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The Mystery of the Monster PowerPoint Presentation
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The Mystery of the Monster

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The Mystery of the Monster
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The Mystery of the Monster

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  1. The Mystery of the Monster

  2. One day you were watching TV with your little sister Grace. Then, all of the sudden you hear something in the shed. Stay inside Go find it

  3. You stay inside and your TV turns off! Your little sister starts jumping on the sofa, and then you see something outside. go and find it. You just sit there.

  4. You’re outside and you see the creature, but its to fast! Go home Keep going

  5. As you’re walking you find yourself heading into a dark and scary forest. Then you see this blinding light…… CRASH! Run home as fast as possible Go see it

  6. You try to turn on the TV, then the words “I will kill you,” show up on your TV. I will kill you Call TV service Run screaming

  7. You run away and are never seen again! The end

  8. You go to see it. Your are almost there! But you find yourself getting tired and its getting late. Turn around Keep on going

  9. You grab the phone, but the power turns off. Then you hear a girl screaming! You call the police You go and find her

  10. Then the lights turn on…. !!! Are you to scared to call 911 or are you going to get some help. Run to the bathroom and hide. Call 911

  11. You ran off and have never been seen since… The End!

  12. You opened all the doors but these two. One must have Grace in it. Bathroom Grace’s room

  13. You walk in Grace’s room , but all u see is pink. Nothing else. Keep looking in her room Go back in the hall

  14. Nooooooooo! Grace is dead, and now the monster is going to go after meeeeee! The End!

  15. The cop was there and asked what was wrong? What is the problem sir? Well, there is a monster in my house! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa monster! Try and kill the monster Run screaming

  16. The monster pops out of the bathroom, and eats you! The End!

  17. You go into your Grace’s closet, but there is nothing in there, so you turn around. Turn around

  18. You go to the kitchen to get a knife but the monster got there before you did. The End

  19. You come out of the closet and into Grace’s room. Call your parents to come home from their date. Go find the monster and kill him.

  20. You start calling your mom, and she answers. “Hi honey, do you need something??” Okay I will be home soon! “Hey mom, well I have a problem, there is a monster and it took grace!!!!!!!” Just sit there and wait for your parents to come home Try and find grace again

  21. You followed the light and you find two crashed cars with blood all over. Go check it out Go home

  22. You arrive home, and you guys are frightened do you watch some TV to calm down Call the parents.

  23. You look inside and this is what you see! Call the ambulance Run home

  24. You run off and never came back!!!! The end!!!

  25. You and your little sister decided to watch some TV to calm down. Do you call your mom Put grace to bed

  26. Hi honey, okay we are on our way home now. Hi mom we have a long story to tell you. We are frightened! Can you come home please ! While Grace is in her room you watch TV. Put Grace to bed.

  27. You exit the car and see the ambulance car racing down the hill Stay and make sure they are okay Do you decide to go home

  28. They said that the bodies were gone so they can’t do anything so u go home. Go home

  29. You arrive home, then you notice it is very late! Put grace to bed Watch TV

  30. You put your little sister Grace to bed , and asked if you would read her a story and you said “why not!” Turn the lights off and go watch TV. You throw the book at her.

  31. You throw the book at her and she past out. You put a blanket on her You go watch TV.

  32. You finished the book and grace has fell asleep. And you turn out the lights. Do you go watch TV.

  33. You continue to watch TV and you hear ahhhhhhhhh, coming from up stairs Go she what happened

  34. Graces head got bit off!!!!! AHHHHHHHH! Scream like a little girl and run out

  35. Your parents arrive home! You are relived. You tell them the whole story, but they do not believe you!! You run off to your room mad Try to tell them again!

  36. Ok we believe you! Mom, dad there is a monster in the house!!!!!!! Go lay down for a while Go kill the monster!

  37. You run as fast as you can! Keep running to your room.

  38. You lay on your bed for a while until your parents walk in to talk to you. go and find the monster.

  39. Run away to go get fathers gun.

  40. You go get your gun to kill the monster. Go kill the monster.

  41. Your dad gets his gun and shoots at the monster!!! Yahoo the monster is dead!!!!

  42. You and your parents are relived and sad that grace is dead. Go have a nice family dinner!

  43. You all enjoy a nice family dinner together! While the Monster is dead. The end!!!