your specific issues

Structure of your activities

Structure of your pages

Promoting events


  • Coaches
  • Officials
  • Club administrators
  • Teachers
  • Pupils
  • Parents
  • Fans
  • Sponsors
  • Other sports (eg Rugby Union)
  • Players
    • Social
    • Club
    • School pupils
    • Pro
  • Volunteers
    • Administrators
    • Other
structure of your page network
Structure of your page network
  • Think of pages as “permanent”
  • And content (eg Events) as transitory


  • Approach from the visitors perspective – they don’t really care how the RFL is structured!
  • Start with as few pages as you are comfortable with
  • Be honest – what will motivate your visitors:
    • To join/like your page
    • To engage with your content
    • To contribute content
  • We’ll start to ball rolling, and let’s discuss!
no regions fewest pages
No regions – fewest pages

Gives 1 single event calendar

Concentrates fans for maximum engagement

But less “local” feel?

And all admins would have access to main page

promoting a local event
Promoting a local event

Let’s develop a checklist – and look beyond Facebook too!

example developed for unis
Example – developed for Unis

Example – University event marketing


University email to students (solus or newsletters)

Local clubs

Local media (TV, press, student radio)

Local clubs newsletters

Alumni association

Facilities databases – people made bookings


Student newspapers (print & web)

Local papers

Trade press

TV & radio

Ipadio interviews

(Name of event sponsors)




Notes on pay slips

Email signatures

Kit – hoodies, polos

Other ideas

Online surveys – manufacture for data capture

1 minute promo video on YouTube

Owned web pages

  • Facebook page
  • Events app
  • Main University site (news, events)
  • Student pages, intranet
  • Staff pages, intranet
  • Sports dept pages, intranet
  • Log in pages
  • Splash/promotional pages

Other web pages & services

  • NGB site(s) & listings
  • Local clubs / partnerships
  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • Cultivate friendly webmasters
  • Twitter


  • Club Members & friends – tap for contact
  • Sports students / courses
  • Sports Alumni programme (21 Club)
  • Let’s discuss your events
running your page
Running your page ...

... To deliver your objectives




content video photo audio
Content – video, photo, audio
  • Self created
    • Results
    • News
    • Players and squads
    • Games
    • Training
    • “Diary style”
    • From festivals
    • Visitors to Red Hall
    • Commentaries
    • Cup draws
  • User created
    • Encourage with competitions
    • Good luck messages
    • Feature “star performers” – offer status
    • Engage with polls
advertising your page
Advertising your page

Best practice

Let’s build an advert!

communicating with your fans
Communicating with your fans
  • Share photos, video, messages on your wall
    • If links, include the URL in the message too
    • Message styles that work:
      • Questions
      • Topical
      • Rousing the crowd
  • Send messages to user segments
    • Hit “updates” in inbox, not the most effective
other easy steps
Other easy steps
  • Promote on your own web site & blog:
    • comes from
  • Integrate with Twitter
    • Facebook -> Twitter, from “edit page”
    • Twitter -> Facebook,
    • Link with caution
    • Consider linking temporarily during large events?
develop your network
Develop your network
  • Befriend other web sites & page owners
    • Will they help to spread your message?
    • Would they be happy for you to post your news to their wall? Or would they do it for you?
      • Most will agree if high quality content, say 1 photo from your set, with an invite/link to view the rest
  • Don’t forget bloggers!
    • Still very influential
  • And players
    • Which ones have Facebook pages, blogs, their own web sites?
  • And Twits (or as David Cameron called them ...)
  • Suggestion: build a master list of your influencers, and how they want to receive your/their news

If you don’t measure it ...

... you can’t IMPROVE it

analytics facebook insights
Analytics - Facebook Insights


Fans & new fans – doesn’t tell you how often people come back

Unique views – simplest measure of popularity

Then engagement per application – views in photos app, plays in video app

Total interactions – ok for overall trending

facebook advertising reporting
Facebook Advertising - Reporting

Total Impressions

Total Clicks

Total click through rate

Total Average cost per click

Total Average cost per thousand impressions

Total Spent (US$): The total cost in US dollars for the given row

Unique Impressions

Unique Clicks

Unique click through rate

Total Social Impressions

Total Social Clicks

Total Social click through rate

Unique Social Impressions

Unique Social Clicks

Unique Social CTR

tracking visitors from facebook 1
Tracking visitors from Facebook 1

Use Google Analytics ability to track URL parameters as campaigns

Just come up with a common approach (spreadsheet) that means you can allocate a new cod each time someone publishes a link

Example – where you might use a coded url

google url builder
Google URL Builder
  • Example approaches
  • Campaign SSNP
  • Source SSNP
  • Medium statusupdate
tracking visitors from facebook 21
Tracking visitors from Facebook 2

In Google Analytics

  • Add new profile
  • Apply filter
  • Custom filter
    • Include
    • Filter field = Referral
    • Filter pattern = facebook\.com
  • Produces a profile for purely Facebook visitors
  • Video
let s put it all together
Let’s put it all together ...

... & plan/build a page you plan to publish

  • WHO is it for
  • WHY will they join
  • WHAT will the page include
    • Structure
    • Apps
    • Content plan
  • HOW will you promote it?
support updates screencams
Support & updates/screencams

You have 1 year’s support from Nemisys – use it!

I’m just as happy to discuss ideas as “how do I”s

Documents here:

Other Sports Hub admins here:

Official support details – ticketing system, reaches John or Paul or colleagues

0844 7069665

Direct contact details – direct

If you’re a Twit too ... @nemisys / @johnrduffy

writing for web overview
Writing for web - overview

Readers are engaged and looking to act and interact

Readers want to achieve a goal – as do you!

Non-linear – every page should stand alone

Entry anywhere – every page should ...

Readers might want to take action at any time – every page should...

use kipling s six honest men
Use Kipling’s Six Honest Men

I KEEP six honest serving-men

(They taught me all I knew);

Their names are What and Why and When

And How and Where and Who

writing for web specifics
Writing for web - specifics


Information in first 3 words

Use keywords, “information scent”

Get to the point

Give call to action

Active voice

Make it objective

Superlatives bad

Facts good

your body copy
Your body copy

Information scent – first phrase in first paragraph

Make it “scanable”

Break up with subheadings

8 not eight

photos video
Photos & video

Relevant file names

Relevant titles

Relevant descriptions

Add tags where available (see tagging in general advice on photos & videos)

This logic applies for all feeds (& native Facebook photos & video too)

the golden rules
The golden rules

Be concise

Be literal

Call to action

Write for people not search engines

Don’t take short cuts