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CMRP Exam Questions PowerPoint Presentation
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CMRP Exam Questions

CMRP Exam Questions

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CMRP Exam Questions

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  1. Easy Way To Pass SMRP CMRP Exam?

  2. The Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional (CMRP) program is the leading credential for certifying the knowledge, skills and abilities of maintenance, reliability and physical asset management professionals. Click Here!!

  3. Here are some SMRP CMRP Real Exam Questions

  4. QuestionNo 1: Motor current analysis reveals an unbalanced motor current in excess of 40% when the motor is loaded to over 70% of its nameplate full bad ampere rating. What should you suspect and or what should you do? A. Do nothing. Current unbalance is normal in a motor that is not fully loaded. B. Order the motor to be removed from service immediately, since failure due to overheated winding insulation is imminent. C. Order more on-line tests to confirm the problem, allowing production to continue as long as possible. D. Atthe first opportunity, shut down the motor and have motor circuit analysis performed to locate the cause so it can be corrected. Answer: C

  5. QuestionNo 2: In order to have the greatest control over maintenance spending, which method of budgeting and reporting would work best? A. Annual reduction of historical spending levels B. Historical spending C. Chargeback system where operations budgets and reports results D. Activity-based costing Answer: D

  6. QuestionNo 3: Which answer is not one of the steps in performing an RCA (Root Cause Analysis)? A. Track the recommended solutions to ensure effectiveness. B. Develop solutions and recommendations. C. Identify possible mitigating factors. D. Define the problem or the failure. Answer: C

  7. QuestionNo 4: When forming teams to address reliability issues, four stages of team development should be recognized and managed by the reliability professional In the Performing stage, team members should not: A. Complete problem analysis. B. Begin to improve and control C. Make changes to the process. D. Swing from optimism to uncertainty. Answer: D

  8. QuestionNo 5: The maintenance manager of a bearing manufacturer has asked you to calculate the reorder point of a spare part item. She has provided you with the following information to facilitate your calculations. The cost of the spare parties$100. The cost of earning inventory is 20% of the cost of the part. The cost of placing an order is$40 for which the annual demand is 100,000 units. The average tad-time for replenishment is two weeks and the buffer stock of 500 units S desired and the average inventory is 100 units per week. What is the reorder point in units for this spare part? A. 350 units B. 600 units C. 700 units D. 707 units E. 1200 units Answer: C


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