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  1. Morning Karaagre Vasate LakshmiKara Madhye SaraswathiKara Moole Tu GovindaPrabahate Kara Darshanam [This is to be recited in the morning as soon as we get up from the bed and has to be chanted looking at the palm of our hands]. On the tip of my fingers resides Lakshmi, the Goddess of prosperity and wealth. In the middle of my hands is Saraswathi, the Goddess of knowledge and learning. In the palm of my hands sits Govinda, the God of protection. Visualizing in this manner, I take darshan of my hands every morning.

  2. Before Food Brahmaarpanam Brahma HavirBrahmaagnau Brahmanaa HutamBrahmaiva Tena GantavyamBrahma Karma Samaadhinaa [This is 24th verse from the 4th chapter of Bhagavad Geetha]The act of offering is Brahman. The offering itself is Brahman. The offering is done by Brahman in the sacred fire which is Brahman. He alone attains Brahman who, in all actions, is fully absorbed in Brahman. (As we chant this prayer we are offering the different types of food to Brahman). <<Continued>>

  3. Before Food Aham Vaishvaanaro BhutvaPraaninaam DehamaashritahaPraanaapaana Samaa YuktahPachaamyannam Chatur Vidham [This is 14th verse from the 15th chapter of Bhagavad Geetha] This sloka is an acknowledgement and assurance to us from Krishna/Brahman. ] I am Vaishvaanara, Existing as the Fire God in the bodies of living beings. Associated with ingoing (prana) and outgoing (apaana) life breaths, I digest all the four different types of food and purify them.Four different types of food - that which we chew (solid), that which we suck (sugarcane etc.), that which we drink ( liquid), and that which we lick (honey, etc.) <<Continued>>

  4. Before Food Harir Daatha Harir BhokthaHarir Annam PrajaapatihHarir Vipra ShareerastuBhoonkte Bhojayathe Harih. Oh Lord Hari, You are the food, You are the enjoyer of the food, You are the giver of food. Therefore, I offer all that I consume at Thy Lotus Feet.

  5. Before Food • Swami's explanation of this prayerWe should partake food with a Sathwic mind. Our ancestors recommended the offering of food to God before partaking. Food so partaken becomes "Prasad" (consecrated offering). Prayer cleanses the food of the thre  impurities; caused by the absence of cleanliness of the vessel, cleanliness of the food stuff, and cleanliness in the process of cooking. It is necessary to get rid of these three impurities to purify the food; for, pure food goes into the making of a pure mind. It is not possible to ensure the purity of the cooking process, since we do not know what thoughts rage in the mind of the man who prepares the food. Similarly, we cannot ensure the cleanliness of the food ingredients as we do not know whether it was acquired in a righteous way by the seller who has sold it to us. Hence, it is essential on our part to offer food to God in the form of prayer, so that these three impurities do not afflict our mind. Hence the prayer: • "The food thus offered to God is digested by 'Vaishwanara" in the digestive system. Since God exists in the form of fire as Vaishwanara, He digests the food along with the impurities. So, man will not be affected even if  the impurities enter the food."

  6. Shanti Mantra Aum Sahanavavathu Sahanau bhunaktu Saha viryam kara va vahai Tejasvinamaditamastu ma vid visha vahai Aum shanti shanti shanti: • Let us together (-saha) be protected (-na vavatu) and let us together be nourished (-bhunaktu) by God's blessings. Let us together join our mental forces in strength (-veeryam) for the benefit of humanity (-karvaa vahai). Let our efforts at learning be luminous (-tejasvi) and filled with joy, and endowed with the force of purpose (-vadhita mastu). Let us never (-maa) be poisoned (-vishaa) with the seeds of hatred for anyone. Let there be peace and serenity (-shaantih) in all the three universes. • This mantra highlights the nature of the teacher-student relationship that produces ideal results for the student. The transference of mental, spiritual and intellectual energies from the teacher to the student can be achieved through a mutually nourishing relationship which is based on (mutual) respect, joy (of giving and receiving), and absence of malice or negative thoughts.(The Taitreya Upanishad)

  7. Night Prayer Karacharanakritham va karma va kayajam vaSravana nayanajam va manasam vaparathamVihithamavihitham va sarvamethal kshamasvaSiva siva karaunabde sree Mahadeva Sambo O Lord, kindly forgive all the wrong acts and omissions I have committed, whether I committed them knowingly or unknowingly, with my hands, feet, words, ears, eyes, or mind. Glory to you, Mahadeva, who is the ocean of kindness and compassion, and the cause of happiness. Before going to sleep, one ends the day with this prayer. One asks the Lord for forgiveness for wrong acts that one may have knowingly or unknowingly committed during the day.