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AuctionStar Training

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AuctionStar Training. Event Check In General Auction Information Big Board & Silent Auctions Auction Closings & Check Out. AuctionStar Training. Event Check In. Event Check In Credit Card Scanning. Bring up the Credit Card window by pressing the F8 key.

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AuctionStar Training

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auctionstar training

AuctionStar Training

Event Check In

General Auction Information

Big Board & Silent Auctions

Auction Closings & Check Out

auctionstar training1

AuctionStar Training

Event Check In

event check in credit card scanning
Event Check InCredit Card Scanning
  • Bring up the Credit Card window by pressing the F8 key.
  • Scan barcode from the available source by holding the scanner close to the barcode and pressing the scanner button.
  • If barcode does not scan or is not present, type the Bidder ID manually and hit the ENTER key.
event check in credit card scanning1
Event Check InCredit Card Scanning
  • Scanning or entering a Bidder ID will cause the guest’s name to come up on the screen.
  • Once their name is displayed, request their credit card if necessary. Valid credit card types appear as checked boxes at bottom of the credit card window.
  • Swipe the credit card with the magnetic stripe towards the green light. You may slide the card up or down with a steady motion. Do not slide the card to fast or too slow, use a medium speed.
event check in credit card scanning2
Event Check InCredit Card Scanning
  • Once you see the credit card information on the screen you can hand the card back to the guest.
  • If the card does not scan properly, or if you get an error, click on the RESET button and try swiping the card again. A white ENTER box indicates that AuctionStar is ready receive credit card information.
  • If after trying three times the card still does not scan, proceed to enter the credit card information manually.
event check in credit card scanning manual entry
Event Check InCredit Card Scanning - Manual Entry
  • Using the mouse place the cursor in the credit card number field.
  • Carefully type the credit card number and hit the TAB key when done.
  • Type the expiration date in a MM/DD format and make sure to include the slash (/).
  • Make sure that the First Name, Last Name and Mid. Initial fields match the name on the credit card. Modify them if they do not.
  • Press the ENTER key.
  • You will be prompted for the 3-4 digit Security Code in the back or front of the credit card. Type the number and press the ENTER key.
event check in credit card scanning3
Event Check InCredit Card Scanning
  • After swiping a credit card or entering one manually, AuctionStar will be ready for you to do the next one.
  • You do not need to save anything or click any additional buttons once the credit card information is displayed.
  • Backups are done automatically by AuctionStar.
auctionstar training2

AuctionStar Training

General Auction Information

general auction information
General Auction Information

All auction items or packages are numbered by category:

  Live Auction 1-7

Big Board Auction 200 – 299

Sport & Outdoors 300 – 399

Entertainment 400 – 499

You & Your Home 500 – 599

Getaways 600 – 699

Sponsor a Child 700 - 705

Clays Shoot 800 - 805

general auction information1
General Auction Information
  • Each auction item or package will have a display board with the item number, description of the item, and any restrictions that apply to that item. The item will be displayed with the display board unless it is a gift certificate. A laminated Bid Sheet will also be with each item. The Bid Sheets are color coded for each of the categories as well.
  •  The Live Auction Items will have larger display boards for each of the 8 items and will be on a round table in the front center of the auction area.
  •  The Big Board Auction Items will have boards for displaying each item. They will also have Bid Sheets but the highest bidder for each item will be displayed on a large board behind the Big Board Auctioneers.
  • The Silent Auction Items will have a plastic flyer holder and printed sheet displaying item information as well as a bid sheet.
general auction information2
General Auction Information
  • Auction Bid Sheet
  • What To Do
  • As an auction volunteer one of your tasks will be to make sure the bidders bid correctly.
  • If they should skip to a high level to win the bid please just take a marker to fill in the empty space.
  • We will provide you with markers at the beginning of your shift.
general auction information3
General Auction Information
  • Auction Bid Sheet
  • What Not To Do
  • Make sure that bidders place their bid stickers over the box not the bar code to scan the price.
  • Please do not hold any Bidding Bar Codes for any guests as favors to help them win an item.
auctionstar training3

AuctionStar Training

Big Board &

Silent Auctions

big board silent auctions
Big Board & Silent Auctions
  • Familiarizing yourself with the auction items in your category. If you are unable to answer the question, direct the question to a CAI Staff Member.
  • Making sure the auction items do not ‘disappear.’ - we have some jewelry and small items this year.
  • You will be given breaks for dinner, rest room stops and general party viewing at a designated time by the Volunteer Chair.
  • Please have fun with the guests. They are the lifeblood supporting our organization. If you are happy and having fun they will too.
big board silent auctions1
Big Board & Silent Auctions
  •  Volunteers are responsible for making sure the bid sheets are filled out correctly or getting a new bid sheet for that item if the bid sheet is full.
  • The new bid sheets are generated in the Auction Star Room by the technician.
auctionstar training4

AuctionStar Training

Auction Closing &

Check Out

auction closing check out
Auction Closing & Check Out
  • You will be picking up Bid Sheets at the designated time when the auction closes. Making sure no bar codes are placed on bid sheets after the designated closing time.
  • All boxes and bags for transporting all items will be numbered and stored under each auction display table. At the closing of each auction, volunteer monitors will be responsible for seeing that the items are returned to the appropriate numbered box or bag for transport.
  • Secured auction items in their designated numbered boxes or bags will be moved to the Auction Pick-up Area, set in the appropriate category and in numerical order.
auction closing check out1
Auction Closing & Check Out

Auction Check Out Area

  • There is a 30 minute time lag between when the last auction closes and the auction check out begins.
  • During this time Auction Star tallies the winning bidders.
  • This will allow us to prepare for the check out process.



auction closing check out2
Auction Closing & Check Out
  • Winning bidders are posted and winners pick up their invoice to proceed to the Auction Check Out Area.
  • Prior to the beginning of the auction check out process volunteers will be briefed on the required tasks.
  • Thank you again for volunteering for the Pull for Kids Classic. We look forward to a great event.
  • If you have questions on this material please call

Marla Endieveri at 713-529-1396 x 234.