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CMRP - Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional exam in just 24HOURS!


CMRP - Certified Maintenance &Reliability


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Question No1:

Which of the following statements about reliability istrue?

Reliability of a system or equipment can be improved as a result of administration or legislation

A reliable system can be designed from unreliable components if enough redundancy is used.

Reliability of a system or equipment can be improved as a result oftesting.

Increasing the amount of maintenance cannot improve reliability above the level established by the design of asystem.

Answer: D Question No2:

When forming teams to address reliability issues, four stages of team development should be recognized and managed by the reliability professional. These stages in orderare:





Answer: C Question No3:

Which of the following criteria is not normally used to determine if a piece of equipment is critical?

Its failure will result in loss ofproduction.

Its failure will trigger the start-up of thespare.

Its failure may result in the breach of environmental regulations.

The cost of repair or replacement is veryhigh.

Answer: B Question No4:

What would dictate the bask minimum skill requirements for new Maintenance and Reliabilityemployees?

The skills available in the generalworkforce

The current level of plant (facility)technology

The content of the apprenticeshipprogram

D. The educational demographics of theregion

Answer: B Question No5:

Key performance indicators can be classified as leading or lagging indicators. An example of a lagging indicator for manufacturingis:

Mean Time Between Failures(MTBF).

Mean Time To Repair(MTTR).

Overall EquipmentEffectiveness.


Answer: D Question No6:

Total quality management focuses all employees on producing products that meet customer needs. This is doneby:

Sharing information with all levels in theorganization

Developing a high level of expertise in allemployees

Eliminating processes that waste time andmaterials

Balancing the needs of all stakeholders in theorganization

Answer: B Question No7:

What attribute of a Maintenance and Reliability professional is essential for futuresuccess?

Accept standard operating or maintenancepractices

Attain expert knowledge of specific equipment andtechnology

Stay abreast of current and emergingtechnologies

Obtain multiple memberships in industry craft (trade)associations

Answer: C Question No8:

On Monday, the maintenance manager sent an e-mail memo to the production manager saying that the date and time of the next planned outage would be on the third shift of the coming Friday. When the maintenance manager arrived at the unit on Friday third shift, the equipment was still operating at full capacity. The operator said he knew nothing of a planned outage and he had to make up production on this shift. Which of the following is the most likely reason the equipment was stillrunning?

  • The maintenance manager did not know if the production manager had communicated the plan to the shiftleader.

  • The maintenance manager did not know if the production manager received his e-mail communication.

  • The maintenance manager made a unilateral decision it was time to do theoutage.

  • The maintenance manager did not know if the production schedule allowed for the planneddowntime.

  • Answer:C

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