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flat stanley s trip around the world n.
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Flat Stanley’s trip around the world PowerPoint Presentation
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Flat Stanley’s trip around the world

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Flat Stanley’s trip around the world
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Flat Stanley’s trip around the world

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  1. Flat Stanley’s trip around the world

  2. Flat Stanley in the Middle East Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  3. Flat Stanley in the Middle East Afghanistan

  4. Finally! Flat Stanley arrived in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, after a 14 hour flight from the United States! In Afghanistan, Flat Stanley has made all sorts of friends, to include this police officer… …and Mr. RahimRahimi and his son. In Afghanistan some children have the same sorts of things that children in the United States do.

  5. A lot of children in Afghanistan are not as fortunate, and they don’t have much. Here Flat Stanley is getting ready to give out some candy and warm clothes to some children in Kabul, Afghanistan.

  6. Flat Stanley in the United Kingdom England

  7. My name is Adam and I am 5 years old, this is me in my school uniform outside my school in England. There are 85 children in my school and they met Flat Stanley. We have an annual event that is called “Red Nose day’ which is a day where we raise money for charities, this is me showing Flat Stanley my “Pirate Red Nose” which I was wearing on Red Nose day. This is the red nose that we have on our car, Mum’s idea, I know, Mum’s have some strange ideas!

  8. During the recent School holidays we all went to York to go swimming, Flat Stanley could not swim but he enjoyed watching. York is an historic city in England one of the oldest Cities in the United Kingdom. As you can probably see from my face, Mum is delaying Flat Stanley and I from going to McDonalds after our swimming. At last – food. In England we eat the same sorts of food that you eat in America, although we have food you don’t have and you have food we don’t have.

  9. We all have McDonalds though and us kids love that. So does Flat Stanley. Once we had eaten all of our food and Flat Stanley checked we had eaten everything, we made our journey home. This is Flat Stanley in front of the Clock Tower in the town I live near. Thirsk is in North Yorkshire in England and has about 2500 people live in it and I live in a village just outside of Thirsk which has about 260 people living in it.

  10. Another village near me was famous for making a programme for television called “Heartbeat” which is about life in England in the 1950’s – it can be interesting to learn how children lived without mobile phones, internet and electricity. Once a week I go to a club called “St john Ambulance”, this teaches me first aid and medical skills, I took Flat Stanley with me and he looked inside an English Ambulance and played games. Outside Flat Stanley saw all of the ambulances we have, at the end we went home to bed, when I got up in the morning, Flat Stanley had left a thank-you note and gone on his adventures – I hope he enjoyed his little journey in England.

  11. Flat Stanley in Africa South Africa