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Hermosa Beach preschool

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Hermosa Beach Preschool is very important for kids as the group and the environment that your child will get at a preschool is cannot be provided at home. They learn how to interact with others and manage their time. For more information, Visit here:- \n

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manhattan beach p reschool

Manhattan Beach Preschool

Growing Garden Preschoolbelieves that the most important goals of our school areto enhance our children’s self esteem, to respect each child as an individual, to foster social-emotional growth, to create a sense of community and family, to appreciate the beauty of our Jewish heritage and traditions, and for our children to be stimulated and inspired to construct their own knowledge and “own” their daily experiences.

redondo beach p reschool

Redondo Beach Preschool

We offer small classes with low student to teacher ratios in an atmosphere stimulating multiple intelligences. Our educators are specialists in early childhood development.

Our classrooms are our “third teachers”. Everything in them provides an opportunity for learning and growing. Our preschool is equipped with state-of-the-art learning materials, resource guides, and a full functioning children’s kitchen.

hermosa beach p reschool

Hermosa Beach Preschool

Every child is unique, with his/her own interests and learning styles. We provide our children the space and opportunity to interact and play in a meaningful environment. We are a place where children can construct new ideas and discover the world around them. They are inspired to think, reason, question and experiment through play and hands-on activities.

el segundo p reschool

El Segundo Preschool

The curriculum is inspired by Reggio Emilia designed to combine learning through self-discovery and teacher guidance. This encourages children to gain confidence and experience cooperative relationships with both peers and adults, all in an atmosphere of inspiration and growth filled with joy, laughter, traditional Jewish values, and developmental and academic excellence.

growing garden preschool

Growing Garden Preschool

Social relationships are crucial in so many areas of life, and a positive preschool experience is one of the most important keys to a child’s future success in connecting with other people. Children are born intrinsically social and we want to be right there to help them navigate social experiences and gain social skills.

contact information



2108 Vail Ave, Redondo Beach, CA 90278



For more information please visit our website:-