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  1. CapWiz Your voice in Congress! Updated 1/2013

  2. Home Page • To access CapWiz click on the Take Action option under the Advocacy Tab

  3. Home Page • To get to the CapWiz home page click on Click here to write your representative

  4. Home Page • The most recent “Canned” letter you can submit always appears in the first blue box. Click on the box to send the letter to your elected officials.

  5. Decide if you want to e-mail or mail the letter. E-mail is the preferred method for Capitol Hill. Take Action - Letters • Read the description of the action alert to be informed about the issue. • Scroll down to see the form letter – fill in your personal information.

  6. Fill in your contact information. Remember to include the name of your chapter to get STAR points. Send your message. Congratulations you have just sent a letter to your elected officials using ANNA’s CapWiz! Take Action - Letters

  7. Finding Your Elected Officials • If you wish to compose your own letter to a specific elected official: • From the Take Action home page click on the Elected Officials Tab

  8. Search by zip code Search by last name Click on the map Elected Officials • Find officials using any of the following search methods

  9. Clicking on the senator tab lets you view your senators. Click on the 25th district The representative for that district appears. Elected Officials (con’t) • When you select your state, the governor appears. • Then, click on the map to select your district to see your representatives and senators.

  10. Elected Officials (con’t) • Once you find an official, you can view all types of information. • Just click on the different tabs to view helpful information about each official.

  11. Writing your own letter • If you wish to compose your own letter and send it to all of your elected officials: • From the Take Action home page enter your zip code in the field under the Find your Elected Officials section

  12. Writing your own letter (con’t) Click here • Select your recipients • Type in the subject • Type in your letter

  13. Fill in your contact information. Remember to include the name of your chapter to get STAR points. Send your message. Congratulations you have just sent a letter to your elected officials using ANNA’s CapWiz! Writing your own letter (con’t)

  14. Issues and Legislation • Here is where you can find the most current legislations affecting your nursing practice. • Click on Legislative Alerts and Updates to see the most current info.

  15. Most recent alert Issues and Legislation (con’t) • After clicking on Legislative Alerts and Updates,you can view the most recent alert. (There is a link to ANNA’s Take Action Letter here too…) • From here you can view Current Legislation, Key Votes, and Capitol Hill Basics

  16. Search by keyword or bill number Issues and Legislation (con’t) • Select Current Legislation to search for bills.

  17. Select MegaVoteto sign up to get your rep’s votes by e-mail weekly Issues and Legislation (con’t) • Click key votes to sign up to see what your officials are voting!

  18. Issues and Legislation (con’t) • Just fill out your zip code or state, and e-mail address to sign up! Megavote

  19. Issues and Legislation (con’t) • Select Capitol Hill Basics to learn general communication processes. • Tips included for: • Telephoning • Writing • E-mailing

  20. Elections and Candidates • See current election information by selecting the Election & Candidates tab. States with current elections are in blue. • Click on a state to see the current candidates and links for information.

  21. Elections and Candidates • You can also register to vote here!

  22. Elections and Candidates • Just follow the simple instructions to print your registration to mail.

  23. Elections and Candidates • Click on Election Widgets to find widgets to add to web sites to help other voters find election and candidate information.

  24. Elections Widgets • Examples of widgets that can be added to sites.

  25. Media Guide • Find media contacts in your area. • Search by state, zip, name, and newspaper.

  26. Along with the general contact information, you can click on a link to send an e-mail to your desired contact directly from the CapWiz site. Click on a paper to view contact info. Media Guide • After a state is selected, all media for that state appears.

  27. Contacting Health Policy Committee Members If you have questions about the CapWiz site, contact a member of the Health Policy Committee: • To find the current committee members: • Click on the Advocacy Tab • Click on Current Health Policy Committee Roster • To see their email addresses you will need to log into the ANNA site.

  28. Contacting Health Policy Committee Members 4. Click on the email link under the name of the person you wish to contact.