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  2. What is Capwiz? Capwiz is a grassroots political action web site service with 5 major functions.


  4. ONE • An Action Alert system which allows you to easily contact your representatives

  5. TWO • A search area to locate your congressional representatives • MEGA VOTE allows you to get updates on your Congressional Representatives voting record on a weekly basis.

  6. THREE • An area to follow issues and legislation important to NASCOE

  7. FOUR • An election results area

  8. FIVE • A Media guide area for letters to the editor, and to locate news outlets

  9. Other services • You can sign up for automatic email alerts when a contact needs to be made (Action E-list) • You can sign up to get an e-mail listing of your representatives’ votes weekly (Mega Vote) • You can send information to others by email. (Tell-A-Friend)

  10. IMPORTANT You CANNOT repeat CANNOT use the office computer or office e-mail for this service

  11. ACCESS TO CAPWIZ You can access CAPWIZ at : or (find Cap WIZ in the middle of page on NASCOE site)

  12. Reviewing the Site

  13. CAPWIZ HomepageI do change this periodically to keep it updated and similar to our webpage This is a DEMO

  14. Legislative information • Will give you all the congressional contacts for your zip code • Will allow you to see how your representatives voted on issues during the past several weeks • Gives you the ability to individually contact representatives

  15. VOTES

  16. ACTION ALERT • May be the most important aspect of CapWiz • NASCOE will be able to: • compose a letter on an issue and put it on CapWiz • contact you by e-mail telling you about the letter if you are subscribed to the action E-list • You will then be able to: • send the letter by e-mail to all your Representatives with just a couple of clicks of your mouse

  17. Example of Alert message sent by email from CAP WIZ Coordinator   Administrative Duties to FSA for all Conservation Programs

  18. THE ACTION ALERT Please fill in the contact information on the right side of the page. Scroll down to the send message on the left side of the page and CLICK on that button only once.

  19. ISSUE & LEGISLATION • This web page shows: • All current action alerts • Current legislation • Key votes that are going to be taken

  20. ELECTION PAGE • On the Election Page you can: • View voter information • Browse election races • Register to vote • View key election dates

  21. MEDIA INFORMATION • This page • Allows you to send messages to national and local Media • Locates local media for any zip code

  22. ACTION E-LIST • This is the area where you will sign-up to be put on the mailing list • You need to fill out all the information

  23. REMEMBER:DO NOT USE: An Office E-MAIL ADDRESS or office computer

  24. TELL A FRIEND • From this page you can: • Send information to a friend • Inform friends of actions you have taken • Send additional e-mails to your representatives • Introduce the website to others

  25. MEGA VOTE • This Page Will • Allow you to get legislative information by email • Allow you to pick a State or your Zip code • Show you key votes of your representatives • Give you information about upcoming votes in Congress

  26. SIGN UP TODAY SIGN UP TO BE ON THE MAILING LIST AT: WWW.CAPWIZ.COM/NASCOE There are 2 choices to sign up: 1.Take option 2 at the top to Join NASCOE Action Group 2. Hit the BLUE Action E-List button at the bottom of the screen. Make sure you complete the required informational boxes and hit “SUBMIT” Don’t forget to go back and sign up for “Mega Vote”

  27. Sign up Choice 1 • NASCOE Legislative Alert CenterYou can make a big difference in just 5 minutes. That's all it will take to learn the issues and send a letter to Congress. The actions of our government have an enormous impact so please educate yourself and take action. Please take the following actions: • 1. Send a Letter to Congress and tell your rep to carry out the new provisions of the Farm Bill.  • 2. Join the NASCOE Action Network and we'll send you important updates regarding our issues and how you can speak out on important issues. • 3. Register to Vote Make a difference by registering to vote.  Your voice does count!

  28. Sign up Choice 2

  29. Questions