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  1. Go to the AFSA HQ Website at: The below screen will appear, click on “Capwiz” in the menu on the left side of the webpage. You do not need to be an AFSA Member and you don’t need to login prior to using Capwiz. Using CAPWIZ

  2. Once you click on “Capwiz”, the below screen will appear. From here you can navigate to multiple different menus. AFSA has already done much of the work for you researching hot topics that affect the military and drafting letters that you can send directly to the President, VP and/or your other state elected officials. You can use the pre-drafted letters, add your own message to the drafted letters, or draft your own letter to send.

  3. Once you select the topic, a screen similar to the one below will appear highlighting the issue you want to address to your elected officials. On the bottom of the page will be the actual pre-drafted letter…you can send it as drafted or make edits/additions as necessary. Once you have the letter the way you want, fill in the sender information (be sure to use your stateside residency address so your state legislators can be contacted). Be professional on your comments!

  4. Once you select “Send Message” on the previous screen, the below confirmation page will appear. Take time to browse through the various topics that have been highlighted by your AFSA legislative team and let your elected officials know your concerns. You do not need to be an AFSA member to utilize this awesome tool, however I’d encourage you to become a member and join the collective AFSA voice to ensure your elected officials know what is important to us. If you are not registered to vote, I’d highly encourage you to do so. It’s really that simple and only takes a few minutes!