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Science Notebooks

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Science Notebooks. Research-Based Strategies on how to implement them in today's science classroom by Karen Shepherd. How will the things I learned influence my practice?.

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science notebooks

Science Notebooks

Research-Based Strategies on how to implement them in today's science classroom


Karen Shepherd

how will the things i learned influence my practice
How will the things I learned influence my practice?
  • Confirms for me that my present science notebook ideas is an effective assessment tool, researched based, and since it is such an effective tool I will enhance the features.
  • I know that it is crucial to design effective formative assessment that allows the students opportunities to experiment and formulate explanations for their findings.  
  • Redesign my lessons so that the students can create, analyze their data, and form conclusions following their experimentations.
  • I know how to use the notebooks to make meaning and help the students develop a deeper understanding of science content from my instructions.
  • This information will encourage me to teach my students in a way where they will to be able to meet the standards; to teach them how to make predictions, think critically and logically, communication their scientific findings in written and verbal forms, and make explanations of the world unknown.
how will i apply new knowledge to teaching
How will I apply new knowledge to teaching?
  • Enhance my current method of science notebook use.
  • Include the seven key components in every investigation; prose the question or problem, predictions, develop a plan, using observations create, data, charts, graphs, drawings or illustrations, make claims and evidence, draw conclusion, and write reflections.
  • Make a rubric to include in journals prior to unit.
  • Incorporate a glossary of terms in the back.
  • Write constructive, effective, feedback comments that is appropriate evaluations of the student’s work.
  • Use the book as guide to remind me of the correct format and strategies to using a science notebook.
what actions will i take in my schools and beyond
What actions will I take in my schools and beyond?
  • Provide other teachers with professional development opportunities to learn.
  • Share samples of old journals from my classroom.
  • Write a grant to include journals for all of the students in 3rd – 8th grade in the building.
  • Provide a professional development course for Science Notebooks.