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Night Essay

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Night Essay

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  1. Night Essay Get a pencil out, please 

  2. Your objective is to write an essay that responds to this prompt: Was it inevitable that a prisoner, in terms of his personality, would morph into someone completely unrecognizable (become totally different, for the worse, as a result of camp life)? Or was it possible that camp life could somehow bring out the best in people?

  3. TURN TO THE 2ND PAGE OF YOUR ESSAY PACKET We will now read about the thesis statement and see some examples. It’s decision time!—What is your point, or your thesis?

  4. Great words to consider using in your thesis: Demonstrates Illustrates Proves Highlights Solves Reveals Explains Supports Displays Expresses Defies Disputes

  5. Examples Not Good Good Elie Wiesel’s memoir demonstrates that men are capable of overcoming horrific circumstances to perform courageous acts. Night proves that extreme circumstances cause even the best of people to commit immoral, and sometimes evil, acts. In my opinion, Night makes it clear that although the Holocaust was a horrific event, some people overcame their circumstances to help others. WHAT’S WRONG? HOW CAN THIS BE BETTER? Prison life turns men into monsters. WHAT’S WRONG? HOW CAN THIS BE BETTER?

  6. Brainstorm Time! Each group will come up with a good thesis statement and share it on the Google Doc. Links to Google Docs are on the first page of my wiki: 1st hour 3rd hour 4th hour 5th hour

  7. Time to write your own thesis! • Look at your blue chart to figure out where you stand on the prompt- Based on the evidence you have recorded, do you think you could make a stronger case that: • Men were bound to change for the worse • Men were able to remain good people When you figure this out, circle 2 examples on your chart that demonstrate your stance. These 2 examples will be used to form your topic sentences and body paragraphs. Now, write your thesis.

  8. Restating your thesis • Essentially, you take the main point of your thesis and word it a little differently, that’s all! • Example: • Original thesis: • Elie Wiesel’s memoir clearly illustrates that imprisonment and the threat of death turn men into savages. • Restatement: • Many characters in Night prove that ordinary people can be turned into savages when put into situations in which they have to fight to survive.


  10. Topic Sentences These sentences provide the main idea for each body paragraph. Think of them like this: THESIS (your main point) See flowchart Broken into two subpoints Subpoint #2 becomes material to use for topic sentence and body paragraph #2. Topic sentence #2 NEEDS A TRANSITIONAL WORD OR PHRASE! Subpoint #1 becomes material to use for topic sentence and body paragraph #1

  11. Look at the examples you circled on your blue chart. Use these examples to guide your formulation of your topic sentences. Refer to the list of transitional words to help you!

  12. Let’s brainstorm some topic sentences together: 1st hour 3rd hour 4th hour 5th hour

  13. Step 3: Examples/Quotes Start searching! By now, you have figured out your topic sentences and the 2 examples you will use to prove your point. It is now time to find quotes from the book that are related to your examples.

  14. Nice work! Now it is time to complete your polished outline, which is Step 4. Basically, you just string together all of the writing we have worked on so far! Why am I doing this? The purpose of the outline is to help you stay focused, and to help you structure the paragraphs of your essay. This is not meant to be ‘busy work.’ When you can see the major parts of your essay in one place, you can more easily figure out if there is something missing, awkward, or simply incorrect in your writing, and you can fix it before you have gone too far into writing the actual essay.

  15. And now, the real work begins! Warm up: Respond to the 2 questions At the bottom of the “step 5” page.

  16. Step 5:Body Paragraph Format= TIQA The analysis! Topic Sentence Introduce example Quote to support example Analysis-(How does my example prove my point, which is mentioned in the topic sentence?) Which highlighted section is biggest? Another instance in which men act cruelly as a result of their unusual living conditions occurs when Elie’s father was sick with dysentary and “was unable to drag himself outside [of the barracks] to relieve himself” (Wiesel 114). The sleeping arrangements in the barracks were awful: Men were crammed together in very small bunks made of wood, which meant little personal space or comfort. Toward the end of the memoir, these tight spaces led to incredible cruelty: As Chlomo explains to his son, “ ‘Eliezer...Eliezer...tell them not to hit me...I haven’t done anything...Why do they keep hitting me?’” (Wiesel 114).When Chlomo was too sick to get out of bed, his illness caused a mess and a smell that was too much for his bunkmates to bear. Unable to control the situation in any other way, the men reacted with the only tool they had—violence. As a result of the unusual, inhumane living conditions of the barracks, the men became savage to Chlomo; something that would not have occurred under normal circumstances. Let’s look more closely at this paragraph.

  17. Congrats on finishing your body paragraphs! Time to make them even better! Write down these due dates: Intro/Conclusion- Wed 4/25 Typed final draft- 4/27 Writing Workshop

  18. By now, you should have your body paragraphs complete. Today you will write your introduction and your conclusion.

  19. Step 6: Write your Introduction Textual Representation: Visual Representation: Attention-getter- get your reader to buy in to what you are going to write about. There are several ways to do this (see blue packet) Necessary Information- Title, author’s name, and some info about the book that is related to your point. Thesis- LAST sentence of intro paragraph Pull your reader in Give the reader details about the book that are related to your point. Include the book’s title and the author’s name. End the paragraph with your point- your thesis.

  20. Now, on your own, read step 6 in your packet.After you have read step 6, complete the task at the bottom of the page, which reads: “Jot down some ways you could start your essay and get your reader’s attention.” In other words, jot down some ideas for pulling your reader into your essay.

  21. Step 7: Write Your Concluding Paragraph Textual Representation: Visual Representation: Restate- restate your thesis, using different words Connect- connect back to your attention grabber in the intro, or connect to the world somehow Close- Leave your reader thinking about something related to your thesis Restate thesis Make a connection Leave your reader thinking

  22. Now, on your own, read step 7 in your packet.After you have read step 7, and the example concluding paragraph, begin writing EITHER your intro or concluding paragraph. BOTH are due tomorrow.