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Cmrp exam questions

SMRP CMRP - Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional exam in just 24HOURS!


SMRP CMRP - Certified Maintenance&


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Cmrp exam questions

  • Question No1:

  • Return on Assets (ROA) is determinedby:

  • Net income/Totalassets

  • Gross income/Totalassets

  • Revenue/Totalassets

  • Net income/Maintenancecosts

  • Answer: C Question No2:

  • As the maintenance manager at a new plant (facility) you are developing the maintenance workforce strategy for start-up. Select the best workforce attributes for maximum effectiveness, assuming that unit labor costs areequal

  • An annual bid and selection of a maintenance labor contractor is performed, using unitcosting of tasks normallyrequired.

  • A managing contractor is brought on site to handle all aspects and provision of maintenancelabor.

  • Multi skilled mechanical crafts (trades) and instrument electrical crafts (trades) are hired anddeveloped.

  • Operations performing minor maintenance and company multi-skilledtechnicians

  • performing complex maintenancetasks.

  • Answer: D Question No3:

  • Which of the following are leading tools or techniques to identify Maintenance and Reliability processimprovements?

    • Total ProductiveMaintenance

    • Reliability CenteredMaintenance

    • Historical analysis of spendingpatterns

    • Process benchmarking with industryleaders

  • A. 2, 3,4

  • B. 1, 3,4

  • C. 1, 2,4

  • D. 1, 2,3

  • Answer:C

Cmrp exam questions

Question No4:

For the oil in a pressurized lubrication system, oil samples for analysis and trending should be takenfrom:

The center of flowing oil line upstream of the oil filter, to assure that the sample is representative of the oil leaving the lubricated components.

The center of a flowing oil line downstream of the oil filter, to assure that the sample is representative of the oil being supplied to the lubricatedcomponents.

A low point in the oil sump, to assure that the sample includes wear particles, water, and other contaminants that may have settled out of theoil.

The oil sump at a point above the bottom, to assure that the sample does notinclude

wear particles, water, and other contaminants that may have settled out of theoil.

Answer: D Question No5:

What are the three most significant constraints when developing a Maintenance and Reliability-organization?





Answer: C Question No6:

The 'Karl Fischer Method'measures:

The count in parts per million (ppm), of coliform bacteria in a sample of cooling tower water.

The viscosity of an oil sample based on its flow rate through a calibratedorifice.

The conductivity in micro-ohms, of a sample of cooling towerwater.

The amount of water in a sample of oil, inppm.


Cmrp exam questions

Question No7:

When developing and presenting a new strategic plan to stakeholders, which of the following is the mostimportant?


Gaining the trust ofstakeholders

Craft (trade)flexibility

Establishment of a commongoal

Answer: B Question No8:

On Monday, the maintenance manager sent an e-mail memo to the production manager saying that the date and time of the next planned outage would be on the third shift of the coming Friday. When the maintenance manager arrived at the unit on Friday third shift, the equipment was still operating at full capacity. The operator said he knew nothing of a planned outage and he had to make up production on this shift. Which of the following is the most likely reason the equipment was stillrunning?

The maintenance manager did not know if the production manager had communicated the plan to the shiftleader.

The maintenance manager did not know if the production manager received his e-mail communication.

The maintenance manager made a unilateral decision it was time to do theoutage.

The maintenance manager did not know if the production schedule allowed for the planneddowntime.

Answer: C Question No9:

Reliability predictions are often expressed in terms of Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) or its reciprocal The reciprocal is known asthe:



Mean Time ToFailure.



Cmrp exam questions

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