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Unit 2

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Unit 2. Friendship. Friends’ Description Game.

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Unit 2

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unit 2
Unit 2


friends description game
Friends’ Description Game

Describe one of your best friends by learning the following phrases first. Then divide the whole class into two groups, each of which give verbal description of friends on a sheet of paper and give a drawing on another sheet, then teachers will collect papers and exchange with another group to let one practice oral English and another find the perfect match.

1st step friends facial features
1st Step: Friends’ Facial Features

cheek (脸颊)

chin (下巴)

dimple (酒窝)

freckle (雀斑)

wrinkle (皱纹)

moustache (嘴巴上方的胡子)


stubble (胡子茬)

pale, rosy, fair (白皙的),tan (晒黑)

swarthy (黝黑的),

round, square, pink, pointed

1st step friends facial features5
1st Step: Friends’ Facial Features

eyeball (眼球)

eyelid (眼睑)

eyebrow (眉毛)

lash (睫毛)

wink (眨眼)

big, black , bright

bloodshot (充血的)

dim-sighted (昏花的)

watery (含泪的)


1st step friends facial features6
1st Step: Friends’ Facial Features

wavy (波浪般的)


bang (刘海儿)

ponytail (马尾辫)

pigtail (辫子)


bald (秃顶的)

bob (女式短发)

crop (极短的发式)


text a
Text A



text structure
Text Structure

Reading the letter, the author learned more about the lifelong friendship between the driver and Old Ed.


The driver’s experience urged the author to reach for his pen.


language points
Language Points
  • Line 1: He must have been completely lost in….
  • Line 5: He sounded as if he had a cold….
  • Line 9: At least they do with me because I’m on the road….
  • Line 13: it might just as well have been family.
  • Line 15: I’m not much of a hand at writing.
  • Line 17: But I take it he’s someone….同位语从句
  • Line 26: and you kind of lose touch…
language points10
Language Points
  • Line 30: It’s no fun to…. ……真不是滋味。
  • Line 34/36: more…than…/…more than…
  • Line 43: Go ahead.
  • Line 45/49: mean to do sth / mean sth to sb
  • Line 63: …but we hung out on the same corner….
  • Line 71: …meant an awful lot to me.
  • ….

November 1st is a religious holiday known as All Saints’ Day. The evening before became known as Halloween.

Halloween means "the evening before All Holy Ones' Day."


People would dress up in bizarre costumes and paradethrough their villages causing destruction in order to scare off any recently departed souls who might be looking for bodies to inhabit.

trick or treat
“Trick or Treat?”

Halloween became a celebration mostly for children. "Ghosts" went from door to door asking for treats, or else a trick would be played on the owners of the house.

jack o lantern
Jack o’ Lantern

There once lived a man named Jack. One night Jack tricked the devil into climbing a tree and trapped the devil. Jack then made him promise that the Devil would never tempt him to sin. The devil reluctantly agreed, but was able to exact his revenge upon Jack's death. Jack was barred from entering heaven and hell after his death.

So he was doomed to wander the earth

Until the end of time, with only little light

in a hollowed out turnip to warm him and

light his way.