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Year End Survival PowerPoint Presentation
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Year End Survival

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Year End Survival - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Year End Survival. Brenda Mott 2/20/14. Form W-2. Year-Round Readiness Plan. Year-Round Readiness Plan. Agenda Year-Round Checklist Training & Resources Proactive Approach Dates & Deadlines Make the most of your workday. Jan 1…………..…………..12/31. Plan of Attack. Build a foundation

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Presentation Transcript

Year End Survival

Brenda Mott



Year-Round Readiness Plan

  • Agenda
    • Year-Round Checklist
    • Training & Resources
    • Proactive Approach
    • Dates & Deadlines
    • Make the most of your workday

Jan 1…………..…………..12/31

plan of attack
Plan of Attack
  • Build a foundation
    • Create a year-round team
    • Include all who touch year end
  • Develop a strategy plan
    • Simple but detailed
  • Proactive
    • Stay on track
year round checklist
Year-Round Checklist
  • Items to list
    • Tasks, activities, processes
  • Include year-round items
    • Monthly/ Quarterly / Year End
  • Accountability
    • List who, what, where, when, and resources to accomplish task
  • Living document
    • Add, change, delete throughout year
training knowledge is power
Training: Knowledge is Power
  • Training is an investment
  • Know resources
    • Payroll Provider
    • User Groups: APA
    • Websites
      • Agencies: Federal, State, Local
      • Industry: HR, Payroll, Benefits
      • Menu > Resources
website resources for employer
Website Resources – For Employer


  • What’s Hot
  • Voluntary Worker Classification Settlement Program (VCSP)
  • E-Newsletters:
website resources for employees
Website Resources – For Employees


  • What’s Hot


  • My Social Security Account
  • Communicate with employees
    • Review your paystub
    • Print & review Employee Profile document (sign-off)
    • Bulletin Board
proactive approach company level
Proactive Approach: Company-Level
  • Review quarter-end and year-end data now
    • System Reports
      • Fica Variance Report
      • W2 Audit Report
      • EE and ER Taxes
    • Company level
      • Company name and address
      • Company tax id numbers
      • Company unemployment rates
    • Compliance and Record Retention
verify track communicate internally externally
Verify, Track & Communicate: Internally & Externally
  • Payroll changes: Changing banks, frequencies, transfers
  • Tax changes: Mergers, acquisitions, closures, ID changes
  • Benefit Changes: Plans, Tiers, Rates, Open Enrollment
  • Bank Information: Changing accounts
  • Reporting requirements: 401(k)
  • Timekeeping system updates: Accruals, Schedules, Holidays
  • Application Updates: Software, computers, system backups
  • Reconcile outstanding checks > 30 days old
  • Reconcile accounts payable activity for W2 accuracy
  • Deduction/Earning Codes limits & updates
  • General ledger updates
  • Vacation/sick/holiday policy changes
  • Pay Grade Changes
  • Bonus or special payouts
  • Wage and tax adjustments
audit audit audit

You are responsible!

  • Reconciling & Balancing is key to success
  • Balance As You Go
    • Each Payroll
    • Each Month-end
    • Each Quarter-end
    • Result: No Yearend Surprises
  • Use everything in your power:
    • Reports: Payroll Register, Labor Distribution, Payroll Summary, etc.
    • Payroll Provider or In-House program
proactive approach employee level
Proactive Approach: Employee-Level
  • Ongoing Review of Employee Data Now
    • Employee level
      • Name, address, SSN, wages, taxes, deductions, W-2
      • Review terminated and inactive employees during year
      • Social Security Administration (
        • E-Verify : online verification tools available
    • Ongoing Review of W2 Data
      • W2 boxes are updated correctly
      • Xmust print in Box 13 for each active participant covered by qualified plan via employee or employer contribution at any time during the year
      • Contact CPA, tax attorney or advisor if unsure
make the most of your workday
Make the Most of Your Workday
  • Smile: National Holidays

February 20: National Hoodie-Hoo Day

  • On this winter day, people go out at noon, wave their hands over their heads and chant "Hoodie-Hoo". It is a day to chase away winter blahs, and bring in spring.
make the most of your workday1
Make the Most of Your Workday

MS Outlook

  • Create folders to organize emails
make the most of your workday2
Make the Most of Your Workday

MS Outlook: Options

  • Auto Signatures: To increase time in email replies
make the most of your workday3
Make the Most of Your Workday

MS Outlook: Options

  • Spelling & Autocorrect
make the most of your workday4
Make the Most of Your Workday

MS Outlook: Options

  • Autocorrect: To increase typing speed and accuracy of words, company name, software application names, terminology used frequently in emails

mp → MPAY

psa → PSA

psag → Payroll Service Agreement

pe → Payentry

dcs → DocuSign

recieve → receive

anme → name

s&m → Sales & Marketing

make the most of your workday5
Make the Most of Your Workday

MS Outlook / Word / Excel / PowerPoint: Options

  • Customize the Toolbar for quicker navigation
make the most of your workday6
Make the Most of Your Workday

MS Outlook: Categorize to help organize, sort and search for emails

make the most of your workday7
Make the Most of Your Workday

MS Outlook: Notes

For quick reference of logins, references, contacts, websites

Login Info:

FYI Note:

Website Info:

make the most of your workday8
Make the Most of Your Workday

MS Outlook: Shortcut Keys

  • Control/Enter Sends email you’re composing
  • Control/R Reply
  • Control/F Forward
  • Control/N New email
  • Control/Shift/A New appointment
make the most of your workday9
Make the Most of Your Workday

MS Word & Excel: Shortcut Keys

  • Shift/F7 Thesaurus
  • Control/A Select All
  • Control/B Bold
  • Control/I Italicize
  • Control/U Underline
  • Control/P Print Preview
  • Control/Z Undo
make the most of your workday10
Make the Most of Your Workday

MS Excel: Shortcut Keys

  • Control/F9 Minimize current window
  • Control/Space Selects entire column
  • Shift/Space Selects entire row
  • Control/Page Up Moves between tabs within Excel spreadsheet
  • Control/Page Down
make the most of your workday11
Make the Most of Your Workday

MS Word: Shortcut Keys

  • Control/1 Single space
  • Control/2 Double space
  • Control/5 1.5 space
  • Control/F2 Print Preview
  • Control/Shift/< Decrease Font Size
  • Control/Shift/> Increase Font Size
  • Control/Shift/F Change Font
  • Shift/F3 uppercase→Uppercase→UPPERCASE→lowercase

hello – Hello – HELLO - hello

  • Plan for Quarter-end / Year-end Now
  • Review activities and processes
  • Know where to look for answers
  • Communicate internally and externally
  • Understand all actions that affect the W-2
  • Audit! Audit! Audit!
  • Be on the look out for what’s new
  • Life/Work balance