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Project Management

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Project Management. What The Heck Is That?. Why Do We Need Project Management?. C ritical towards delivery of effective IT initiatives E nsures we align projects (and funding) together to get the biggest bang for the buck (investment)

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Project Management

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    1. Project Management What The Heck Is That?

    2. Why Do We Need Project Management? • Critical towards delivery of effective IT initiatives • Ensures we align projects (and funding) together to get the biggest bang for the buck (investment) • Well structured projects promote and result in quality products and services • Well managed projects use resources efficiently (time and money) and provide excellent learning opportunities • Well run projects help move forward the "state of IT", create trust in IT and help IT deliver

    3. Why Do Projects Fail? Communication Scope creep Weak business case . Incomplete requirements Lack of user involvement No change control system Lack of management involvement and support Unrealistic estimates and timeline Poor risk management Poor testing Attention to business needs and goals Poor project planning Inadequate resources

    4. Project Management Skit… Or Is It? Skit Cast: Project Manager: Melissa Quest Developer: Dave HR Developer: Connie HR Functional Supervisor: Marg Financial Aid Functional Manager: Pam

    5. Project: What The Heck Is That? “A project is a temporary endeavor which creates a uniqueservice, product or result.” - PMBOK Guide, 4th Edition

    6. Projects Are Not Operations… Operations are an organizational function performing the ongoingexecution of activities that produce the same product or provide a repetitive service - PMBOK Guide, 4th Edition

    7. Projects Are Not Programs… A Program is a group of related projects managed in a coordinated way to obtain benefits and control not available from managing them individually - PMBOK Guide, 4th Edition

    8. Projects Are Not Portfolios… A Portfolio is a collection of projects or programs and other work that are grouped together to facilitate effective management of that work to meet strategic business objectives - PMBOK Guide, 4th Edition

    9. Project Management: What The Heck Is That? Application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements - PMBOK Guide, 4th Edition

    10. Managing Projects • Identify requirements and objectives • Address needs, concerns, and expectations of stakeholders • Balancing competing project constraints: scope, quality, schedule, budget, resources, risk, communications

    11. Project Roles • Project Manager • Sponsor • Stakeholder • Project Team • Project Management Team or Steering Committee • Business Analyst • Functional Manager

    12. The Project Manager… • Person responsible for achieving the project objectives • 90% of a Project Manager’s time is spent communicating • A Project Manager also: coordinates, plans, organizes, facilitates, resolves conflict, leads, manages, problem solves, negotiates, budgets

    13. The Sponsor… • Project “champion” providing project’s vision • Sets reasonable project objectives to align with University strategy • Work in close coordination with PM, steering committee, and stakeholders • Authority behind project for starting, stopping and changing the project • Possesses qualifications and authority to act quickly and decisively, while gaining buy in from sr. execs

    14. The Stakeholder…

    15. The Project Team… • Do the work of the project by coming together as a cohesive unit or team • Clear roles and responsibilities • Involvement throughout – high impact, high influence stakeholder

    16. The Steering Committee… • Sometimes the sponsor • Role in selection of projects • Resolve escalated issues and problems • General strategies and opportunities for project • Monitors progress • Cross-functional support and resource commitment

    17. The Business Analyst… • Gathering and understanding policies, legislation, user requirements • Solution design • Communicates and listens • The “What If” people

    18. The Functional Manager…

    19. The Functional Manager… • Authority over some project resources • Work “with” them to get their buy in • Negotiate with them for resources • Communicate

    20. Project Management Skit Cast:

    21. Real Tools Methodologies/ Methodology_webChart.html

    22. PM: What The Heck Is That? Questions? Methodology_webChart.html