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Employment-Based Internship

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Employment-Based Internship - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Employment-Based Internship
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  1. Employment-Based Internship Field Education January 2008

  2. Field Education: Main Learning Areas • Assessment, implementation, monitoring and evaluation • Cross-cultural competencies • Organizational, community and institutional contexts • Relevant policies and research • Professional standards and conduct/critical self-awareness • Use of supervision and consultation/responsibility for own learning • Values and ethics

  3. Field Education at SSA (see Manual) • Two year-long (Fall & Spring semester) field placements: • BSW Senior and MSW Foundation: generalist • Advanced: concentration and specialization specific • Significant time commitment: • BSW: two days a week (16 hours) • MSW: three days a week (21-24 hours) or equivalent • Concurrent model: • Must have practice course when in the field • Pass/Fail course: • Evaluated according to competencies achieved • Competencies based on field learning objectives • Try to accommodate various requests, but must adhere to educational goals and requirements

  4. Agency Criteria to be Field Sites • Clearly defined goals and practices compatible with SSA • Provision of appropriate learning experiences (foundation generalist or advanced concentration/ specialization) • Ability to support student coursework • Opportunities for student to contribute to assessment and improvement of agency • Availability of qualified BSW or MSW field instructor • Program stability • Staff sufficient for programming needs • Provision of adequate space, equipment, policies and support

  5. The Basics:Employment-based Option • Must meet same educational criteria as “traditional” placement • Focus must be educational and not job performance • Factors that must be documented: • proposed learning activities meet appropriate field objectives and outcomes; • proposed learning activities must be educational sound • student is not a probationary employee (or that probation has been waived by the agency) and must be an employee in good standing; • availability of release time for course work and field education; • fieldwork assignments differ from those associated with the student’s employment; and, • the proposed field instructor is not the student’s job supervisor. • Do not assume: • All agencies will want to do this • All proposals are approved

  6. Placement Process • Review field information materials • Submit Field Application • Core: Information sheet/Essay/Professional Resume • Employment-based proposal • Strongly Recommended: Background clearances • Due: February 1st (Main Campus) or March 19th (TUH Campus) • If unable to complete proposal by due date: submit application and a “proposal draft” with cover memo explaining … • What needs to done • Steps being taken • Timetable for completion • Work with Field Education Specialist that is assigned to you • FE Specialist will review your materials • Schedule a visit to meet with you and proposed field instructor • Confirm placement • Attend appropriate orientations (SSA and/or agency)

  7. Step by Step: What We Look For • Student Information and Agency Information: Be clear, thorough and legible • Employment Information - Must be completed by job supervisor • Provide information about your employment • Start date – can not be on probation • Status • Current job description • Adjustments in job in order to do placement • Field Education Information • Must be completed by proposed field instructor • Must have appropriate social work degree • Can not be your job supervisor • Describe learning activities: Be mindful of field education objectives and outcomes • Proposed Schedule • Should not be only weekend and/or evening • Internship needs to be minimally in 4 hour blocks • MSW students: can opt for extended plan (18 hours/week over all breaks) • Agreement: All parties must sign before submitted to field office for review

  8. Contact Information • Main Campus: 215-204-6048 or fieldedu@temple.edu • TU-Harrisburg: 717-232-6400 • All materials on the web: http://www.temple.edu/ssa/Social-Work-Field-EducationForms.asp