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“Radioactive” By Imagine Dragons

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“Radioactive” By Imagine Dragons - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“Radioactive” By Imagine Dragons. Nick Davis. First Screenshot. 1. The new person is walking up to the scoreboard, where the champion has won every match. This is set inside of a hidden fight club.

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first screenshot
First Screenshot
  • 1. The new person is walking up to the scoreboard, where the champion has won every match. This is set inside of a hidden fight club.
  • 2. This connects to the song because it is about how it seems like sometimes you just can’t win, or you are facing an impossible challenge.
  • 3. This shows that the artist approaches life by first finding out what his chances of success are.
  • 4. This is a more real life shot than the rest of the film, as it could be in an actual place. Fight clubs do exist, and I’m sure that some of them have a scoreboard
  • 5. This shot isn’t really portraying people, so there isn’t anything stereotypical in it.
second screenshot
Second Screenshot
  • In this scene, the champion(purple monster) is destroying the challenger(tiger). In the background you can see stuffing laying on the ground, indicative of the past victims. They are both down in the fight ring, with what appears to be hispanic people up in the stands betting on them.
  • This scene also has to do with getting beaten up by life. It says that sometimes there is just nothing that you can do.
  • The artist probably has some sort of depression if he views life in this way
  • This shot somewhat portrays real life because it is similar to a fight, but instead of people, it is stuffed animals.
  • This scene is somewhat stereotypical because it shows hispanic people betting on fights.
third screenshot
Third Screenshot
  • This scene is about the new challenger, a small pink teddy bear, being beaten up by the monster. When all hope seems lost, the bear gets up and activates some sort of magic power and kills the monster. It then proceeds to kill the evil people in charge of the fight ring.
  • This connects to the song because it is about someone getting up and fighting back against seemingly insurmountable odds. This small teddy bear starts a revolution and frees all of the other stuffed animals from their cage.
  • This shows that the artist won his battle against depression and that he doesn’t give up easily.
  • This is not a realistic shot because first of all, stuffed animals can’t fight. Second, they definitely don’t have magic powers and laser beams don’t shoot out of their eyes.
  • This is somewhat stereotypical of people who think they are tough, because after the monster thought that it had beaten the bear, it looked away, allowing the bear to strike and defeat it.