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Mystery of the

Mystery of the

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Mystery of the

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  1. Mystery of the Matching Marks

  2. DO I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION? For some reason, a GUNSHOT seems to suggest a CRIME SCENE… with BULLETS… and BULLET MARKS…

  3. How are these marks used to solve crimes?

  4. RIGHT!They are used to COMPARE bullets found at a crime scene,with bullets that werefired from suspect guns

  5. Here are the marks from a crime scene bullet…

  6. and here are the marks from bullets fired from four possible suspect guns… A B C D

  7. Which bullet matches the crime scene bullet? Crime Scene: A

  8. Which bullet matches the crime scene bullet? Crime Scene: B

  9. Which bullet matches the crime scene bullet? Crime Scene: C

  10. Which bullet matches the crime scene bullet? Crime Scene: D

  11. RIGHT! It’s a bullet shot from gun C.So what does that tell us? Crime Scene: C

  12. YOU’VE GOT IT! The Crime Scene bullet and bullet C came from the SAME GUN ! Crime Scene: C We could say the bullets had a “Common Origin”

  13. Many studies have told us that when any two items with COMPLEX PATTERNSMATCHEACH OTHER perfectly, we can be confident that they had a… COMMON ORIGIN !

  14. KEEP THIS IN MIND:When we find otherCOMPLEX PATTERNS that MATCH,What does this tell us? They had a… “COMMON ORIGIN” This is our theme:Matching Complex Patterns = COMMON ORIGIN

  15. What is this?

  16. Right, it’s a HUMAN KARYOTYPE

  17. A Human Karyotype has photos of all the matched pairs of human chromosomes from one cell, stained to show banding patterns, and arranged from long to short, with centromeres near the top.Here are our numbers 6-9…

  18. On the next slide, you will seeanother kind of human karyotype:It has diagrams of the chromosomes, with onlyone member of each pair, clearly showing their banding patterns…

  19. And on the next slide, you will see a similar diagrammatic karyotype, but this is from a NON-HUMAN SPECIES…

  20. NEXT, we wll see both karyotypes together,showing the matching chromosomesside by side: each human chromosome is on the left… each NON-human chromosome is on the right As you COMPARE the CHROMOSOMES,side-by-side, what is MOST surprising?

  21. What is most surprising?

  22. Did you notice how very SIMILAR they are? Here’s a closer look at the first seven: Any identical ones? What did we say about items with IDENTICAL COMPLEX PATTERNS?

  23. RIGHT!Identical Patterns = COMMON ORIGIN How would this applyto two different SPECIESwith IDENTICAL banding patternson their CHROMOSOMES? RIGHT!They MUST have a Common Origin, or a COMMON ANCESTOR !

  24. Time for a Revelation… The non-human species is the CHIMPANZEE The clear chromosome evidenceof identical banding patternstells us that humans andchimpanzees must have had a…

  25. COMMON ANCESTOR ! Somewhere, in our distant past,there was an ape-like species thatgave rise to two lines of ancestry.One branch led to modern CHIMPS, the other branch led to HUMANS. Chimps Us NOW 6 mya <---Common Ancestor DNA analysis and fossils tell us thatthis split was around 6-7 million years ago (6-7 mya)

  26. That’s pretty strong stuff... And seems to conflict with Traditional Views! Is there any other evidence that supports this conclusion? Let’s take another look at thosechromosomes… [next set of slides]