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call recording for small medium businesses using ip pbxs l.
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Call recording for small & medium businesses using IP PBXs PowerPoint Presentation
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Call recording for small & medium businesses using IP PBXs

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Call recording for small & medium businesses using IP PBXs
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Call recording for small & medium businesses using IP PBXs

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  1. Call recording for small & medium businesses using IP PBXs

  2. AboutVoice Recorders Ltd • Voice Recorders Ltd UK Established in 1999 are value added resellers of CallRex IP call recording solutions. • Provide a turnkey solution with CallRex IP software pre configured on recording servers. • We install train and support. Our technicians are highly trained and motivated and we also have the added back up support from a large US Corporation. We are an ISO9001 Quality Assured Company

  3. About Telrex Telrex is the leading provider of workplace recording and monitoring solutions for small and medium businesses • Call Recording/Monitoring for IP and IP-enabled PBXs • Computer Monitoring for Inside-Out Security Telrex was founded in 2000, and developed the first packet-based call recording & monitoring technology

  4. Telrex ProductSuite • CallRex Professional IP PBX call recording & monitoring • CallRex Multi-Media Add-On Call center computer recording & monitoring for CallRex Professional • CallRex Express IP PBX call recording & monitoring for up to 15 phones • IntelRex Computer/internet recording & monitoring for security and productivity

  5. VoIP Call Recording • Affordable for the SMB market – significantly less expensive • Voice traffic is packetized so the call can be captured at the data switch – It is entirely software-based • Requires no physical integration with the IP phone system • Small storage foot print: 60k per minute, 1 GB = 293 hrs • Windows based application – XP Pro, 2000 Server, 2003 Server

  6. Supported Telephone Systems

  7. CallRex Professional • The leading packet-based call recording/ monitoring solution for SMBs using IP PBXs • Companies use CallRex Professional to • Improve customer service • Resolve customer disputes • Enhance employee productivity • Meet legal and contractual obligations • Increase security

  8. Key Features • Real-Time Call Recording and Monitoring • Listen to phone calls in real-time – even from remote locations • On-Demand Licenses • Extend call recording to every employee • Look-Back Call Recording • Begin recording at any time during the call and you’ll still capture the entire call (“TiVo for call recording”). Perfect for On-Demand licenses!

  9. Tell Me More: On-Demand Licenses • Record a call anytime by pressing “Record” or “**” • Ideal for managers to spot-monitor employee phone calls or record their calls on an as-needed basis

  10. Key Features continued • Multi-Media Add-On • Allows call center managers to hear what is said on the telephone and see what is occurring on the computer - all in real-time! • Gets you into SMB call centers and opens up more structured call center opportunities • Multi-Site Recording • Record/monitor telephone calls at remote locations, all from one user interface • Advanced Search • Find specific recordings quickly and easily using date/time, user name, inbound number, caller ID name, phone number, flagged name or value, and recording group

  11. Tell Me More: Multi-Media Add-On • Monitor computer activity and phones in real-time. Ideal for Call Center Managers! • Screenshots are used for training agents on use of internal applications • Track call center agents’ internet and intranet activity – make sure that they are accessing the appropriate resources for problem resolution

  12. What’s New with CallRex Professional? • Increased performance • Faster call processing • Improved CRAC performance • Automated process monitoring (with Platinum Plan) • Automated nightly routine server maintenance • On-Demand licenses • **## for Look-Back Recording & Cisco TAPI • Richer multi-site support • Grab any recording, anytime • Auto-Restart if connection is lost • Increased scalability with Load Balancing Agent (LBA) • G.729(a) and G.729(simple) codec support • G.711 required for monitoring • Mixed G.711-G.729 codecs supported for recording New Version 3.1!

  13. Let’s take a look

  14. User Status • The CallRex Professional interface was designed with the manager in mind. • View agent status in real-time, silently monitor phone calls, record calls on-demand and monitor desktop computers in real-time.

  15. Recorded Calls • Managers can easily search and retrieve calls for playback • Double-click to play calls through your PC speakers

  16. Computer Monitoringwith Multi-Media Add-On • Call Center managers monitor an employee’s computer activity in real-time and ensure agents are using the correct resources for problem resolution.

  17. Key Markets Using CallRex Professional • Financial Services • Healthcare/Medical Offices • Insurance • Call Centers/Telemarketing/Collections • Legal Do you have a legal obligation to record calls?

  18. Beyond the Key Markets Concrete/Gravel Supply Auto Dealerships Telephone Betting Energy Traders Schools Government Collections Agencies Travel Agencies Museums Police • Call recording is a Standard Business Practice • CallRex Professional is used by a wide variety of organizations: You name it – we’re probably there.

  19. Why CEOs Like CallRex Professional • Meets legal obligations • Improves customer service • Increases employee productivity • Affordable – Quick ROI! • Addresses security concerns • Get the organization’s “pulse”

  20. Why IT Managers Like CallRex Professional • Easy installation & maintenance • Unobtrusive packet-sniffing technology • Supports centralized deployments and remote site recording

  21. Contact Voice Recorders Ltd UK 0207 232 0253 for Sales 0207 7417 7781 (fax) Unit 20 City Business Centre Lower Road, London. SE16 2XB