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Town of Avon. Board of Finance Public Budget Hearing Proposed FY 11/12 Budget April 4, 2011. Requested Budgets. Board of Finance’s Role is to Balance:. and. Spending for Services. Taxes to Pay for Them. Questions that may be on your mind….

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Town of avon

Town of Avon

Board of Finance

Public Budget Hearing

Proposed FY 11/12 Budget

April 4, 2011

Requested budgets
Requested Budgets

Board of finance s role is to balance
Board of Finance’s Role is to Balance:


Spending for Services

Taxes to Pay for Them

Questions that may be on your mind
Questions that may be on your mind….

I. What is the role of the Board of Finance?

II. How do CT Towns raise revenue?

III. How will Avon raise the revenue to support the requested budgets?

Connecticut supreme court
Connecticut Supreme Court

“Boards of finance are charged

with the duty of providing the necessary funds and, at the same time, of seeing to it that expenditures for an education program

are kept within reasonable bounds in view of the overall financial resources of the town.”

Fowler vs. Enfield, 138 Conn. 521, 532 (1952)

Avon town charter
Avon Town Charter

Section 9.4.1 (b)

The Board “shall make those revisions in the budget as the Board of Finance deems desirable and shall recommend the budget so revised to the voters at the Referendum.”

How do ct towns raise revenue
How Do CT Towns Raise Revenue?

State law is very restrictive:

  • No Income Tax

  • No Sales Tax

  • No Taxes on Tobacco, Alcohol, Gasoline, or Hotel Rooms


The governor has proposed a wide array of new or increased state taxes
The Governor has proposed a wide array of new or increased state taxes:

  • income tax

  • gasoline tax

  • sales tax

  • property tax on boat

    and aircraft

    many others…

So what s left for towns
SO…What’s LEFT for Towns?


1) Non-Property Tax Sources

(such as Licenses, Fees, Permits, Grants, etc.)

2) Property Taxes & Assessments

Revenues needed to fund the requested budgets
Revenues needed to fund theRequested Budgets

Town of avon
Property Tax Breakdownfor Requested FY 11/12(88.75% of Revenue)All these items below constitute the “Levy”

  • Single Family Homes: 66.42 %

  • Condos: 12.72%

  • Commercial: 10.75 %

  • Motor Vehicles: 6.12%

  • Personal Property: 2.89 %

  • Industrial: 1.08 %

  • Other: 0.02%

    (Note that the “Single Family Homes” category pays about 58.94% of Avon’s Total Revenue.)

    [From October 1, 2010 Grand List]

Non property tax breakdown for requested fy 11 12 11 25 of revenue
Non-Property Tax Breakdown for Requested FY 11/12(11.25% of Revenue)

  • Intergovernmental (State/Federal Grants): 4.60 %

  • Licenses, Fees, & Permits: 1.14%

  • Charges for Current Services: 4.18%

  • Other Local Revenue & Financing Sources: 1.37 %

Revenue graph comparison
Revenue Graph Comparison

5 year grand list history
5 Year Grand List History

Consumer price index 5 year history
Consumer Price Index 5 – Year History

* Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, CPI-U, US City Annual Average

Social security cola 5 year history
Social Security (COLA) 5-Year History

Avon unemployment rate 5 year history
Avon Unemployment Rate 5 – Year History

* Source: Department of Labor, State of Connecticut

Multi town comparative data
Multi-Town Comparative Data

* Source: Office of Policy and Management – Municipal Fiscal Indicators FY 2005 - 2009

Tax impact requested expenditures
Tax Impact Requested Expenditures

For your specific real estate & motor vehicle taxes, please visit:

Next steps
Next Steps

Next Steps in Process

  • Public Hearing – Monday, April 4th, 7:00 p.m. @ Avon Senior Center

  • Workshops (at the Senior Center)

    Both the workshops listed below are not public hearings:

    • Wednesday, April 6th – 7:00 p.m.

    • Monday, April 11th – 7:00 p.m. (if necessary)

  • Town Meeting – Monday, May 2rd – 7:00 p.m. at the Avon Senior Center

  • Referendum – Wednesday, May 11th at the Avon Senior Center

    (Polls are open from 6:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.)