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Mobile Technologies for Corporate Use PowerPoint Presentation
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Mobile Technologies for Corporate Use

Mobile Technologies for Corporate Use

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Mobile Technologies for Corporate Use

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  1. Mobile Technologies for Corporate Use Presented By: Anand Bagaria NIMBUS

  2. Nimbus • Nimbus, an Agribusiness Enterprise, for the last 10 years has been in the field of Animal Health and Nutrition and expanding into synergetic areas such as Agri Inputs. • We consider Agri Processing our Flagship business. • Rural Distribution Network is one of key strengths • Shakti is the largest selling animal feed brand in Nepal with 25% of the market share of feed in Nepal.

  3. NIMBUS • Today NIMBUS’ strength is its 1000+ employees, 14 depots, 250 dealers, 500+ sub-dealers across the country • Nimbus reaches out to 7500+ farmers in 65 districts. Almost about 8500-9000 customer directly, either commercially or technically. • Nimbus also has a large database of suppliers, mainly farmers providing us with the Agri Produce.

  4. Nimbus – Network

  5. Dealer’s Location Morang Dharan

  6. Dealer’s Location

  7. Farm Location

  8. Farm Location

  9. FARM

  10. Agri Commodity Trader

  11. Mobile Usage In Our Business • Nimbus sends out about 400 SMSs to our clients, daily about the daily market prices of Soya meal, Maize, Mixed Bone Meal, Mustard DOC, and Amino acidsetc • This has made us the price setter in the feed ingredient trade

  12. Mobile Usage In Our Business • Our senior sales, marketing and training team and connected through blackberry. • We discuss on certain subjects over the BBM Groups impromptu. This works like a open forum and makes the collective decision making process fast.

  13. What we would like to do further?? • Integrate the HR system such as leave processing, travel intimation, advance requisition etc through mobile phones. Dissipate information, plans and vision through this wonderful technology. • May be even transfer funds. • We would want to befriend more farmers with information such as weather forecast, farming tips, new developments, disease alerts and management tips etc. • Would like to send invitations to our extensive training programmes, to farmers as well as veterinarians • Send out Buying prices to farmers • Execute trade schemes through Mobiles phones, where the incentive can reach the mobile owner rather than the business owner.

  14. Ultimate Dream • To enrich the rural network and distribution channel of Nimbus, we would like to leverage our network and mobile technology together to financial services to the farmers and other stakeholders of our network, such as micro financing, SMS banking or Micro Banking. • Using this technology, if our dealers could become multibank teller counters in their locations??? May be!!