dissociative identity disorder multiple personality disorder n.
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Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder)

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Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder). Ivonne Maldonado, Maria L. Garcia, Sonia Lopez, Paula Ochoa, Araceli Figueroa. What is DID?.

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dissociative identity disorder multiple personality disorder

Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder)

Ivonne Maldonado, Maria L. Garcia, Sonia Lopez, Paula Ochoa, Araceli Figueroa

what is did
What is DID?
  • A person with Dissociative identity disorder, or multiple personality disorder, develops two or more distinct personalities, often called subpersonalities, or alternate personalities, each with a unique set of memories, behaviors thoughts, and emotions
dsm 5 symptom checklist
DSM-5 Symptom Checklist

Dissociative Identity Disorder

  • Disruption of identity, characterized by two or more distinct personality states or by an experience of possession.
  • Recurrent gaps in the recall of everyday events, important personal information, and /or traumatic events, beyond ordinary forgetting.
  • Significant distress or impairment.
  • Symptoms are not attributable to a substance or medical condition.

Based on APA,2013, 2012

how do subpersonalities interact
How do subpersonalities Interact?

Subpersonalities relate to or recall one another varies from case to case. Generally, however there are three kinds of relationships. In mutually amnesic relationships, the subpersonalities have no awareness of one another. (Ellenberger,1970). Conversely, in mutually cognizant patterns, each subpersonality is well aware of the rest. They may hear one another’s voices and even talk among themselves. Some are on good terms, while others do not get along at all.

Investigators used to believe that most cases of Dissociative Identity Disorder involve two or three subpersonalities. Studies now suggest, that the average number of subpersonalities per patient is much higher; 15 for women and 8 for men. (APA, 2000).
how do subpersonalities differ
How do Subpersonalities Differ?
  • Subpersonalities often exhibit dramatically different characteristics. They may also have their own names and different identifying features, abilities and preferences and even physiological responses.

Identifying Features: the subpersonalities may differ in feature as basic as age, gender, race, and family history.

  • Abilities and Preferences: It is uncommon for different subpersonalities to have different abilities-one may be able to drive, speak a foreign language, or play a musical instrument, while other’s cannot.
  • Physiological Responses: Researchers have discovered that subpersonalities may have physiological differences, such as differences in autonomic nervous system activity, blood pressure levels, and allergies.
criminal minds conflicted
Criminal Minds: Conflicted
  • Our character is Adam Jackson whose subpersonality is known as Amanda. Amanda was created at the age of five when Adam’s step dad began to physically abuse him after his mom passed away after years of abuse and hospital visits, Adam was placed in foster care until the age of 16 when he was emancipated. Adam hates alpha males who disrespect women, and Amanda seduces and kills alpha males as a way of protecting Adam. However, Adam is unaware that his subpersonality is killing the alpha males.
criminal minds conflicted video
Criminal Minds: Conflicted Video

The Behavioral Analysis Unit is called to Texas to investigate a serial killer who is targeting vacationing students on spring break on South Padre Island.



recommended treatment plan
Recommended Treatment Plan
  • Long Term Treatment is very successful if the patient stays committed
  • Effective treatment includes
  • Talk therapy
  • Psychcotheraphy
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Adjunctive therapies such as art or movement therapy
  • DID is treated using the same drugs prescribed for anxiety and depression such as anti depressants or anti anxiety medication.

People with Identity disorder do not typically recover without treatment

  • Therapist usually try to help clients
  • Recognize fully the nature of their disorder
  • Recover the gaps in their memory
  • Integrate their subpersonalities into on functional personalities
  • Treatment is complex and difficult
  • Therapist try to bond with all sub personalities
the dsm iv provides the following criteria to diagnose dissociative identity disorder
The DSM-IV provides the following criteria to diagnose dissociative identity disorder:
  • Two or more distinct identities or personality states are present.
  • At least two of these identities or personality states recurrently take control of the person’s behavior.

3. The person has an inability to recall important personal information that is too extensive to be explained by ordinary forgetfulness.

4.The disturbance is not due to the direct physiological effects of a substance or a general medical condition.