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Taylor S. and Devin

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Sloth and Giraffe. Taylor S. and Devin. There are five different groups of animals with vertebrates. Mammals. Reptiles. Fish. Amphibians. Birds. The Sloth and the Giraffe are both mammals. Most mammals. are warm-blooded have hair or fur give birth to live young

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Taylor S. and Devin

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taylor s and devin

Sloth and Giraffe

Taylor S. and Devin

most mammals
Most mammals...
  • are warm-blooded
  • have hair or fur
  • give birth to live young
  • feed their babies with mother's milk
  • breathe through lungs

Sloths have adapted to living in the Rain Forest and live in the tops of trees. They have sharp claws that help it hold onto the trees and hang upside down.


They can live in the trees without ever touching the ground. They can sleep without moving a muscle.


The Sloth has sharp claws that it used to defend itself against predators.

The sloth’s main defense is to claw and nip at an attacker. His teeth are flat because he likes to eat leaves, plants, and fruit.


The Sloth’s fur is grayish to brownish to help it blend in the trees. That color makes it hard to see the Sloth when it’s hanging from the tree.

Their fur is a greenish color because it has algae in it. The green color helps camouflage it so that jaguars, harpy eagles, and other predators can’t see it.


The sloth is a slow moving nocturnal animal. The slow movement make sloths hard to see among the leaves.


The giraffe is the tallest animal on land. Its neck has the same number of bones as a human being, but each vertebrate is much larger. There are only seven bones in a giraffe’s neck.


Giraffes have adapted to living in the desert. They can go for days without water.

The giraffe is a herbivore, or a plant eater, and likes to eat leaves off of trees. Its tongue is about 15 inches long and can pull leaves off of the branches.


Giraffes live in African grasslands because they eat lots of grass. Their favorite food is the thorny acacia plant. The giraffes eat around the thorns, and their tough lips and thick saliva protect them somewhat from the thorns.


A giraffe is the world’s tallest land animal. He has a long neck so he can eat leaves from trees, tree leaves, and grasslands. He has the same number of bones in his neck as humans do. (Seven bones)