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English 142 Section 61 Honey Group 4 Fatma Jawad

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English 142 Section 61 Honey Group 4 Fatma Jawad - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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English 142 Section 61 Honey Group 4 Fatma Jawad Sara Naji Asma El-meshwat Maha Mubarak.

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English 142 Section 61Honey

Group 4

Fatma Jawad

Sara Naji

Asma El-meshwat

Maha Mubarak


Honey is sweet yellowish or brownish viscous fluid, produced by various bees from the nectar of flowers and used as food. We believe that honey is useful and has many uses. In this report, we would to talk about honeys' healing ability, honey as healthy food, and types of honey


The interesting thing about honey that it was written in Quran. Also it is know about healing ability. There are many provide medical uses about honey. As reported by , Weekly world news, a magazine in Canada has given the list of diseases that can be cured by honey as researched by western scientists like heart diseases and upset stomach.


Honey has been known since ancient times for its numerous benefits. It has been the food of choice for all people and at all ages.Honey is healthy food . For example, honey is useful for skin. It can help heal wounds . Honey is a natural antiseptic and protects of skin infection


Honey could help fight cancer. The researchers said their study indicated honey-bee products could be a useful tool in the control of tumour growth. They added: "The intake of honey-bee products may be advantageous with respect to cancer prevention


There are many types of honey . Common flavors of honey include orange blossom honey, tupelo honey, clover honey .While it is rare for any honey to be produced exclusively from one floral source, honey will take on the flavor of the dominant flower in the region


In conclusion, honey has many uses in some of the cosmetics industry, cooking, also is used in curative medicine . Honey is very impotent. It is important food for our health. We suggest that the government encourage people to have bee farms to produce Kuwaiti honey.


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