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How to know if your child is ready to go to preschool? PowerPoint Presentation
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How to know if your child is ready to go to preschool?

How to know if your child is ready to go to preschool?

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How to know if your child is ready to go to preschool?

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  1. Signs that show your child is ready for a Preschool THE PRESCHOOL YEARS AGE GROUP – 3-6 YEARS

  2. Introduction It’s a highly competitive world, and this increases the importance of early childhood education to keep the child ahead of the curve. Starting a Preschool is a big step in a child’s life. It could be a start before 3 years or after. The preschool years are characterized by high energy, extreme curiosity, soaring imagination, and excessive creativity.

  3. But what actually lets you know whether he is ready or not? Here are the points to understand whether a toddler is ready for a Preschool or not?

  4. 1. Age  For enrolling a child in the preschool, age is the first priority to check.  Most of the preschools set an age limit regarding the children who can be admitted there.  Most probably, the children gets ready for Preschool by the age of 3 but not in the case of every child as in for 3 year old class.

  5. 2 2. No Separation Issue Younger children often suffer from separation anxiety for the first time away from parents. Pre-schooling becomes quite easy and fun if your child is willing and able to spend time away. Kids need to be emotionally ready to separate from you in order to get the benefits of attendingpreschool.

  6. 3. Questioning The human mind is one that enjoys picking up new details and skills. It is possible to notice changes in your baby that can make you feel that he or she is old enough for preschool. For instance, if you notice that your child is questioning things more often, it can be taken as a sign that your child’s brain wants to develop faster. The best way to encourage this development is by sending your child to a preschool.

  7. 4. Socializing with others Interaction with other children is going to happen when your child is going to preschool. But firstly ensure your child is ready to interact with other kids and not start fighting with the others. They need to know how to share, take turns, ask politely and listen to other kids and the teacher.

  8. 5. Having the enough Stamina There are certain expectations for a child during the day. The child must have enough stamina to complete a full day at the school. We need to check if the child takes regular naps during the day, she may struggle with the demands of preschool.

  9. 6. Make sure the child is healthy Being in a new environment with new people can result in your child falling ill. Some illnesses are unavoidable, but if your child suffers from an autoimmune disease, infections, or viruses, rather wait until he gets healthier.

  10. 7. Fine Motor Skills  It has been recommendedthat child must be having a few basic motor skills before attending the preschool. Most children starts learning these skills after coming to preschool.  In this digitized era, engaging the toddlers into activities of drawing or puzzle solving would help to develop fine motor skills in them.

  11. Facts about whether kids are ready or not?

  12. Facts  As per the surveys conducted, only 26 percent of students get ready for a preschool in all3 developmental areas. (Social and emotional, language and literacy)  40 percent of students are not ready to attend theclasses.  Among low-income students, and students who are learning to speak English, the results are not at all good.  Only 17 percent of students showed readiness in two of the developmental areas.  18 percent of showed readiness in a single developmental area. Source: shows-most-kids-arent- ready-for-kindergarten

  13. Conclusion Survey reports are not delivering the satisfactory results. Certain actions need to be taken for changing and improving the figures. State Board of Education suggests different activities for families to engage the child like reading and writing together, counting and sorting things of the house.

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