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York floods November 2000 PowerPoint Presentation
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York floods November 2000

York floods November 2000

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York floods November 2000

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  1. York floods November 2000 35-40mm rain in 24 hours 3000 people evacuated, Army called in to help Ouse 4.8m above normal levels 80,000 sandbags used York race course flooded – no races Average insurance payout - £25,000 per property £1.3m in costs for sandbags, fire, Army £10m in lost income – 200,000 fewer visitors

  2. R. Ouse is fed by Swale, Nidd & Ure. Flooding can occur quickly. R. Foss meets the Ouse in York. York

  3. When the river is in flood a sluice gate is opened at Point A. Water then flows into the Ings which is surrounded by a large embankment. It is stored here, like a reservoir, until the river level falls. When the river level falls, water is let back into the river via a sluice gate at point B. A B

  4. 2.3m cubic metres – lowering flood levels by 150mm Cost £1.25m in 1982 River Ouse

  5. Floodbank constructed in front of houses & sewage system improved in 1980. Floodbanks raised in 1982 after wind blew waves from Clifton Ings.

  6. Lower Ebor Street Built in 1982 . Concrete flood walls with strengthened steel centres have been constructed to protect against powerful flood water. Natural looking embankments also constructed. Valves installed to isolate sewage during flood periods.

  7. Holgate Beck Holgate Beck diverted so discharge flows into the River Ouse downstream of York. Upstream of York where the Beck meets the Ouse, a two-pump station was built to control water levels.

  8. Marygate Flood Walls A wall of waterproof bricks

  9. Lendal Bridge

  10. Museum Gardens

  11. The Museum Gardens has an embankment in it. This increases the volume of the river channel and also acts as a barrier to flood water. Any rabbits or vermin in the flood wall are killed by pest control.

  12. The Kings Arms Pub Many buildings have to adapt to the floods. The most famous building for flooding is the Kings Arms pub.

  13. Beer is kept upstairs instead of in a cellar – electrics are at roof height. • The pub has stone floors. • There is a second entrance up the street. • The bar can be taken down & moved upstairs in less than two hours.

  14. The Foss often carries less water than the Ouse River Ouse flows south, carrying more water than the Foss The Ouse spills into the Foss, causing the Foss to flood

  15. Why is there a Barrier? What potential problems can you think of with this Barrier?

  16. The Foss Barrier is lowered stopping the Ouse flowing into the Foss. The Foss is then pumped into the Ouse by 8 pumps. 30tonnes per second Made from natural materials (sandstone) to blend in. Cost £3.34m