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Morning With Teachers. 14 January 2012 11.15a.m – 11.45a.m. Class Teachers. English, Mathematics, FTGP and Physical Education: Miss Nurul Farha (FT) CME & CC: Mdm Lim Lian Huay Art: Miss Wendy Nah Music: Miss Celine Chan Social Studies: Mdm Fauziah. Rationale.

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Morning with teachers

Morning With Teachers

14 January 2012

11.15a.m – 11.45a.m

Class teachers
Class Teachers

  • English, Mathematics, FTGP and Physical Education:

    Miss Nurul Farha (FT)

  • CME & CC:

    Mdm Lim Lian Huay

  • Art: Miss Wendy Nah

  • Music: Miss Celine Chan

  • Social Studies: Mdm Fauziah


1) To strengthen home-school partnership

2) To create better learning opportunities,

enhancing the development of our pupils

3) To share school programmes/activities

4) To establish modes of communication

School vision
School Vision

Every child an inspired learner of

exemplary character with a passion for



School mission
School Mission

A premier SAP school that values every

child and nurtures him to be morally

upright, well-rounded and effectively


成为顶尖特选学校, 重视孩子潜能, 培育五育俱全的双语人才

School values
School Values

  • Respect 尊 重

  • Resilience 坚 韧

  • Integrity 正 直

  • Compassion仁 爱

  • Excellence 卓 越

English programmes

English Programmes


1. Houghton Mifflin Reading (as part of SEED - Strategies for Effective

Engagement and Development of Pupils)

2. STELLAR - Strategies for English Language Learning And Reading

SBA - Shared Book Approach

MLEA - Modified Language Experience Approach: Class Dictated

Story, Group Writing and Individual Writing

Learning Centres

3. Encouraging our pupils to read

D.E.A.R @ School - Drop Everything And Read 

Class Library Books

4. Vocabulary Building – Word Bank Book & Weekly Spelling

5. One-to-One Reading Programme

6. Grammar – Jotter book, worksheets, websites

English programmes1

English Programmes


1.  Teacher-led lessons on basic voice qualities

in Term 1 – stress, volume, tone and pace\

2. Interaction Skills

3.Group Poem Recitation, Retelling Stories


1.Penmanship Exercises - Poem Recitation


English programmes2

English Programmes

To know more about HM:

Houghton Mifflin

To read the stories in HM, you may search Google by typing "houghton mifflin".

Morning with teachers


  • Library

  • Orientation on the 16th of January at 12.50pm

  • Bring Transit Link card or a photocopied version of the barcode

  • Return all overdue items

  • Borrow maximum of 4 books for 14 days

  • Write names on insoles

  • Plan to bring children to library within curriculum hours


  • Problem Solving Activities

  • Diagnostic Tests

  • Journal Writing

  • Performance Task

  • Bite-sized Topical Tests

  • Maths Trail @ Millennia Walk and Esplanade (Term 4) – Shapes & Patterns

  • Maths Cards: I am a Whiz!


Morning with teachers




Problemsums com

Social studies

Social Studies

Social studies1

Social Studies

Social studies2

Mode of Assessment

Semester 1

Semester 2

Social Studies



Activity worksheets, role play, quizzes and craft work

Morning with teachers




Morning with teachers


  • Assessment Rubrics

    Each component is assessed upon a maximum aggregate of 20.

  • Computation of Scores for LEAP

    • find the total score of the various components

    • find the average score for the components

    • convert average score to grade based on:

      A: 16 – 20

      B: 10 – 15

      C: 9 and below

P e programmes in 2012

P.E Programmes in 2012

Programme for Active Learning

To place greater emphasis on exposure to Outdoor

Education in order to provide our pupils with a

well-rounded education

O.E infused into P.E Curriculum

Outdoor Education components such as team-

building games will be conducted during wk 9 – 10

of term 1 and 3

Aerobics Dance infused into P.E Curriculum

Pupils will have the opportunity to express themselves and apply their hand-eye-leg coordination skills through aerobics dance in wk 9 – 10 of Terms 2 and 4

Before school programme

Before School Programme


- After height and weight-taking exercise is completed,

selected pupils will be informed via letter.

- Purpose : To help pupils achieve the ideal height/weight

range and enjoy sports and games to maintain a healthy


- Exercises/games will be conducted weekly (except CA, Oraland SA weeks).

Morning with teachers


CCA is not compulsory for the P2 pupils. However, the school encourages P2 pupils to join the CCAs that they are interested in so that they have the opportunity to be exposed to their areas of interest and develop their talents.

Pastoral care programme
Pastoral Care Programme

Focus on:

  • Form Teacher Guidance Period (FTGP)

  • - Designed for pupils to acquire skills that help them to

  • (1) better understand themselves (Self Awareness)

  • (2) learn ways to manage themselves (Self Management)

  • (3) better understand their family and friends (Social Awareness)

  • (4) learn ways to work with their family and friends (Relationship  

  •      Management)

  • (5) make appropriate & responsible decisions (Responsible  

  •      Decision Making)  

  • Essence of Graciousness (EOG)

Mbs infocomm tech ict
MBS InfoComm Tech (ICT)

To create an ICT-enriched teaching and learning environment where pupils and teachers collaborate with the community so that our pupils acquire knowledge and skills for independent and lifelong learning and therefore stay relevant and thrive in a future of uncertainty and change.

Morning with teachers

Primary 2

Learning Objectives

  • Touch Typing refresher module

  • Present information

ICT Focus

MBS InfoComm Tech (ICT)

  • Perform basic ICT operations

  • MS Office Word

  • Navigation

Morning with teachers

Primary 2

Cyberwellness Framework

Pupils acquire skills related to safe and responsible use of ICT in their daily lives.

MBS InfoComm Tech (ICT)

Morning with teachers


  • In our continual effort to inculcate moral values in our pupils, Values Education is provided for all our pupils.

  • The lessons focus mainly on the teaching of moral values through the storyline method.

  • Teachers are from the Singapore Buddhist Federation.

Modes of communication
Modes of Communication

  • Pupil’s Journal

  • Email address:

    3. School Tel: 6 744 2115

Other matters
Other Matters

  • Daily : reading books in MPH

  • Thursday: English Spelling

  • Organization skills:

    1 homework file, 1 file for letters, spelling lists, etc

    packing of school bag, etc.

  • Parents’ email addresses

  • Promotion based on Maths and English.

Other matters1
Other matters

Focus : Holistic Assessments (HA)

Pupil’s progress cards:

End of Term 1 &Term 3 regarding their learning

Other matters2
Other matters

  • Code of Conduct – Please refer to the pupil’s journal pg 11 - 12

  • Letter / MC for absentees – Pupils are to submit a letter of excuse or MC from the doctor when they return to school after the leave. Please refer to the pupil’s journal pg 21.

  • MWT slides will be made available on Ask&Learn Portal on 16 Jan 2012.