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Year-End Webfoblio PowerPoint Presentation
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Year-End Webfoblio

Year-End Webfoblio

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Year-End Webfoblio

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  1. Year-End Webfoblio By : Jacob Arends

  2. Table Of Contents .1. Sound -vibrations -infrasound, ultrasound -pitch -intensity - Doppler effect 2. Waves -Electromagnetic spectrum -reflection -absorption - transmission - transparent - Translucent - Opaque - Wavelengths - Rod cells and cone cells - Elect. Field and charge - Static charge 3. How lightning is formed 4. Resistance, ground 5. Electric circuit 6. The 4 parts to a circuit - Switch - Voltage source - Conductor - Power source 7. Electricity - Insulator - conductor

  3. Vibrations • Is when there is a sound wave going back and forth from an object. • examples: playing a instrument, water dripping It was easy.

  4. Infrasound and Ultrasound • Infra- when it’s a low sound and humans cant detect. -examples: elephants, whales • Ultra- when it’s a high sound and humans can detect. -examples: doctors, bats, submarine

  5. Pitch and intensity • Is when there is a high or low sound wave. -examples: high or low pitch • Is when the more intensity the bigger amplitude and the lower the intensity the smaller the amplitude. - examples: radio

  6. Doppler effect • Is the sound source of a wave. - examples:cop,firetruck,ambulance

  7. Electromagnetic spectrum • Is a scale that tells the speed of a wave. -RW,MW,IRL,VL,UV,XR,GR

  8. Reflection and absorption • Is when light or sound is reflected off an object\white. -example- mirror • Is when an object sucks in or absorbs the light\black. -example: black table would absorb the light

  9. Transmission • When light or sound passes through an object. -example:

  10. Transparent and translucent • When you can see perfectly threw it. -example: window • When you can see threw it its blurry and only can see shapes. -example: wet window

  11. Opaque • Is when you cant see through an object. -examples: a wall, house, some doors

  12. Wavelengths • A wavelength is the distance over which the waves shape repeats itself. -red, orange, yellow, green, indigo, violet -it was easy and I had no problems

  13. Rod and Cone Cells • A rod cell is a cell that allows us to see different shades of grey. • A cone cell is a cell that allows us to see three colors red, blue, green.

  14. Electric field and Electric charge • A electric field is a shield that surrounds the electric charge. • A electric charge is a physical quantity of matter that causes it to experience a force when near another electrical charged matter.

  15. Static Charge • Static electricity refers to the build up of electric charge on the surface of objects. -example: a baby getting shocked

  16. How lightings formed • Lighting is formed by a build up of charges, then separation of charge and then a release of charge. Those are the three steps of how lightings formed.

  17. Resistance and Ground • What slows down the movement of electrons in conductors and insulators. • I understand this lesson and I have no problems. • Is an allows lightning and electricity to move into the ground. -example: lightning rod

  18. Electric circuits • Series is when there is only one path for electricity to flow. -examples: light, oven, phone charger • Parallel is when there is multiple paths for electricity to flow. -examples: school, construction site

  19. Switch and Voltage Source • Is what turns on or off the circuit. -example: light switch • Is the power source of the circuit. -example: a battery

  20. Conductor and Power Source • Is a material that the electricity runs threw. -example: metal • The power source is what ever the voltage source is powering. -example: tv, radio, microwave

  21. Electricity • Insulator doesn’t let electricity or heat pass threw. • Conductor allows heat and electricity to pass threw.